[She's Never Sure,never Knows,never Goes.]

Author: Emma Cameron Quotes

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All Time Low Quotes

"Manage me, Im a mess Turn a page, Im a book Half unread"

Raphael Saadiq Quotes

"I honed in on a great time, the Motown era, the 60s and 70s. That type of music has always been a staple in my life."

Reverend Jen Quotes

"Love is like the human appendix. You take it for granted while its there, but when its suddenly gone youre forced to endure horrible pain that can only be alleviated through drugs."

David Lipsky Quotes

"David Foster Wallace: Because Id like to be the sort of person who can enjoy things at the time instead of having to go back in my head and enjoy them then."

Melanie Finn Quotes

"This is what you remember about him: not much, but then you have been assiduous in your forgetting. His red sweater, v-neck, cashmere; the clink of ice-cubes in a glass. He is shadow and voice, but you cannot recall his face. He is behind a closed door, in a forbidden room. He is asleep in his armchair, he is asleep in the driveway, asleep in your sandpit, face down, snoring but not harmless, even then. He is shouting, he is whispering, he is close but also remote as if at the end of a long hallway and you cannot hear him. His words never make any sense, he speaks some other language. His hands sometimes spin away from him like windmills, like pinwheels and Catherine wheels, snapping like firecrackers. There must be pain, but you cannot feel it.Your skin bruises like apples."

Lanford Wilson Quotes

"I am one of the 11.5% of New Yorkers who remain traumatized by the events of September 11."

Heather Burns Quotes

"I dont like to drive. I dont like the aggressiveness that goes along with driving."

John W Thompson Quotes

"Well Web services are nothing more than a way for users to interact with applications."

John Hersey Quotes

"This private estate was far enough away from the explosion so that its bamboos, pines, laurel, and maples were still alive, and the green place invited refugees—partly because they believed that if the Americans came back, they would bomb only buildings; partly because the foliage seemed a center of coolness and life, and the estates exquisitely precise rock gardens, with their quiet pools and arching bridges, were very Japanese, normal, secure; and also partly (according to some who were there) because of an irresistible, atavistic urge to hide under leaves."

Amy Adams Quotes

"I come from musical theater, and a lot of musical theater is about accepting fantasy. I think it is more about just being open and accepting."

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Quotes About Dorina

"Mi-e teamă de mine însămi, mi-e teamă ca, în dorința mea, să nu mă dăruiesc prea repede." - Author: Anne Frank

Quotes About Overwhelming Life

"Culture alone cannot explain the phenomena of such high rates of eating disorders. Eating disorders are complex, but what they all seem to have in common is the ability to distract women from the memories, sensations, and experience of the sexual abuse through starving, bingeing, purging, or exercising. They keep the focus on food, body image, weight, fat, calories, diets, miles, and other factors that women focus on during the course of an eating disorder. These disorders also have the ability to numb a woman from the overwhelming emotions resulting from the sexual abuse — especially loss of control, terror, and shame about her body. Women often have a combination of eating disorders in in their history. Some women are anorexic during one period of their life, bulimic during another, and compulsive eaters at yet another stage." - Author: Karen A. Duncan

Quotes About Past Wrongs

"Distant wrongs, she thought: an interesting issue in moral philosophy. Do past wrongs seem less wrong to us simply because they are less vivid?" - Author: Alexander McCall Smith

Quotes About Uniqueness Of An Individual

"Trusting your individual uniqueness challenges you to lay yourself open." - Author: James Broughton

Quotes About Ghosting

"Fenella Doorn watched the unfamiliar wreck of a ship ghosting into her bay. Crippled by cannon fire, she thought. What else could do such damage? The foremast was blown away, as well as half the mainmast where a jury rig clung to the jagged stump, and shot holes tattered the sails on the mizzen. And yet, to Fenellas experienced eye the vessel had an air of defiance. Demi-cannons hulked in the shadowed gun ports. This ship was a fighter, battered but not beaten. With fight still in her, was she friend or foe?" - Author: Barbara Kyle

Quotes About The Outside Looking In

"I have spent a lot of years on the outside looking in." - Author: Joseph Barbera

Quotes About Happiness Within Yourself

"If you close your mind to the endless possibilities of dreams yet to be fulfilled, and allow your heart to grow cold, merely due to the fear of it being broken yet again . . . When the time is right, how will one then be able to see you for you & accept you for all that you are? You will not know from where, exactly when, or even how. When it comes to happiness, it is what it is! It will be there without any notice at all ~ If you open your eyes & seek out that strength within you to continue forever forward, will yourself to carry on & allow yourself to be vulnerable, imagine the possibilities! The pale colors of the horizon just prior to that evening storm will suddenly appear brighter! And as you find yourself gazing upon the leaves dancing in a whirlwind with all the debris and foliage amongst the trees . . . in that single moment, its almost as if you could actually hear the wind whispering to your soul Let me in, Im wanting only to warm your heart." - Author: Christine Upton

Quotes About Duncan

"I thought your life was like this because you were new, but its always gonna be like this, isnt it? Youll always have to answer to people.""So it would seem," I agreed. "Life isnt a fairy tale,Duncan.""And you know what they say," Willa chimed in. "Mo money, mo problems.""Well,that was embarrassing to hear you say that, so Im good." - Author: Amanda Hocking

Quotes About Sohma

"KYO, YOU DUMMKOPF!!" ~ Momiji Sohma" - Author: Natsuki Takaya

Quotes About Saying I Love You And Meaning It

"The famous saying God is love, it is generally assumed, means that God is like our immediate emotional indulgence, not that the meaning of love ought to have something of the otherness and terror of God." - Author: Charles Williams