[Sandy's Was One Of Those Places That Made Poor, White Trash Feel Like High-class Consumers. This Was The Kind Of Place You'd Take Your Mistress To, But Never Your Wife. Wives Expected Better. Mistresses Were Impressed By The Blandness Of The Over-priced Wine And The Vast Italian Menu Options.]

Author: Alistair Cross Quotes

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"We must have as clear a picture as we can of the Australia that we want to achieve at the end of that time."

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"We found that just by the way we stood, affected women dramatically, and if you look at our show, youll see that we always stood with our legs open our fists on hips and our bat bulges forward, which had a profound effect on women!"

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"Id never painted anything before. I was quite content to take other peoples work since I didnt care anyway about the subject matter. I approached subject matter as a scoundrel. I had nothing to say about it whatsoever. I only wanted to make these exciting paintings."

Yevgeny Yevtushenko Quotes

"In my blood there is no Jewish blood. In their callous rage, all anti-Semites must hate me now as a Jew. For that reason I am a true Russian."

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"I would rather play Hamlet with no rehearsal than TV golf."

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"Thus was this expedition finished...after having, by its event, strongly evinced this important truth; that though prudence, intrepidity and perseverence united are not exempted from the blows of adverse fortune, yet in a long series of transactions they usually rise superior to its power, and in the end rarely fail of proving successful.Voyage Around The World, 1751"

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"A match as a penBlood on the floor as inkThe forgotten gauze cover as paperBut what should I write?I might just manage my addressThis ink is strange; it clotsI write you from a prisonin Greece"

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"In the great design of fate, there are no accidents."

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"In the symphony of love, the lost chord is a small organ lying somewhat north of the vagina."

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"You Hang on to your pain like it means something; like its worth something. Well, let me tell you, its not worth shit, so let it go. Infinite Possibilities and all you can do is whine.""Well, what am I supposed to do?""What do you think? You can do anything, you lucky bastard; Youre alive!"

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"I had before me an object lesson, I thought: two ways to face the world. One way as embodied by this old woman—simple, unassuming, a kind of peasant dignity, a naturalness inherent in her every move. The other, exemplified by the girl—smartness, sophistication, veneer without substance. I was conscious that I have now opted for the old womans way, have thrown in my lot with a creature I would have jeered at a year ago. My present trip to the mountains is indeed a trip to that wellspring of naturalness she symbolized. And I admired my choice: the correct choice, the only choice for a sensitive and moral man in my dilemma." - Author: Lee Smith

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"Its decidedly bizzare, when the Worst Thing hppens and you find yourself still conscious, still breathing." - Author: Elisa Albert

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"God, who is faithful, allows his friends to fall frequently into weakness only in order to remove from them any prop on which they might lean. For a loving person it would be a great joy to be able to achieve many great feats, whether keeping vigils, fasting, performing other ascetical practices or doing major, difficult and unusual works. For them this is a great joy, support and source of hope so that their works become a product and a support upon which they can lean. But it is precisely this which our Lord wishes to take from them so that he alone will be their help and support . . . in no way do our works serve to make God give us anything or do anything for us. Our Lord wishes his friends to be freed from such an attitude, and thus he removes their support from them so that they must henceforth find their support only in him." - Author: Meister Eckhart

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"Was it possible that perhaps the most plausible explanation was being offered by someone who anyone with an ounce of sanity would have long ago consigned to the realm of the insane?" - Author: Tim Horvath

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"Sono egoista, impaziente e un po insicura. Commetto errori, sono fuori controllo e, allo stesso tempo, difficile da gestire.Ma se non sei in grado di gestire il mio lato peggiore, allora certamente non sarai in grado di gestire quello migliore." - Author: Marilyn Monroe

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"I will die, in my own small way, undefeated." - Author: Suzanne Collins

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"Marry me." I said.She lowered her teacup, shaking slightly, to the saucer. "Arent you going to get down on one knee?"I got down on one knee and took her hand."Will you marry me, Kate?"You cant propose properly without a ring." She said.I reached into my pocket and took out James Sandersons ring, which Id picked up off the floor of the Starclimber when wed crash landed."Thats a nice looking ring." said Kate with a grin."Cost a fortune." I said. "And now, for the third time. Kate de Vries, will you marry me?"She leaned forward and took my face in her hands and kissed me."Yes," "Yes, and yes and yes. But it will probably be terrible.""Probably," I agreed."Honestly," she sighed, "I dont know what kind of life well have together, with me always flying off in one direction and you in the other."I smiled. "Its a good thing the worlds round," I said." - Author: Kenneth Oppel

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"Measured by any standard, white or black, Washington must be regarded today as one of the great men of this country: and in the future he will be so honored." - Author: Ray Stannard Baker

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"Despicable creatures, vultures: without a doubt the most disgusting birds ever. I suppose they served their purpose, but did they have to be so greasy and ugly? Couldnt we have cute fuzzy rabbits that cleaned up roadkill instead?" - Author: Rick Riordan

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"We dont suggest that because San Francisco lies on top of an earthquake fault that it should be moved." - Author: John Breaux