[Reporters May Believe They Control The Story, But The Story Always Controls The Reporters.]

Author: Bob Woodward Quotes

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Davies Robertson Quotes

"Merlin seeks assistance from Pigwiggen, the only one of Arthurs knights who is also a fairy, and they unite their enchantments to move the British Court to Turkestan. Lively end to Act One."

Jesse Ventura Quotes

"Dont vote for a Democrat or Republican, I have never voted for one in my life and I never will."

Kirsten Dunst Quotes

"I feel very lucky that I dont have to rely on a man to give me financial security. Thats a big deal."

Casey Abrams Quotes

"If I shave, I dont have a chin anymore."

Colin Powell Quotes

"Avoid having your ego so close to your position that when your position falls, your ego goes with it."

Le Tat Dieu Quotes

"Đêm ngủ gặp ác mộng mình có thể thoát ra bằng cách tỉnh dậy. Nhưng nếu thực tại chính là ác mộng mình không thể trốn nó bằng cách ngủ."

Ted Stevens Quotes

"There are not as many women who support the national defense budget now as men. I really think there is a gender gap in the support for the large expenditures that are necessary to modernize the force."

Roy Bean Quotes

"I know the law... I am its greatest transgressor."

Claire Scovell LaZebnik Quotes

"For a long time our son was a little boy with autism, which was a certain kind of challenge. Now that hes a teenager with autism - and a teenager who notices girls - were faced with something else altogether."

John K Brown Quotes

"That which isnt love, isnt god."

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Quotes About Serious Life

"It is clear that something is seriously lacking in the way we humans are going about things. But what is it that we lack? The fundamental problem, I believe, is that at every level we are giving too much attention to the external, material aspects of life while neglecting moral ethics and inner values. By inner values, I mean the qualities that we all appreciate in others, and toward which we all have a natural instinct, bequeathed by our biological nature as animals that survive and thrive only in an environment of concern, affection, and warm-heartedness-or in a single word, compassion. The essence of compassion is a desire to alleviate the suffering of others and to promote their well-being. This is the spiritual principle from which all other positive inner value emerge." - Author: Dalai Lama XIV

Quotes About Unfreedom

"Without the errors which are active in every psychical pleasure and displeasrue a humanity would never have come into existence--whose fundamental feeling is and remains that man is the free being in a world of unfreedom, the external miracle worker whether he does good or ill, the astonishing exception, the superbeast and almost-god, the meaning of creation which cannot be thought away, the solution of the cosmic riddle, the mighty ruler over nature and the despiser of it, the creature which calls its history world history!--Vanitas vanitatum homo." - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche

Quotes About Tranquility Tumblr

"A persistent breeze lifted the thin curtains, fluttering a few moments of tranquility into the turbulent day." - Author: Susan Abulhawa

Quotes About Pennac

"- Tuo padre è Aelle - asserì Merlino tranquillo.Lo guardai con stupore. - Come lo sai?- Ce lhai scritto in faccia, Derfel. Questa notte, quando ti ho visto arrivare dalla porta della palizzata, per essere uguale a lui ti mancava solo un grande mantello di pelle di orso.Mi sorrise. - Ti ricordavo come un ragazzino serio serio, tutto domande, con unespressione corrucciata, ma questa sera sei giunto come un guerriero degli dei, una terrificante creatura di ferro e dacciaio, di scudo e pennacchio." - Author: Bernard Cornwell

Quotes About Marte

"This is probably the advantage of being stupid. Stupid people just do. We tend to overthink. If we could eliminate the "over" and just think, then we could do, too. Only wed be smarter doers because wed be thinkers." - Author: Sarah Strohmeyer

Quotes About Starclimber

"Marry me." I said.She lowered her teacup, shaking slightly, to the saucer. "Arent you going to get down on one knee?"I got down on one knee and took her hand."Will you marry me, Kate?"You cant propose properly without a ring." She said.I reached into my pocket and took out James Sandersons ring, which Id picked up off the floor of the Starclimber when wed crash landed."Thats a nice looking ring." said Kate with a grin."Cost a fortune." I said. "And now, for the third time. Kate de Vries, will you marry me?"She leaned forward and took my face in her hands and kissed me."Yes," "Yes, and yes and yes. But it will probably be terrible.""Probably," I agreed."Honestly," she sighed, "I dont know what kind of life well have together, with me always flying off in one direction and you in the other."I smiled. "Its a good thing the worlds round," I said." - Author: Kenneth Oppel

Quotes About Mardou

"Mientras duermo los tres se van (hacen bien) a la playa, en el coche de Sand, a treinta kilómetros de la casa; los muchachos se zambullen, nadan, Mardou se pasea por las orillas de la eternidad, mientras sus pies y los dedos de sus pies que yo tanto amo se imprimen en la arena clara, pisando las conchillas y las anémonas y las algas secas y empobrecidas, lavadas por las mareas y el viento que le despeina el cabello corto, como si la Eternidad se hubiera encontrado con Heavenly Lane (así se me ocurrió mientras estaba en la cama). (Al imaginarla por otra parte paseándose sin rumbo, con una mueca de aburrimiento, sin saber qué hacer, abandonada por Leo el Sufriente, y realmente sola e incapaz de conversar acerca de todos los fulanos, menganos y zutanos de la historia del arte con Bromberg y Sand, ¿qué podía hacer?)" - Author: Jack Kerouac

Quotes About Love Dominoes

"Everyone has a temptation; a weakness that they would yield to. Mine is you. Not only you, but your love. For your love is unique. For you are the other half of my soul. I feel you, even when you are not there. Its like a shadow. You are my shadow. Your love follows me every step I tread." - Author: Jennifer Megan Varnadore

Quotes About Development Assistance

"We do not have a budget support. We are now fully independent in terms of requirements, but we still have a need for development assistance separate from the budget. So all the economic aid we receive is for development assistance." - Author: Jose Ramos Horta

Quotes About Book Signing

"...I think one shouldnt pussyfoot, and just say that you write the stuff that you would like to read. So you write for yourself, no doubt about that. But I do have a sort of romantic idea of someone in their twenties, of a certain bent, and when they pick up a book by me, they think--as I have done on several occasions--Ah, here is one for me. Here is a writer who Ill have to read all of, because theyre speaking directly to me, and theyre writing what I want to read. And sometimes youre doing the signing queue and a reader comes past and you sign the book, and theres a little exchange of the eyes, where you think, Ah, thats one of them. So there is that ideal reader. And its someone whos discovering literature and homes in on you. Im aware of such readers." - Author: Martin Amis