[Sadly, I've Seen A Lot Of Bands Hit That Sort Of Peak And Then Eventually Start Supporting Again, You Know, Which We Will Never Do. We Always Put A Lot Of Thought Into The Way That We Are Going To Go, And We Always Change.]

Author: Glenn Tipton Quotes

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J Robert King Quotes

"Oh, what an unbearable yoke is free will! What a vicious curse of the gods, granting self-determination to creatures incapable of guiding themselves! What good parent would free a child among tigers?"

William Mulholland Quotes

"If there is an error of human judgment, I am the human."

Marisha Pessl Quotes

"Juliet and Romeo be damned, you cant be in love until youve flossed your teeth next to the person at least three hundred times..."

Michael Nyqvist Quotes

"I think the whole mission of being here on Earth is to accept what you have, and my journey was to accept my own life and not pretend anything else. I think thats what we all struggle with."

Praying Medic Quotes

"Jesus was the original street healer. He traveled the streets of Israel on foot, staying wherever He found lodging. During His travels He told people the secrets of their hearts, healed all who were sick and demon-possessed, raised the dead and shared the mysteries of the kingdom of God. This was His lifestyle and it could be yours."

John Lubbock Quotes

"We often hear of people breaking down from overwork, but in nine out of ten they are really suffering from worry or anxiety."

Gavyn Davies Quotes

"Almost everyone will find something in our services worth paying for."

Gian Carlo Rota Quotes

"The apex of mathematical achievement occurs when two or more fields which were thought to be entirely unrelated turn out to be closely intertwined. Mathematicians have never decided whether they should feel excited or upset by such events."

Whitley Strieber Quotes

"Ive got lots of books sitting here that have never been published because nobody could make any marketing sense of them."

Angie Karan Krezos Quotes

"Words are ever so powerful! When they are used positively, I see and feel the beauty and power in them, it is like honeycomb, sweet and comforting to the soul!I am seen and sensing the beauty of the logic heart. A stillness that permeates a sense of understanding and healing to the core!"

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Quotes About Brilliance

"Leibniz is at the disadvantage of not having seen it. Or perhaps we should count this as an advantage, for anyone who sees it is dumbfounded by the brilliance of the geometry, and it is difficult to criticize a mans work when you are down on your knees shielding your eyes." - Author: Neal Stephenson

Quotes About Inspirational Animal Shelters

"She put out her hand and touched his forearm, as she would have touched some piece of porcelain or sculpture, just for the sheer animal pleasure of feeling its shape and curve beneath her fingertips." - Author: Rosamunde Pilcher

Quotes About The Smallest Things In Life

"If were open to it, God can use even the smallest thing to change our lives... to change us. It might be a laughing child, car brakes that need fixing, a sale on pot roast, a cloudless sky, a trip to the woods to cut down a Christmas tree, a school teacher, a Dunhill Billiard pipe...or even a pair of shoes. Some people will never believe. They may feel that such things are too trivial, too simple, or too insignificant to forever change a life. But I believe. And I always will." - Author: Donna VanLiere

Quotes About Corruption Of Power

"There are few genuine conservatives within the U.S. political system, and it is a sign of the intellectual corruption of the age that the honorable term conservatism can be appropriated to disguise the advocacy of a powerful, lawless, aggressive and violent state, a welfare state for the rich dedicated to a lunatic form of Keynesian economic intervention that enhances state and private power while mortgaging the countrys future." - Author: Noam Chomsky

Quotes About Keeping An Open Mind

"A wise walker will set out early, keeping an open mind on how far to travel, allowing each days adventure to evolve." - Author: John Litwinovich

Quotes About Cobra

"Mother Nature is always speaking. She speaks in a language understood within the peaceful mind of the sincere observer. Leopards, cobras, monkeys, rivers and trees; they all served as my teachers when I lived as a wanderer in the Himalayan foothills." - Author: Radhanath Swami

Quotes About Love With God

"Gods love, and hence the love with which we come to love God, is eros and agape at once: a desire for the other that delights in the distance of otherness." - Author: David Bentley Hart

Quotes About Lyautey

"As we think about the next 50 years, I remember a story President Kennedy told a week before he was killed. The story was about French Marshal Louis-Hubert-Gonzalve Lyautey, who walked one morning through his garden with his gardener. He stopped at a certain point and asked the gardener to plant a tree there the next morning. The gardener said, "But the tree will not bloom for 100 years." The marshal replied, "In that case, you had better plant it this afternoon." - Author: Newton N. Minnow

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"For all its accolades and celebrated recognition as sound guidance, I have personally noticed that sometimes, follow your heart, is really bad advice." - Author: Steve Maraboli

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"Jay glanced up at Violet, and there was something about the expression on his face that made her pause. He gave her a look that told her, without saying a single word, that he wasnt at all happy about what shed done, and that he had plenty to say to her once he got her alone.And there was something else.It happened just as he was turning his head back toward her father: Violet could have sworn—and she would have bet money on it—that she saw Jay smile. Just a little one . . . almost unnoticeable, maybe completely imperceptible to anyone but her. She was sure that her dad had missed it entirely, as he continued his discussion without taking a breath." - Author: Kimberly Derting