[Resorting To Lying Or Cheating In Any Competition Amounts To Conceding Defeat.]

Author: George Hammond Quotes

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Ronald Carter Quotes

"There is a vast expanse of time before the Norman Conquest in 1066, from which fragments of literary texts remain, although these fragments make quite a substantial body of work. If we consider that the same expanse of time has passed between Shakespeares time and now as passed between the earliest extant text and 1066, we can begin to imagine just how much literary expression there must have been. But these centuries remain largely dark to us, apart from a few illuminating flashes and fragments, since almost all of it was never written down, and since most of what was preserved in writing was destroyed later, particularly during the 1530s."

Valjeanne Jeffers Quotes

"I am a writer: to the core of my being, the marrow of my bones. . . to the depth of my very soul. I am a writer."

Murray Bookchin Quotes

"In our own time we have seen domination spread over the social landscape to a point where it is beyond all human control.... Compared to this stupendous mobilization of materials, of wealth, of human intellect, of human labor for the single goal of domination, all other recent human achievements pale to almost trivial significance. Our art, science, medicine, literature, music and "charitable" acts seem like mere droppings from a table on which gory feasts on the spoils of conquest have engaged the attention of a system whose appetite for rule is utterly unrestrained."

Penelope Wilton Quotes

"Ive had very close relationships with some twentieth-century writers."

Herbert Rappaport Quotes

"I hope that while so many people are out smelling the flowers, someone is taking the time to plant some."

Kolbrin BIble Quotes

"The seeming imperfections of Earth, the hazards and inequalities of life, the cruelty, harshness and apparent indifference to suffering and affliction are not what they seem; as it is Earth is perfect for its purpose. It is ignorance of that purpose which makes it appear imperfect."

Julie Adams Quotes

"It was a great learning experience to work with James Stewart."

River Phoenix Quotes

"I have a lot of chameleon qualities, I get very absorbed in my surroundings."

Wilfred Burchett Quotes

"In this first testing ground of the atomic bomb I have seen the most terrible and frightening desolation in four years of war. It makes a blitzed Pacific island seem like an Eden. The damage is far greater than photographs can show."

David Beckham Quotes

"Im a very stubborn person. I think it has helped me over my career. Im sure it has hindered me at times as well, but not too many times. I know that if I set my mind to do something, even if people are saying I cant do it, I will achieve it."

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Quotes About 1591

"No one has even a definitive spelling for Cawdreys name (Cowdrey, Cawdry). But then, no one agreed on the spelling of most names: they were spoken, seldom written. In fact, few had any concept of "spelling"—the idea that each word, when written, should take a particular predetermined form of letters. The word cony (rabbit) appeared variously as conny, conye, conie, connie, coni, cuny, cunny, and cunnie in a single 1591 pamphlet." - Author: James Gleick

Quotes About Losing Something Important

"People and birds were alike. Things happened that hurt them or made their lives harder. All the time. But losing someone or something important didnt mean the end of everything. It meant you had to find a new way to do things." - Author: Suzanne Goldsmith

Quotes About Scaring

"You cant kill your way to security and you cant lead by scaring people." - Author: Bruce Springsteen

Quotes About Giles

"What do you privately consult about?"Haunted houses, exorcisms, that sort of thing," he answered.Wow. Youre like-"Dont say it."-Giles from Buffy."He rolled his eyes. "If I had a quarter for every time someone saidthat." - Author: Rhiannon Frater

Quotes About General Conference

"Then, after I came home from Europe, I found I was under condemnation; and I was condemned at that time because I did not endorse the financial policy of the General Conference." - Author: John Harvey Kellogg

Quotes About Desire For Power

"Within Hobbes depiction of the motives for conflict. . . there is a problematic in which the grave threat that human beings pose to other human beings is not constituted simply by the structures of human passions, interests, and desires, nor by the addition of a self-deceptive and egotistical desire for recognition and proof of ones perhaps illusory power. In this moment, it is the very rationality of other humans, reason in the broad sense, understood as roughly equal to oneself in both capacity and structure, that poses such a threat" - Author: Gregory B. Sadler

Quotes About Losing Someone You Love Tumblr

"After a day of watching the two-legs interact from within their midst, she was certain that they could talk as well as any wolf. Unlike wolves, however, they mostly used their mouths, a thing she found limiting. How could you tell someone to keep away from your food when your own mouth was full?" - Author: Jane Lindskold

Quotes About Hypoglycemia

"A friend hipped me to hypoglycemia, which an article I read calls a disease for a nation of sugar junkies. Who knows how many people in this country have it?" - Author: Phoebe Snow

Quotes About Violet

"He knew many things now that he had not known only a short time earlier. He knew that despite all the good things happening now, John would still miss his parents, and Violet and her family would still miss her brother, and Nicholas would miss having John at the Manor, and when Viloet went away to art school, he would miss her, too.Nothings easy, Nicholas thought, sneaking glances at his friends, who were serving themselves more pie. But some things help." - Author: Trenton Lee Stewart

Quotes About Having To Walk Away

"What hurts the mostWas being so closeAnd having so much to sayAnd watching you walk awayAnd never knowingWhat could have beenAnd not seeing that loving youIs what I was tryin to do" - Author: Rascal Flatts