[She's Aware Of Her Fondness For Ledger Keeping, A Term That Marriage Counselors Use To Castigate Their Clients For Keeping A Running Tally Of Who Did What To Whom, Which Is Not In The Spirit Of Generosity That Supposedly Nurtures A Healthy Relationship. The Way She Sees It, Generosity Is Admirable But Not Always Practical. Without Some Discreet Retaliation To Balance Things Out, A Little Surreptitious Tit For Tat To Keep The Grievances At Bay, Most Relationships—hers Included—would Surely Combust In A Blaze Of Resentment.]

Author: A.S.A. Harrison Quotes

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"The biggest price you pay for love is that you have to have somebody around, you cant be on your own, wich is always so much better."

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"Crying is really bad for your vocal cords."

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"Revenge was sweet, but blood was sweeter."

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"Im just ah, actually developing a tv show for HBO, and Im directing a film this summer, and actually Im doing some live shows out in western Canada."

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"Little Red Riding Hood got what she deserved. You dont go walking in the woods alone if you want to avoid wolves." I was about to say something in response, but Nicky Ballard did it for me. "You could say that about the wolf, too. If you go around attacking defenseless girls, you can expect payback."

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"I dont like freedom jazz - I think its void of roots and void of foundation."

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"There is a rhythm to our language. they echo the rhythm of our life."

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"Tell me sir if you will, where in the Bible does it state that its ok to judge others based purely on assumption? Can you see now who is the lesser evil between the two?"

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"Nobody ever gets enough appreciation when theyre behaving themselves, but theres no end to hearing about it when theyre not."

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"Imagine a poem written with such enormous three-dimensional words that we had to invent a smaller word to reference each of the big ones; that we had to rewrite the whole thing in shorthand, smashing it into two dimensions, just to talk about it. Or dont imagine it. Look outside. Human language is our attempt at navigating Gods language; it is us running between the lines of His epic, climbing on the vowels and building houses out of the consonants."

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"Since I spent much of my childhood being left behind and ignored, one might think that, as an adult, moments of perceived abandonment would feel old hat. The truth is, as an adult, I am always waiting to be left behind. Im always ready to be discarded and, therefore, I spend a significant amount of time preparing for this eventuality.I lower my expectations, I dont seek out meaningful relationships, and I dont engage in any sort of real intimacy, physical or otherwise.Engage is the key word here. Except, when I engage, when it happens, when Im left behind it doesnt feel old hat. It feels like it did the first time and it takes me by surprise. So, I dont let it happen." - Author: Penny Reid

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