[Shigure Sohma: So Anyway I Was Wondering If You Could Stop By The House And Take A Look At Tohru's Cut. That Is If It Isn't A Problem.Hatori Sohma: No Problem. I'll Stop By The House This Evening. Shigure Sohma: Hmmm What's This Hatori I Don't Think I Ever Heard You Sound So Eager To Come Over. Could It Be You Have A Secret Crush On Tohru [long Silence From The Other End Of The Phone]Shigure Sohma: [shouts] I Knew It You Naughty Naughty Man You Hatori Sohma: No I Was Simply Too Amazed By Your Stupidity To Say Anything.]

Author: Natsuki Takaya Quotes

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"Im not cool, Im weird!"

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"He couldnt understand how he was awarded medals and honors for clubbing and bayoneting people, and be called a barbarian for killing seals."

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"Every November on National Adoption Day, courts set aside time to finalize adoptions from foster care that might otherwise be delayed for months, and communities celebrate adoption with retreats, proclamations, and other events. National Adoption Day was started in 2000 and has grown each year. In 2004, courts and community organizations finalized the adoptions of more than 3,400 children from foster care as part of 200 National Adoption Day events in 37 states."

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"I would not be among you to-night (being awarded the 1964 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine) but for the mentors, colleagues and students who have guided and aided me throughout my scientific life. I wish I could name them all and tell you their contributions. More, however, than anyone else it was the late Rudolf Schoenheimer, a brilliant scholar and a man of infectious enthusiasm, who introduced me to the wonders of Biochemistry. Ever since, I have been happy to have chosen science as my career, and, to borrow a phrase of Jacques Barzun, have felt that Science is, in the best and strictest sense, glorious entertainment."

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"Conscious of our many problems, I seek today to lay a foundation to our public policy. My fundamental purpose is to devote my term of office to raising the standard of public service in New Jersey."

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"She will not believe me if I tell her love is all anyone ever needs. Everything else – the fast cars, the private aeroplanes, the mansions, the diamonds, the watches, the fancy clothes, the perfect bodies, the publicity, the awards, the applause – all are ways of filling the emptiness created by the lack of love."

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"Then his heart, now broken into a thousand pieces, slowly began to turn to ice."

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"Every storm has a beginning, every storm has a perfect moment of bliss and every storm has a destructive end."

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"To the barefoot man, happiness is a pair of shoes. To the man with old shoes, its a pair of new shoes. To the man with new shoes, its stylish shoes. And of course, the fellow with no feet would be happy to be barefoot. Measure your life by what you have not by what you dont."

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"Each woman must realize that she is the final guardian of her unborn child."

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"Quote from my future book "Beyond the Absurd": "Psychologists have finally proven that the entire justice systems deep motives and its idea as a whole, which have existed for thousands of years, are completely false, since they rest upon empty human delusions. Namely, the delusion that people can control or change the future and win over the evil that has already taken place. According to the studies, this is impossible, since its the evil of the moment that makes the world go round and this is a fixed constant"." - Author: Alexandar Tomov junior

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"Before a long-haul flight, buy yourself a cheap, big, comfortable pillow. It makes a huge difference." - Author: Bruno Tonioli

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"As women slowly gain power, their values and priorities are reshaping the agenda. A multitude of studies show that when women control the family funds, they generally spend more on health, nutrition, and education - and less on alcohol and cigarettes." - Author: Dee Dee Myers

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"Economics, politics, and personalities are often inseparable." - Author: Charles Edison

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"But -- my dear, my heart is BROKEN! I have seen the perfect Peter Wimsey. Height, voice, charm, smile, manner, outline of features, everything -- and he is -- THE CHAPLAIN OF BALLIOL!! What is the use of anything? ...I am absolutely shattered by this Balliol business. Such waste -- why couldnt he have been an actor?" - Author: Dorothy L. Sayers

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"Their beauty had always seemed to him like the beauty of pressed flowers-lovely, but dead." - Author: Cassandra Clare

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"Two words from him, and I had seen my pouting apathy change into Ill play anything for you till you ask me to stop, till its time for lunch, till the skin on my fingers wears off layer after layer, because I like doing things for you, will do anything for you, just say the word..." - Author: André Aciman

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"As a lord was heldfor the strength of his body and stoutness of heart.Much lore he learned, and loved wisdombut fortune followed him in few desires;oft wrong and awry what he wrought turned;what he loved he lost, what he longed for he won not;and full friendship he found not easily,nor was lightly loved for his looks were sad.He was gloom-hearted, and glad seldomfor the sundering sorrow that filled his youth...(On Turin Turambar - The Children of Hurin)" - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien

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"The national unity of a free people depends upon a sufficiently even balance of political power to make it impracticable for the administration to be arbitrary and for the opposition to be revolutionary and irreconcilable. Where that balance no longer exists, democracy perishes. For unless all the citizens of a state are forced by circumstances to compromise, unless they feel that they can affect policy but that no one can wholly dominate it, unless by habit and necessity they have to give and take, freedom cannot be maintained." - Author: Walter Lippmann

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"A man doesnt know till he tries it how killing uncongenial work is, and how it destroys the power of doing what ones fit for, even if theres time for both." - Author: Edith Wharton