[Rushing Toward Her Are All The Letters Of The Alphabet. Each One Moves In Its Own Way, X Cartwheeling Over And Over, C Hopping Forward, M And N Marching Stiff-legged And Resolute.]

Author: Myla Goldberg Quotes

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Mal Peet Quotes

"Wagstaff was a trim little man in a dark-blue uniform with an armband embroidered with the words CIVIL DEFENSE."Thank you, Headmaster, and good morning, young gentlemen. Yesterday, as Im sure youll remember, I spoke to you about the ways you can help your parents prepare their homes against the possibility of nuclear attack."Clem grinned, noting Tash Harmsworths scowl. Tash was a bugger for an incorrect proposition."

Phoenix Desmond Quotes

"Even the wise appear foolish before one who brings peace to another."

David Thomson Quotes

"Bette Davis lived long enough to hear the Kim Carnes song, Bette Davis Eyes. The lyrics to that song were not very interesting. But the fact of the song was the proof of an acknowledgement that in the twentieth century we lived through an age of immense romantic personalities larger than life, yet models for it, too - for good or ill. Like twin moons, promising a struggle and an embrace, the Davis eyes would survive her - and us. Kim Carnes has hardly had a consistent career, but that one song - sluggish yet surging, druggy and dreamy - became an instant classic. Its like the sigh of the islanders when they behold their Kong. And I suspect it made the real eyes smile, whatever else was on their mind."

Ken Kesey Quotes

"The stars up close to the moon were pale; they got brighter and braver the farther they got out of the circle of light ruled by the giant moon"

Constance Chuks Friday Quotes

"An intelligent foe must be dealt with intelligently."

Fatima Siad Quotes

"I want to make a name for myself."

Sandy DeLuca Quotes

"It feels as though Tonys a ghost, a wisp of someone I once loved, or never loved at all and thought was someone else. I dont feel anything, not even when he fucks me. I wonder if he knows. I wonder if he believes I still want him. I always tell myself its the last time, but I dont leave. i exist instead inside this shell of a life weve created."

Patricia Briggs Quotes

"Baking is like washing--the results are equally temporary."

Stan Jones Quotes

"The discoloration is very minimal. I have not turned blue. The extent of skin discoloration is not even remotely near what the news media are saying. It is barely noticeable."

Daniel L Schacter Quotes

"Experiences that we remember intrusively, despite desperately wanting to banish them from our minds, are closely linked to, and sometimes threaten, our perceptions of who we are and who we would like to be."

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Quotes About Using Mean Words

"Through this image he had a glimpse of a strange dark cavern of speculation but at once turned away from it, feeling that it was not yet the hour to enter it. But the nightshade of his friends listlessness seemed to be diffusing in the air around him a tenuous and deadly exhalation and he found himself glancing from one casual word to another on his right or left in stolid wonder that they had been so silently emptied of instantaneous sense until every mean shop legend bound his mind like the words of a spell and his soul shrivelled up, sighing with age as he walked on in a lane among heaps of dead language. His own consciousness of language was ebbing from his brain and trickling into the very words themselves which set to band and disband themselves in wayward rhythms:The ivy whines upon the wallAnd whines and twines upon the wallThe ivy whines upon the wallThe yellow ivy on the wallIvy, ivy up the wall.Did any one ever hear such drivel?" - Author: James Joyce

Quotes About Cake And Eating It Too

"By working only when you are most effective, life is both more productive and more enjoyable. Its the perfect example of having your cake and eating it, too." - Author: Timothy Ferriss

Quotes About Chaser

"When goods are exchanged between countries, they must be paid for by commodities or gold. They cannot be paid for by the notes, certificates, and checks of the purchasers country, since these are of value only in the country of issue." - Author: Carroll Quigley

Quotes About Communicating Well

"When I say or write something, there are actually a whole lot of different things I am communicating. The propositional content (i.e., the verbal information Im trying to convey) is only one part of it. Another part is stuff about me, the communicator. Everyone knows this. Its a function of the fact there are so many different well-formed ways to say the same basic thing, from e.g. "I was attacked by a bear!" to "Goddamn bear tried to kill me!" to "That ursine juggernaut did essay to sup upon my person!" and so on." - Author: David Foster Wallace

Quotes About Filing Divorce

"Rickey sometimes wondered what would have become of them if the Peychaud crew hadnt imploded one night in a marathon of apocalyptic drunkenness. No one remembered much of this night, but by the end of it, two cars were totaled, the sous chef and the bartender were in Charity Hospital, the chef was in jail, and the grill guys wife was filing for divorce. The owner decided to close the place and they found themselves jobless. Rickey guessed this kind of thing was known as a "wake-up call" - Author: Poppy Z. Brite

Quotes About Partying

"An employer would be a complete fool to let an image like college partying influence their hiring decisions." - Author: Nick Denton

Quotes About Captar

"(…) e andavam como colado tava mesmo o dedo do Jaí na boca das recordações dele onde tinha restos de mel, que eu já te disse, é doce como o amor, assim quando um gajo chupa mel lembra-se de todas coisas doces da vida, também se lembra das pessoas por detrás dos doces, assim o Burkina concluiu dentro da cabeça dele que o Jaí tava masé não a chupar mel, nem dedo, mas a pensar na KotaDasAbelhas no modo que os homens pensam nas mulheres que lhes ensinam o gosto escorregadio do mal. Tás a captar?" - Author: Ondjaki

Quotes About Sliding Doors

"In the courtyard there was an angel of black stone, and its angel head rose above giant elephant leaves; the stark glass angel eyes, bright as the bleached blue of sailor eyes, stared upward. One observed the angel from an intricate green balcony — mine, this balcony, for I lived beyond in three old white rooms, rooms with elaborate wedding-cake ceilings, wide sliding doors, tall French windows. On warm evenings, with these windows open, conversation was pleasant there, tuneful, for wind rustled the interior like fan-breeze made by ancient ladies. And on such warm evenings this town is quiet. Only voices: family talk weaving on an ivy-curtained porch; a barefoot woman humming as she rocks a sidewalk chair, lulling to sleep a baby she nurses quite publicly; the complaining foreign tongue of an irritated lady who, sitting on her balcony, plucks a fryer, the loosened feathers floating from her hands, slipping into air, sliding lazily downward." - Author: Truman Capote

Quotes About Cancer Tumblr

"Hats, giant shades and 60-plus sunblock are part of my summer repertoire. I dont want wrinkles, but its skin cancer I truly fear." - Author: Janine di Giovanni

Quotes About Teacher And Student Relationship

"The Socratic teacher turns his students away from himself and back onto themselves; he hides in paradoxes, makes himself inaccessible. The intimate relationship between student and teacher here is not one of submission, but of a contest for truth." - Author: Karl Jaspers