[Rethink Success: Most People Will Never Achieve Past Their Existing Levels, Because They Don't Understand The Importance Of Changing Their Mindset]

Author: Tony Dovale Quotes

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Mike Nichols Quotes

"The only safe thing is to take a chance."

James ODonnell Quotes

"History is never something carved in stone, but more like something saved to a temporary cache file on a computer disk vulnerable to the imperfections of memory and always ready to be revised. The Confessions are Augustines own first draft of history."

Jamie Mason Quotes

"Most nightmares are caged in their realm by implausibilities. The sleeper slogs through quicksand in a fun house of frightening nonsense and disjointed mumbo jumbo. But everythings all better once the bedside lamp is back on, because reality, even when its bad, is easily distinguished from night terror. Except for the trying-to-scream dream. That ones pretty much spot-on."

Luis Bunuel Quotes

"The decline of the aperitif may well be one of the most depressing phenomena of our time."

Hank Moody Quotes

"You know why love stories have happy endings?" I shake my head."Because they end too early," she continues. "They always end right at the kiss. You never have to see all the bullshit that comes later. You know, Life."

George Lois Quotes

"Advertising, an art, is constantly besieged and compromised by logicians and technocrats, the scientists of our profession who wildly miss the main point about everything we do…"

Eberhard Weber Quotes

"Orchestra had a little brass ensemble on two tracks as well, but the rest was me. I knew I couldnt continue in this direction, even if people liked it, because I can only duplicate myself."

Milissa R Bailey Quotes

"True writers know that writing is not something they feel required to do,or to make a living they must do, it is quite frankly like breathing. Somecan breathe often and fluently, some short breaths, some a long exhaleand for many of us it is the patient steady breathing surrounding life."

Jon Postel Quotes

"I think they called me the closest thing to a God of the Internet."

Helen Clark Quotes

"Marine protected areas, and particularly no-take zones, are very effective in allowing regeneration of fish stocks."

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Quotes About Not Being Judgmental

"The observer self, a part of who we really are, is that part of us that is watching both our false self and our True Self. We might say that it even watches us when we watch. It is our Consciousness, it is the core experience of our Child Within. It thus cannot be watched—at least by anything or any being that we know of on this earth. It transcends our five senses, our co-dependent self and all other lower, though necessary parts, of us. Adult children may confuse their observer self with a kind of defense they may have used to avoid their Real Self and all of its feelings. One might call this defense "false observer self" since its awareness is clouded. It is unfocused as it "spaces" or "numbs out." It denies and distorts our Child Within, and is often judgmental." - Author: Charles L. Whitfield

Quotes About Sad News

"This was not what we wanted to hear that morning. Adventures inspire, tall tales excite, and fantasies stir the imagination, but sad stories seldom ever buoy the spirit. We all paused to take in the sad news." - Author: J.W. Lord

Quotes About Not Being With Your Soulmate

"It necessarily follows that chance alone is at the source of every innovation, and of all creation in the biosphere. Pure chance, absolutely free but blind, at the very root of the stupendous edifice of evolution: this central concept of modern biology is no longer one among many other possible or even conceivable hypotheses. It is today the sole conceivable hypothesis, the only one that squares with observed and tested fact. And nothing warrants the supposition - or the hope - that on this score our position is ever likely to be revised. There is no scientific concept, in any of the sciences, more destructive of anthropocentrism than this one." - Author: Jacques Monod

Quotes About Book Seriousness

"Dear reader. Dear, dear reader. Here we find ourselves, you and me, engaged in a book in which someone has just exclaimed, in all seriousness, The sentient lobsters!How did we end up here? Did we make some mistake along the way?" - Author: M.T. Anderson

Quotes About Male Ego

"Sound doesnt carry as well through gills. You have to use a different level of your vocal chords." I point to the spot just above his Adams apple. "Higher."He just stares at me, looking confused——but breathing like he was born to it."Pretend youre talking like a girl."No way, he mouths, shaking his head.Stupid male ego." - Author: Tera Lynn Childs

Quotes About Inner Strength

"Make no mistake: Satans specialty is psychological warfare. If he can turn us on God ("Its not fair!"), or turn us on others ("Its their fault!"), or turn us on ourselves ("Im so stupid!"), we wont turn on him. If we keep fighting within ourselves and losing our own inner battles, well never have the strength to stand up and fight our true enemy." - Author: Beth Moore

Quotes About The Banality Of Evil

"The trouble is that we have a bad habit, encouraged by pendants and sophisticates, of considering happiness as something rather stupid. Only pain is intellectual, only evil interesting. This is the treason of the artist: a refusal to admit the banality of evil and the terrible boredom of pain." - Author: Ursula K. Le Guin

Quotes About Intimacy And Commitment

"Theres a lot of dirty theology out there, the religious counterpart to dirty politics and dirty business, I suppose. You might call it spiritual pornography—a kind of for-profit exploitative nakedness. Its found in many of the same places as physical pornography (the Internet and cable TV for starters), and it promises similar things: instant intimacy, fantasy and make-believe, private voyeurism and vicarious experience, communion without commitment. Thats certainly not what were after in these pages. No, were after a lost treasure as old as the story of the Garden of Eden: the..." - Author: Brian D. McLaren

Quotes About Time Healing Heartbreak

"A man who doesnt spend time with his family can never be a real man." - Author: Mario Puzo

Quotes About Blind Ambition

"Forget that blind ambition, and learn to trust your intuition." - Author: Jimmy Buffett