[She's Aware Of Her Fondness For Ledger Keeping, A Term That Marriage Counselors Use To Castigate Their Clients For Keeping A Running Tally Of Who Did What To Whom, Which Is Not In The Spirit Of Generosity That Supposedly Nurtures A Healthy Relationship. The Way She Sees It, Generosity Is Admirable But Not Always Practical. Without Some Discreet Retaliation To Balance Things Out, A Little Surreptitious Tit For Tat To Keep The Grievances At Bay, Most Relationships—hers Included—would Surely Combust In A Blaze Of Resentment.]

Author: A.S.A. Harrison Quotes

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"How did I know? Paul, Ive known since you were eight and I caught you masturbating in front of the TV to Bo and Luke Duke."

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"Afterward I always kiss her, my baby, and look into her clear eyes that know everything about me, and want me to be her daddy anyway."

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"...the only way out consists of using a social mask.This is why those under depression will smile more as well as make efforts to please and entertain compared to anyone else....If they could hide in public, and they do hide in other ways, both psychological and physical.The psychological feeling of being trapped comes afterwards from the need to have social life, and thats when the anti-social personality starts developing furthermore."

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"Well dont you know the sound of anger brings a dark result.And every insult is like a lightning bolt."

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"Se equivoca; las mujeres necesitamos otra información sobre un hombre como ése. No conocemos la calidez de su voz, si conversa mirando a los ojos, si su abrazo nos hace sentir pequeñas. A una mujer no le interesa un hombre que necesita ser rescatado. Como empleado, tal vez, concluye, pero para amar a un hombre, el alma buena es lo de menos."

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"Good to go back to school once in a while, makes you know how little you know :)"

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"Just as pilots gain practice with flight simulators, people might acquire social experience by reading fiction."

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"The devil is a bad devil."

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"Clearly, Japan is a most important market for digital consumer products."

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"Ill miss everybody too. But Ill be back for Christmas, and for the summer. Abuelita, its the best school in the United States.""Youll come back a different person. Worse, you wont want to come back after you see everything out there. Why would you want to come back to this horrible nada?""Abuelita, thats not true. Ill be back. Ill call you every week, on the weekends when its cheaper. Ill learn so much. Nobody at Ysleta has ever been to Harvard, at least no one the teachers can remember.""Its a great honor, mijo. We know that. Im sure everyone in Ysleta is proud of you. But this is who you are," she said, for a moment scanning the dark night air and the empty street. A cricket chirped in the darkness. "God help you when you go to this ‘Havid. You will be so far away from us, from everything you know. You will be alone. What if something happens to you? Whos going to help you? But you always wanted to be alone; you were always so independent, so stubborn.""Like you."

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