[Shivers Heaved Out A Sigh. "Just Trying To Make Tomorrow That Bit Better Than Today Is All. I'm One Of Those … You've Got A Word For It, Don't You?""Idiots?"He Looked Sideways At Her. "It Was A Different One I Had In Mind.""Optimists.""That's The One. I'm An Optimist.""How's It Working Out For You?""Not Great, But I Keep Hoping.""That's Optimists. You Bastards Never Learn.]

Author: Joe Abercrombie Quotes

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Jimmy Chamberlin Quotes

"I cant take days off and play like I did last night. Maybe some people can, but I cant."

Hugh Ferriss Quotes

"As the avenues and streets of a city are nothing less than its arteries and veins, we may well ask what doctor would venture to promise bodily health if he knew that the blood circulation was steadily growing more congested!"

Mark Evans Quotes

"If it moves, starch it. If it doesnt move, starch it. If it seems it has enough starch already, it hasnt, so starch it again."

Sarah Colonna Quotes

"The words "how are you?" can pack a mean punch."

Glen McDiarmid Quotes

"Take on the attitudes of someone about to die. Do it while you are still young."

Patrick J Kennedy Quotes

"I am a recovering alcoholic."

Don Cupitt Quotes

"We should be empty of clutching, empty of self, empty of all the old ideas of substance. We should be ‘lost in the objectivity of world-love, as I have elsewhere put it; or, perhaps better, we should let ourselves be only an empty space filled with brightness. Life lived like that is ‘eternal life."

Bill Price Quotes

"The most radical and far-reaching solutions often need rethinking of processes and deep questioning of the status quo-and these are hard."

Nalizha Quotes

"When you fell like your not loved remeber that I am here for you and I do care for you;You just have to remeber that you are not alone<3"

Kobo Abe Quotes

"The only way to go beyond work is through work. It is not that work itself is valuable; we surmount work by work. The real value of work lies in the strength of self-denial."

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Quotes About Inspirational Withdrawal

"Its inspirational to see someone who is dying smile." - Author: Arlen Specter

Quotes About Abusing Love

"GUIL: It [Hamlets madness] really boils down to symptoms. Pregnant replies, mystic allusions, mistaken identities, arguing his father is his mother, that sort of thing; intimations of suicide, forgoing of exercise, loss of mirth, hints of claustrophobia not to say delusions of imprisonment; invocations of camels, chameleons, capons, whales, weasels, hawks, handsaws -- riddles, quibbles and evasions; amnesia, paranoia, myopia; day-dreaming, hallucinations; stabbing his elders, abusing his parents, insulting his lover, and appearing hatless in public -- knock-kneed, droop-stockinged and sighing like a love-sick schoolboy, which at his age is coming on a bit strong.ROS: And talking to himself.GUIL: And talking to himself." - Author: Tom Stoppard

Quotes About Laughing And Smiling

"Are you afraid of falling, baby?No, Im afraid of landing.[Hes laughing, and Im smiling.]Stupid idiot smile, dont you know what comes next?" - Author: Ann Aguirre

Quotes About Tubes

"Agatha had her tubes tied and now she cant get any toothpaste." - Author: Jarod Kintz

Quotes About Flannel

"He threaded his hand through her hair, tugging her closer. Her body strained toward him, her breasts all but bursting the buttons of her flannel pajamas. She swallowed the last of the candy cane as he lowered his mouth to hers.He didnt ravage, as shed expected. His mouth was soft and warm on hers, and the scrape of his stubbled jaw added to the thrill. She moaned and clung to him, her mind emptying like sand tumbling from a bucket.Resist? Absolutely not. She wanted this. Him." - Author: Cari Quinn

Quotes About What Defines Character

"Life experience is what defines our character, even if it means getting your heart broken or being lied to. You know, you need the downs to appreciate the ups. Going on the adventure or taking that risk is important." - Author: Nev Schulman

Quotes About Twinkie

"She had a heart like a Twinkie, full of oversweet goo, yes, a real junk-food heart." - Author: Jean Thompson

Quotes About Hobbies

"Amar é, sempre, ser vulnerável. Para que nunca se sofra com isso, aconselha-se não se amar algo, ou mesmo, alguém. Se sugere proteger a si mesmo nos próprios hobbies, mimos e zelos, evitar qualquer envolvimento com as pessoas, guardar o coração na segurança do caixão do próprio ego. Dessa forma, nessa tumba segura e tenaz, sem movimento ou ar, o seu coração provavelmente mudará para melhor. Sim, sim, ele não se partirá, antes se tornará indestrutível, impenetrável, invencível ou inalienável!: ele nunca precisará de algum perdão.Mas essa comprável alternativa sistemática de proteção de tragédias, é preciso que se diga, é condenatória. Isso, porque o único lugar que existe além do céu, onde se pode estar perfeitamente a salvo de todos os acidentes e perturbações do amor, é o inferno" - Author: C.S. Lewis

Quotes About Palace Of Versailles

"Gilded palace of Flying BurritosExcellent Nouveau Mexican CuisineWe all got to wear Swank-Ass Nudie SuitsI should have known it was a lousy pipe dreamOhhh, Ohhh, what an awesome jobOhhh, Ohhh, what do I do now??Ohh, Ohhhhh, its like Ive been robbedSpent the last of my paychequeAnd Im feelin pretty downnnnn!!" - Author: Bryan Lee OMalley

Quotes About Good Work Habits

"When it shall be desired to enlighten man, let him always have truth laid before him. Instead of kindling his imagination by the idea of those pretended goods that a future state has in reserve for him, let him be solaced, let him be succoured; or, at least, let him be permitted to enjoy the fruit of his labour; let not his substance be ravaged from him by cruel imposts; let him not be discouraged from work, by finding all his labour inadequate to support his existence, let him not be driven into that idleness that will surely lead him on to crime: let him consider his present existence, without carrying his views to that which may attend him after his death: let his industry be excited; let his talents be rewarded; let him be rendered active, laborious, beneficent, and virtuous, in the world he inhabits; let it be shown to him that his actions are capable of having an influence over his fellow men, but not on those imaginary beings located in an ideal world." - Author: Baron dHolbach