[Saw A Film On Cancer Yesterday, Shown By The English Delegation. No Doubt About It. I'm Right. "Migratory Cancer Cells" Are Amoebic Formations. They Are Produced From Disintegrating Tissue And Thus Demonstrate The Law Of Tension And Charge In Its Purest Form - As Does The Orgastic Convulsion. Now Money Is A Must - Cancer The Main Issue - In Every Respect, Even Political.It Was A Staggering Experience. My Intuition Is Good. I Depend On It. Was Absolutely Driven To Buy A Microscope. The Sight Of The Cancer Cells Was Exactly As I Had Previously Imagined It, Had Almost Physically Felt It Would Be. Cancer Is An Autoinfection Of The Body, Of An Organ. And Researchers Have No Idea Of What, Hor, Or Where!!]

Author: Wilhelm Reich Quotes

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George Washington Carver Quotes

"We have become ninety-nine percent money mad. The method of living at home modestly and within our income, laying a little by systematically for the proverbial rainy day which is due to come, can almost be listed among the lost arts."

Arto Lindsay Quotes

"We were interested in this notion of compression- a lot of the songs were really short so that youd absorb them in memory rather than when youre actually hearing them."

Simon Schama Quotes

"The digital communications technology that was once imagined as a universe of transparent and perpetual illumination, in which cancerous falsehoods would perish beneath a saturation bombardment of irradiating data, has instead generated a much murkier and verification-free habitat where a google-generated search will deliver an electronic page on which links to lies and lunacy appear in identical format as those to truths and sanity. But why should we ever have assumed that technology and reason would be mutually self-reinforcing? The quickest visit to say, a site called Stormfront will persuade you that the demonic is in fact the best customer of the electronic."

Craig Shoemaker Quotes

"My dog is half pit-bull, half poodle. Not much of a watchdog, but a vicious gossip!"

Caitlen Rubino Bradway Quotes

"There was an outburst of noise and protests, and Jeremy announced I wasnt being logical, of course they wouldnt sell me, because it was illegal, for heavens sake. Alexa gave him a look that said youre not helping, and Gil smacked him on the back of the head, and Olivia said, yes, that was the only reason they werent going to sell me."

Michael Cacoyannis Quotes

"Boss, life is trouble. Only death is not. To be alive is to undo your belt and look for trouble."

Francis August Schaeffer Quotes

"The Cross of Christ is to be a reality to me not only once for all at my conversion, but all through my life as a Christian. True spirituality does not stop at the negative (death), but without the negative - in comprehension and in practice - we are not ready to go on."

Betty Neels Quotes

"He stood back smiling while they shook hands and murmured politely, and Amelia, meeting the Dutchmans sleepy gaze, had a sudden strange feeling, as though everything had changed; that nothing would ever be the same again; that there was no one else there, only herself and this giant of a man, still staring at her."

Paul L Clark Quotes

"This is not my work - this is my occupassion! Its word I created to describe what I really love to do."

Ta Nehisi Coates Quotes

"Among the Conscious, a man is only worth his latest reading."

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Quotes About Neglected By Someone

"We still (sometimes) remember that we cannot be free if our minds and voices are controlled by someone else. But we have neglected to understand that we cannot be free if our food and its sources are controlled by someone else. The condition of the passive consumer of food is not a democratic condition. One reason to eat responsibly is to live free. (pg. 323, The Pleasures of Eating)" - Author: Wendell Berry

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"Because money permits a constant stream of luxuries and indulgences, it can take away their savor, and by permitting instant gratification, money shortcuts the happiness of anticipation. Scrimping, saving, imagining, planning, hoping--these stages enlarge the happiness we feel." - Author: Gretchen Rubin

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"The night is quiet. Like a camp before battle. The city beset by a thing unknown and will it come from forest or sea? The murengers have walled the pale, the gates are shut, but lo the things inside and can you guess his shape? Where hes kept or whats the counter of his face? Is he a weaver, bloody shuttle shot through a time warp, a carder of souls from the worlds nap? Or a hunter with hounds or do bone horses draw his dead cart through the streets and does he call his trade to each? Dear friend he is not to be dwelt upon for it is by just such wise that hes invited in" - Author: Cormac McCarthy

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"I worked at a daycare for a couple of years going through high school and college. I did youth sports camps. I ran all the camps through my college." - Author: Derek Theler

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"É bom para as crianças terem pai e mãe (e mais fácil para os pais também!), mas tudo que você já ouviu sobre como ficam prejudicadas as crianças quando são criadas por mães solteiras, bem, essa é uma das grandes mentiras de nossa cultura. Em seu livro The Culture of Fear, Barry Glassner afirma que "aquelas criadas somente por mães apresentavam taxas de renda e educação basicamente igual àquelas criadas por pai e mãe. As pesquisas mostram que, como grupo, as crianças filhas de mães solteiras tendem a se dar melhor emocional e socialmente do que filhos de casamentos com altas doses de conflito; ou daqueles nos quais o pai é emocionalmente ausente ou abusivo"." - Author: Michael Moore

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"this was the man who would not submit to her need for probing intimacy, overintimacy, the urge to ask, examine, delve, draw things out, trade secrets, tell everything. it was a need that had the body in it, hands, feet, genitals, scummy odors, clotted dirt, even if it was all talk or sleepy murmur. she wanted to absorb everything, childlike, the dust of stray sensation, whatever she could breathe in from other peoples pores. she used to think she was other people. other people have truer lives." - Author: Don DeLillo

Quotes About Underground Railroad

"I know in the spy movies it always looks really cool when the operative goes from a maids uniform to a slinky, sexy, ballgown in the amount of time it takes an elevator to climb three floors. Well, I dont know how it is for TV spies, but I can tell you that even with Velcro, the art of the quick change is one that must take a lot of practice (not to mention better lighting than one is likely to find in a tunnel that was once part of the underground railroad)." - Author: Ally Carter

Quotes About Friends That Help You

"Hillary Clinton famously talked about how raising a child takes a village. Except our society isnt set up that way. Were organized in nuclear units, and a single mom can ask her friends only so many times for help picking up the kids." - Author: Katharine Weymouth

Quotes About Overcoming Prejudices

"Strangely, the subsequent AIDS works that have become iconic in our culture rarely mention the movement, or the engaged community of lovers, but both formations were inseparable from the crisis itself. Now, looking back, I fear that the story of the isolated helpless homosexual was one far more palatable to the corporations who control the reward system in the arts.The more truthful story of the American mass - abandoning families, criminal governments, indifferent neighbors - is too uncomfortable and inconvenient to recall. The story of how gay people who were despised, had no rights, and carried the burden of a terrible disease came together to force the country to change against its will, is apparently too implicating to tell. Fake tales of individual heterosexuals heroically overcoming their prejudices to rescue helpless dying men with AIDS was a lot more appealing to the powers that be, but not at all true." - Author: Sarah Schulman

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"We had pale yellow tile in our bathroom rimmed with thin tiles of white. Id dumped Tacks old, mismatched towels and added new, thick emerald green ones. They were hanging on the towel rack. My eyes moved. My moisturizer and toner bottles were the deep hued color of moss. My toothbrush was bright pink, Tacks was electric blue. There was a little bowl by the tap where I tossed my jewelry when I was washing my hands or preparing for bed. It was ceramic painted in glossy sunshine yellow and grass green. My eyes went to the mirror. My undies were cherry red lace.I grinned at myself in the mirror.I lived in color, every day, and my life was vibrant.I rubbed in moisturizer hoping our baby got his or her Dads sapphire blue eyes.But Id settle if they were my green." - Author: Kristen Ashley