[She Now Knew Her Death Was Inevitable, And With That Acceptance Came Liberation. The Courage Of The Condemned.]

Author: Tess Gerritsen Quotes

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Gary Jennings Quotes

"Hay un gran peligro substancioso en ir a cazar lo insubstancial"

Chris Bradford Quotes

"To obtain victory by any means and with any weapon."

Victoria Azarenka Quotes

"Im not a big fan of watching my matches."

Rita Stradling Quotes

"Some people are worth the world"

Carol Berg Quotes

"Memory has no power but what the soul chooses to make of it."

Julius Fuik Quotes

"Quisiera que todo el mundo supiese que no ha habido héroes anónimos. Eran personas con su nombre, su rostro, sus anhelos y sus esperanzas, y el dolor del último de los últimos no ha sido menor que el del primero, cuyo nombre perdura. Yo quisiera que todos ellos estuviesen cerca de vosotros, como miembros de vuestra familia, como vosotros mismos."

Albert Nobbs Quotes

"Life without decency is unbearable."

Dennis Banks Quotes

"When you have a spiritual foundation, you look at poverty differently then."

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"Im incredibly happy to be doing my own thing in New York."

Sergey Kozlov Quotes

"Ratilais ant galų pirštų nubėgo vandeniu tyluma."

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"I detest the idea that love between two persons can lead to salvation. All my life I have fought against this oppressive type of relationship. Instead, I believe in searching for a kind of love that somehow involves all of humanity." - Author: Rainer Werner Fassbinder

Quotes About Totally In Love

"Jesus taught that "the great and first commandment is to love God completely, totally, and unreservedly -- with all ones heart, with all ones soul, and with all ones mind (Matt. 22:37-38; Mark 12:28-34). The sum of all Gods commandments and all religious service is love for God. It is the believers first priority. It is the reason we were created. Nothing in life is more right, more fulfilling, and more rewarding than loving God our Creator and Savior." - Author: Alexander Strauch

Quotes About Peeta In The Hunger Games

"I no longer feel allegiance to these monsters called human beings, despise being one myself. I think that Peeta was onto something about us destroying one another and letting some decent species take over. Because something is significantly wrong with a creature that sacrifices its childrens lives to settle its differences. You can spin it any way you like. Snow thought the Hunger Games were an efficient means of control. Coin thought the parachutes would expedite the war. But in the end, who does it benefit? No one. The truth is, it benefits no one to live in a world where these things happen." - Author: Suzanne Collins

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"Was the Buffalo chicken wing inventedwhen Teressa Bellissimo thought of splitting it in half and deep frying it and serving it with celery and blue-cheese dressing? Was it invented when John Young started using mambo sauceand thought of elevating wings into a specialty?" - Author: Calvin Trillin

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"The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality - what a joke. In my district, we caught them lying to us about the results of air quality studies in the Barnett Shale. They are playing with the health and safety of our communities, and we are going to tell them that is not acceptable." - Author: Wendy Davis

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"MODERN SAUDI HISTORY IN FIVE EASY LESSONSIf you did not go hungry in the reign of King Abdul Aziz, you would never go hungry.If you did not have fun in the reign of King Saud, you would never have fun.If you did not go to prison in the reign of King Faisal, you would never go to prison.If you did not make money in the reign of King Khaled, you would never make money.If you did not go bankrupt in the reign of King Fahd . . ." - Author: Robert Lacey

Quotes About Birding

"But in the early 1970s, we were not birdwatching. We were birding, and that made all the difference. We were out to seek, to discover, to chase, to learn, to find as many different kinds of birds as possible — and, in friendly competition, to try to find more of them than the next birder. We became a community of birders, with the complications that human societies always have; and although it was the birds that had brought us together, our story became a human story after all." - Author: Kenn Kaufman

Quotes About Not Throwing In The Towel

"And what percentage of people take up the option to die off? She looked at me, her glance telling me to be calm. ‘Oh, a hundred per cent, of course. Over many thousands of years, calculated by old time, of course. But yes, everyone takes the option, sooner or later.‘So its just like the first time round? You always die in the end?‘Yes, except dont forget the quality of life here is much better. People die when they decide theyve had enough, not before. The second time round its altogether more satisfying because its willed. She paused, then added, ‘As I say, we cater for what people want.I hadnt been blaming her. Im not that sort. I just wanted to find out how the system worked. ‘So … even people, religious people, who come here to worship God throughout eternity … they end up throwing in the towel after a few years, hundred years, thousand years?‘Certainly. As I said, there are still a few Old Heaveners around, but their numbers are diminishing all the time." - Author: Julian Barnes

Quotes About Buddhist

"I know a wise Buddhist monk who, in a speech to his fellow countrymen, once said hed love to know why someone who boasts that he is the cleverest, the strongest, the bravest or the most gifted man on earth is thought ridiculous and embarrassing, whereas if, instead of I, he says, we are the most intelligent, the strongest, the bravest and the most gifted people on earth, his fellow countrymen applaud enthusiastically and call him a patriot. For there is nothing patriotic about it. One can be attached to ones own country without needing to insist that the rest of the worlds inhabitants are worthless. But as more and more people were taken in by this sort of nonsense, the menace to peace grew greater." - Author: Ernst Hans Josef Gombrich

Quotes About Assuming

"With the man/animal boundary so deep a part of the Western psyche, it is little wonder that many resist its dismantling on both a logical and emotional level, and with great confusion manifest between the two. Mans ability to exploit the planet, to take of its resources as he needs, and to usurp entire forests and all living creatures therein, rests upon the unwritten assumption that the chasm between himself and all other creatures is impassable. All of modern mans activities operate from the premise that the planet is his to allot into countries, states, counties, and individual plots, because he, unlike other creatures, has been given the twin gifts of reason and expression. By assuming that other animals lack these gifts entirely, man obviates any need to listen to the wishes of the creatures with which he shares the planet. He can therefore proceed comfortably by his own lights, blind to information that is perceived as nonexistent." - Author: Sue Savage Rumbaugh