[Shigure: "That's Lovely. She's So... How Shall I Say It? By Putting It Into Words I'm Afraid The Nobility Of It All Would Only Be Obscured."Yuki: "Of What?"Shigure: "You Know, She's So Spunky!"Kyo: "You Sick Bastard!]

Author: Natsuki Takaya Quotes

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Bernie Ecclestone Quotes

"People want to build new circuits around the world and they say: Well come to Silverstone and have a look how its done, and I tell them to stay away."

Shogo Oketani Quotes

"From New Years Eve through the third of January, the streets of Tokyo grew quiet, as if all the people had disappeared."

Chrystine Oksana Quotes

"Violators cannot live with the truth: survivors cannot live without it. There are those who still, once again, are poised to invalidate and deny us. If we dont assert our truth, it may again be relegated to fantasy. But the truth wont go away. It will keep surfacing until it is recognized. Truth will outlast any campaigns mounted against it, no matter how mighty, clever, or long. It is invincible. Its only a matter of which generation is willing to face it and, in so doing, protect future generations from ritual abuse."

Hugh Antoine DArcy Quotes

"And then I met a woman,now comes the funny part;with eyes that petrified my brain and sunk into my heart."

Gilbert Arenas Quotes

"Impossible means nothing"

Michele Knight Quotes

"The key to being free, authentic and creative is to clear debris from the space you always occupy – your mind."

Eric Bredesen Quotes

"Light — i.e. space — is the structure of time, the essence of existence. The stuff of physics does not involve time. Orthodox contemporary physics sadly refers to this fact as "the problem of time."

John Of Salisbury Quotes

"One who comprehends truth is wise, one who loves it good, one who orders his life in accordance with it happy."

Ely Culbertson Quotes

"A deck of cards is built like the purest of hierarchies, with every card a master to those below it, a lackey to those above it."

Anne Lister Quotes

"Saturday 12 July 1823 [Halifax]Could not sleep last night. Dozing, hot & disturbed ... a violent longing for a female companion came over me. Never remember feeling it so painfully before ... It was absolute pain to me."

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"Nonmonogamous folks are constantly engaged in their relationships: they negotiate and establish boundaries, respect them, test them, and, yes, even violate them. But the limits are not assumed or set by society; they are consciously chosen." - Author: Tristan Taormino

Quotes About Leyes

"Secuencias. No sé decirlo mejor, es como una noción de que bruscamente se arman secuencias terribles o idiotas en la vida de un hombre, sin que se sepa qué ley fuera de las leyes clasificadas decide..." - Author: Julio Cortázar

Quotes About Frightened

"Fat and awkward and frightened he might be, but Samwell Tarly was no fool. One night he visited Jon in his cell. "I dont know what you did," he said, "but I know you did it." He looked away shyly. "Ive never had a friend before." "Were not friends," Jon said. He put a hand on Sams broad shoulder. "Were brothers." - Author: George R.R. Martin

Quotes About Grandmothers And Mothers

"SEASONS PASSED, FALL AND WINTER and spring and summer. Leaves blew in through the open door of Lucius Clarkes shop, and rain, and the green outrageous hopeful light of spring. People came and went, grandmothers and doll collectors and little girls with their mothers. Edward Tulane waited. The seasons turned into years. Edward Tulane waited. He repeated the old dolls words over and over until they wore a smooth groove of hope in his brain: Someone will come; someone will come for you." - Author: Kate DiCamillo

Quotes About Bowling Alleys

"It is perhaps beside the point to remark that bowling alleys and supermarkets have nursery facilities, while schools and colleges and scientific laboratories and government offices do not." - Author: Betty Friedan

Quotes About Split Personality

"Ive endured my entire life struggling from a split personality. The problem is that the other guy, a wise guy named (Jack)...has always been in charge." - Author: Timothy Pina

Quotes About Comeliness

"Himself an ugly man, insignificantof appearance, he prized very highly comeliness in others." - Author: W. Somerset Maugham

Quotes About Funny Mastectomy

"His utter helplessness at the sight of my tears leaked through his confident voice. It was almost funny that such a great warrior as Hasani was reduced to panic at the sight of a stupid tear or two." - Author: Courtney Cole

Quotes About Character And Values

"Dont let your special character and values, the secret that you know and no one else does, the truth - dont let that get swallowed up by the great chewing complacency." - Author: Aesop

Quotes About Desear

"No puedo imaginar nada mejor, nada que quiera más, o nada que alguna vez llegue a desear más que tenerla en mis brazos.Para siempre." - Author: Cindy C. Bennett