[Reporters May Believe They Control The Story, But The Story Always Controls The Reporters.]

Author: Bob Woodward Quotes

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Beverly Cleary Quotes

"Children want to do what grownups do."

Sri Chinmoy Quotes

"Peace will come when we replace the love of power with the power of love."

Jessica Hagedorn Quotes

"Hybridity keeps me from being rigid about most things. It has taught me to appreciate the contradictions in the world and in my life. I scavenge from the best."

Miranda Otto Quotes

"I have plenty to look forward to, Im sure."

Anatoli Boukreev Quotes

"There are many questions, but I cannot answer because Im not a businessman, I am a climber."

Alfredo Stroessner Quotes

"There was no reason for a revolution in Paraguay."

Herbert Butterfield Quotes

"History is not the study of origins; rather it is the analysis of all the mediations by which the past was turned into our present."

Julianna Margulies Quotes

"I love being one half of a romantic couple."

Denis Parsons Burkitt Quotes

"If people are constantly falling off a cliff, you could place ambulances under the cliff or build a fence on the top of the cliff. We are placing all too many ambulances under the cliff."

Mike Rutherford Quotes

"I have this pet thing about how global communications are moving so fast now, throwing information at you, making everything available to you, and yet I feel its leaving us more and more isolated."

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Quotes About Picnic Baskets

"Skill without imagination is craftsmanship and gives us many useful objects such as wickerwork picnic baskets. Imagination without skill gives us modern art." - Author: Tom Stoppard

Quotes About Loneliness And Sadness

"...to the glory of His name let me witness that in far away lands, in loneliness (deepest sometimes when it seems least so), in times of downheartedness and tiredness and sadness, always always He is near. He does comfort, if we let Him. Perhaps someone as weak and good-for-nothing as even I am may read this. Dont be afraid! Through all circumstances, outside, inside, He can keep me close." - Author: Amy Carmichael

Quotes About Tara In Gone With The Wind

"Was Tara still standing? Or was Tara also gone with the wind which had swept through Georgia?" - Author: Margaret Mitchell

Quotes About Short Graffiti

"He hurried back. Walls seemed to shift and advance. Right here, it must be. Wasnt this passage too short? No, it wasnt a wall that blocked his way, only fog. The fog retreated before him—then at once yielded up a wall. Staggering crimson letters caught in the web of graffiti spelled KILLER." - Author: Ramsey Campbell

Quotes About Enough

"But I still has enough longing for that concept that I didnt want to dispel it completely. Meaning: I didnt want to tell Lily that I felt wed all been duped by Plato and the idea of a soul mate. Just in case it turned out that she was mine." - Author: David Levithan

Quotes About Druma

"Ce era asta? Ce însemna asta? Oare lucrurile puteau să-și întindă mâna, așa, și să te zgâlțâie; lama de cuțit putea să taie? pumnul să inșface? Nu exista o siguranță? Nicio posibilitate să înveți pe de rost căile vieții? Nicio îndrumare, niciun adăpost, totul era miracol, saltul din vârful unui pisc în spațiu? E posibil ca asta să fie viața, chiar pentru oamenii mai în vârstă? Surprinzătoare, neașteptată, necunoscută?" O clipă avu impresia că dacă s-ar ridica amândoi, aici, acum, pe pajiște, și ar cere o explicație, de ce e viața atât de scurtă, de ce e atât de inexplicabilă, daca și-ar formula întrebările vehement, așa cum ar fi îndreptățite să o facă două ființe umane bine oțelite, față de care nimic nu trebuie ascuns, atunci frumusețea s-ar desfășura; vidul s-ar umple; arabescurile acelea deșarte s-ar împreuna într-o formă; dacă ei doi ar striga destul de tare, doamna Ramsay s-ar întoarce. "Doamnă Ramsay! strigă cu glas tare. Doamnă Ramsay!" Lacrimile i se rostogoleau pe obraji." - Author: Virginia Woolf

Quotes About Becoming A Young Lady

"Henrietta Swanson: "She was voted young lady most likely to become charming."Sheriff Taylor: "Well, say now. Becoming charming - that is something to look forward to, aint it." - Author: Lauren Myracle

Quotes About Norse Gods

"Fantasy is my favorite genre for reading and writing. We have more options than anyone else, and the best props and special effects. That means if you want to write a fantasy story with Norse gods, sentient robots, and telepathic dinosaurs, you can do just that. Want to throw in a vampire and a lesbian unicorn while youre at it? Go ahead." - Author: Patrick Rothfuss

Quotes About Unseen Forces

"Possibly there are few imaginative writers who have not a leaning, secret or avowed, to the occult. The creative gift is in very close relationship with the Great Force behind the universe; for aught we know, may be an atom thereof. It is not strange, therefore, that the lesser and closer of the unseen forces should send their vibrations to it occasionally; or, at all events, that the imagination should incline its ear to the most mysterious and picturesque of all beliefs" - Author: Gertrude Atherton

Quotes About What Tomorrow Brings

"I dont care what tomorrow brings, as long as I have you." - Author: Molly Harper