[Separation Penetrates The Disappearing Person Like A Pigment And Steeps Him In Gentle Radiance.]

Author: Boy George Quotes

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Harry Bernstein Quotes

"There arent many clean places left in this dirty world of ours."

Scott McNealy Quotes

"The utility model of computing - computing resources delivered over the network in much the same way that electricity or telephone service reaches our homes and offices today - makes more sense than ever."

Peter Kassenaar Quotes

"Meestal zijn er grote delen van de pagina die niet eens bekeken worden door de bezoeker! Hij keurt ze letterlijk geen blik waardig."

Edward VIII Quotes

"The thing that impresses me most about America is the way parents obey their children."

Deborah McKinlay Quotes

"Guilt is a feeble emotion. It surrenders too easily"

Amy Reed Quotes

"I feel myself floating without the weight of him on my body."

Megan Miranda Quotes

"Or maybe I just wasnt looking. I hadnt known that a light could be a feeling and a sound could be a color and a kiss could be both a question and an answer. And that heaven could be the ocean or a person or this moment or something else entirely. But today, heaven was a wood-floored room with blue walls and a messy desk and Decker not letting go. He was still holding onto me."

Lawrence R Klein Quotes

"I, Lawrence Klein, was born in Omaha, Nebraska, as were my elder brother and younger sister."

Michael Bergin Quotes

"The people on Baywatch were about as nice a group of people as I had ever worked with."

John R Allen Quotes

"I seek as much as I can to mitigate risk."

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Quotes About Dexterity

"I always had a good dexterity. The story in my family goes that at the age of 3 I could thread needles faster than anybody." - Author: Judith Leiber

Quotes About Sunny Afternoon

"It is a sunny fall afternoon and Im engaged in one of my favorite pastimes—picking chestnuts. Im playing alone under the spreading, leafy, protective tree. My mother is sitting on a bench nearby, rocking the buggy in which my sister is asleep. The city, beyond the lacy wall of trees, is humming with gentle noises. The sun has just passed its highest point and is warming me with intense, oblique rays. I pick up a reddish brown chestnut, and suddenly, through its warm skin, I feel the beat as if of a heart. But the beat is also in everything around me, and everything pulsates and shimmers as if it were coursing with the blood of life. Stooping under the tree, Im holding life in my hand, and I am in the center of a harmonious, vibrating transparency. For that moment, I know everything there is to know. I have stumbled into the very center of plenitude, and I hold myself still with fulfillment, before the knowledge of my knowledge escapes me." - Author: Eva Hoffman

Quotes About Luxa

"What say you, Luxa?" said Vikus."What can I say, Vikus? Can I return to our people and tell them I withdrew from the quest when our survival hangs in the balance?" said Luxa bitterly."Of course you cannot, Luxa. This is why he times it so," said Henry."You could choose to - " started Vikus."I could choose! I could choose!" retorted Luxa. " Do not offer me a choice when you know none exits!" She and Henry turned their backs on Vikus." - Author: Suzanne Collins

Quotes About Tired

"Ten men waiting for me at the door? Send one of them home, Im tired." - Author: Mae West

Quotes About Pictures And Love

"My goodness, I am made from planets and wood, diamonds and orange peels, now and then, here and there; the iron in my blood was once the blade of a Roman plow; peel back my scalp and you will see my cranium covered in the scrimshaw carved by an ancient sailor who never suspected he was whittling at my skull — no, my blood is a Roman plow, my bones are being etched by men with names that mean sea wrestler and ocean rider and the pictures they are making are pictures of northern stars at different seasons, and the man keeping my blood straight as it splits the soil is named Lucian and he will plant wheat, and I cannot concentrate on this apple, this apple, and the only thing common to all of this is that I feel sorrow so deep, it must be love, and they are upset because while they are carving and plowing they are troubled by visions of trying to pick apples from barrels." - Author: P. Harding

Quotes About Smile And Life

"Matty," Jane whispered, "what are you thinking?"He smiled, kissed her navel before glancing up at her. "Barbaric thoughts.""Youre very pleased with yourself, arent you?"He laughed and slid up the length of her body. "I am. Its such a powerfulvisual to know that my seed is responsible for the life within you and theincredibly arousing changes in your body."And, I, of course, have nothing to do with it?""Jane," he whispered, "let me have my moment of male glory." - Author: Charlotte Featherstone

Quotes About Not Getting The Girl

"Find somebody else to entertain you," I said."There is no one else."I turned a page in my notebook and started writing again. "Theres always someone else.Youve been Feeding off Forfeits for hundreds of years. Get a new one.""You dont give my job enough credit. Its really hard to convince a girl to follow me. The average pickup lines dont work so well. Hey,wanna get coffee? And then spend an eternity getting the life force sucked out of you? They dont go for it." - Author: Brodi Ashton

Quotes About Tend

"The idea is to help you shine light on the areas of your life that need a little tender loving care." - Author: Shannon Kaiser

Quotes About Chinese Language

"There is a progression from pictographic, writing the picture; to ideographic, writing the idea; and then logographic, writing the word. Chinese script began this transition between 4,500 and 8,000 years ago: signs that began as pictures came to represent meaningful units of sound. Because the basic unit was the word, thousands of distinct symbols were required. This is efficient in one way, inefficient in another. Chinese unifies an array of distinct spoken languages: people who cannot speak to one another can write to one another. It employs at least fifty thousand symbols, about six thousand commonly used and known to most literate Chinese. In swift diagrammatic strokes they encode multidimensional semantic relationships. One device is simple repetition: tree + tree + tree = forest; more abstractly, sun + moon = brightness and east + east = everywhere. The process of compounding creates surprises: grain + knife = profit; hand + eye = look." - Author: James Gleick

Quotes About Difficult Conversations

"Occasionally my mother called from California. My parents had hurried and difficult conversations. She asked after Buckley and Linsey and Holiday. She asked how the house was holded up and whether there was anything he needed to tell her.We still miss you, he said in December 1977, when the leaves had all fallen and been blown or raked away but even still, with the ground waiting to recieve it, there had been no snow.I know that, she said.What about teaching? I thought that was your plan,It was, she conceded. She was on the phone in the office of the winery. Things had slowed up after the lunch crowd, but five limos of old ladies, three sheets to the wind, were soon due in. She was silent and then she said something that no one, least of all my father, could have argued with. Plans change.~pgs 226; Changing plans" - Author: Alice Sebold