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Author: Emma McLaughlin Quotes

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J Lavan Quotes

"fortune has no era finer than this moment"

David Chiles Quotes

"Effective internet communication is contact that is acted upon in a good manner, Netiquette. NetworkEtiquette.net"

Rod Laver Quotes

"The next point - thats all you must think about."

Bonnie Erina Wheeler Quotes

"Hes seriously good looking. I was kind of hoping he was into guys because Ive never seen him take an interest in girls before-but he was fixated on you like he was afraid you would evaporate or something."

Marc Bolan Quotes

"All rock musicians are deaf... Or insensitive to mellow sounds."

Caitlin Flanagan Quotes

"Girls are the best readers in the world. Reading is really a way of kind of escaping so deeply into yourself and pursuing your own thoughts within the construct of a story."

Newton Gatambia Quotes

"A rat in its stealing behavior may manage to steal gold jewelry and to make a nest with it but that does not in anyway qualify the rat to be a millionaire though its gold pieces be worth that much."

Eric Kripke Quotes

"Television showrunners are a foolishly optimistic bunch."

Dwitasari Quotes

"Apa yang lebih sakit daripada ditinggalkan seseorang yang paling kau sayangi? Tentu saja ada. Ada yang lebih sakit daripada itu. Mencintai seseorang yang begitu dekat, tapi cinta yang selalu bertumbuh itu tak pernah menyentuh dan menjamah."

Gary David Goldberg Quotes

"A good team, like a good show, comes into being when the separate individuals working together create, in essence, another separate higher entity - the team - the show - which is better than any of those individuals can ever be on their own."

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Quotes About Feels

"Many writing texts caution against asking friends to read your stuff, suggesting youre not apt to get a very unbiased opinion[.] ... Its unfair, according to this view, to put a pal in such a position. What happens if he/she feels he/she has to say, "Im sorry, good buddy, youve written some great yarns in the past but this one sucks like a vacuum cleaner"?The idea has some validity, but I dont think an unbiased opinion is exactly what Im looking for. And I believe that most people smart enough to read a novel are also tactful enough to find a gentler mode of expression than "This sucks." (Although most of us know that "I think this has a few problems" actually means "This sucks," dont we?)" - Author: Stephen King

Quotes About Pretentious

"American religion is conspicuous for its messianically pretentious energy, its embarassingly banal prose, and its impatiently hustling ambition." - Author: Eugene H. Peterson

Quotes About Being In Tune With Yourself

"I wont be able to run with ghosts and slip down dark alleyways in quite the swift and stealthy fashion that I do now; but perhaps children will be amused by my hippopotamic heroics, and no one will disagree that bringing laughter to children in a dark world is admirable." - Author: Dean Koontz

Quotes About Having Alone Time

"Safe gender is being who and what we want to be when we want to be that, with no threat of censure or violence.Safe gender is going as far in any direction as we wish, With no threat to our health, or anyone elses.Safe gender is not being pressured into passing, not Having to lie, not having to hide.Sane gender is asking questions about gender - talkingTo people who do gender, and opening up about ourGender histories and our gender desires.Sane gender is probably very, very funny.Consensual gender is respecting each others definitionOf gender, and respecting the wishes of some to be alone,And respecting the intentions of others to be inclusive inTheir own time.Consensual gender is non-violent in that it doesnt forceIts way in on anyone.Consensual gender opens its arms and welcomes all People as gender outcasts - whoever is willing to admit it." - Author: Kate Bornstein

Quotes About Parnassus

"Of those few fools, who with ill stars are curst,Sure scribbling fools, called poets, fare the worst:For theyre a sort of fools which fortune makes,And, after she has made them fools, forsakes.With Natures oafs tis quite a different case,For Fortune favours all her idiot race.In her own nest the cuckoo eggs we find,Over which she broods to hatch the changeling kind:No portion for her own she has to spare,So much she dotes on her adopted care.Poets are bubbles, by the town drawn in,Suffered at first some trifling stakes to win:But what unequal hazards do they run!Each time they write they venture all theyve won:The Squire thats buttered still, is sure to be undone.This author, heretofore, has found your favour,But pleads no merit from his past behaviour.To build on that might prove a vain presumption,Should grant to poets made admit resumption,And in Parnassus he must lose his seat,If that be found a forfeited estate." - Author: William Congreve

Quotes About Chocolate Tumblr

"Now...get Thoth a raspberry chocolate latte with the cream and chocolate sprinkles! Thoth commands, librarian! Obey! Sprinkles! THOTH HAS SPOKEN!" - Author: James Turner

Quotes About Resting In God

"Normally, we see characters that have God complexes. How interesting, I thought, it would be to capitalize on that. And say, OK, well fine, you have a God complex, well this person has a Satan complex. And the doctor chooses to treat him scientifically." - Author: Eriq La Salle

Quotes About Shreave

"Shreave flicked away the dead mosquito. "Dont these things carry the bird flu too?""No Boyd, that would be a bird." - Author: Carl Hiaasen

Quotes About Rabe

"I was born into Bolivars labyrinth, so I must believe in the hope of Rabelais Great Perhaps." - Author: John Green

Quotes About Susie

"Samuel walked out to Lindsey then, and there she was in his arms, my sweet butterball babe, born ten years after my fourteen years on Earth: Abigail Suzanne. Little Susie to me. Samuel placed Susie on a blanket near the flowers. And my sister, my Lindsey, left me in her memories, where I was meant to be." - Author: Alice Sebold