[Simply Giving Employees A Sense Of Agency- A Feeling That They Are In Control, That They Have Genuine Decision-making Authority - Can Radically Increase How Much Energy And Focus They Bring To Their Jobs.]

Author: Charles Duhigg Quotes

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Robby Benson Quotes

"Music runs through everything I do - I even think musically; even when I was acting, but, especially, when I am directing. Directing is very musical."

Viraj Quotes

"love start from eyes & smiles but its end on bed"

Keanu Reeves Quotes

"Sure I believe in God and the Devil, but they dont have to have pitchforks and a long white beard."

Fatema Mernissi Quotes

"By putting the spotlight on the female child and framing her as the ideal of beauty, he condemns the mature woman to invisibility. In fact, the modern Western man enforces Immanuel Kants nineteenth-century theories: To be beautiful, women have to appear childish and brainless. When a woman looks mature and self-assertive, or allows her hips to expand, she is condemned ugly. Thus, the walls of the European harem separate youthful beauty from ugly maturity."

Cameron Mathison Quotes

"Christmas was always a big holiday in our family. Every Christmas Eve before wed go to bed, my mom and dad would read to us two or three stories and they would always be The Happy Prince, The Gift of the Magi and Twas the Night Before Christmas, and I would like to keep that alive."

Linda Chavez Quotes

"Britons seem to have given up on assimilating their Muslim population, with many British elites patting themselves on the back for their tolerance and multiculturalism."

Steve Sheinkin Quotes

"Here at great expense, [Colonel Groves] moaned to Oppenheimer, the government has assembled the worlds largest collection of crackpots."

Shelley Conn Quotes

"I think I would struggle with any job if it was purely about effects. Even as a viewer, those arent the kind of things that interest me."

Bianca Lawson Quotes

"My dad and I used to do movie marathons when I was a kid at the Chinese Theatre, and I just remember thinking, One day I want to have a movie here And then later on, when Save The Last Dance premiered there, that was definitely a full circle moment."

Chelsea M Cameron Quotes

"No puedo prometer que no te volveré loca. No puedo prometer que no voy a hacerte daño. Todo lo que puedo prometer es que te quiero en mi vida, y voy a hacer cualquier cosa para mantenerte allí."

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"I take a seat high above the BQE, stare at Manhatten for a bit, and then I play. For hours. I play until my fingertips are raw. Until I rip a nail and bleed on the strings. Until my hands hurt so bad I forget my heart does." - Author: Jennifer Donnelly

Quotes About 107

"This man did not know cold. Possibly, all the generations of his ancestry had been ignorant of cold, of real cold, of cold 107 degrees below freezing point. But the dog knew; all its ancestry knew, and it had inherited the knowledge." - Author: Jack London

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"When I was a prosecutor in San Francisco I would get advice on trying cases from public defenders and defense attorneys." - Author: Christine Pelosi

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"The thought of writing was always pleasant, but the process was painful" - Author: Monica Ali

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"...with Occams old razor she could slit the throat of that idea." - Author: John Crowley

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"Tėvai visada prievartauja vaikus vien dėl to, kad jie suaugę ir mano turį teisę kišti vaikui į galvą visokį šlamštą, vadinamą "gyvenimo samprata"." - Author: Sigitas Parulskis

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"The Teen Challenge ministry was born out of those humble early days of ministry. It now includes over 500 drug and alcohol rehab centers around the world, even in Muslim countries. These include homes for girls and women addicts and alcoholics, all which are reaching many." - Author: David Wilkerson

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"Oprost je miris koji ljubičica ostavi na stopalu koje ju je zdrobilo." - Author: Mark Twain

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"They wanted to jump on their own bandwagon. Bobby Charlton had never made it as a manager. Bobby Moore hadnt either. I think they never stopped trying to put me in the same category. That was the road they went down with me." - Author: Bryan Robson

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"Inigo was in despair.Hard to find on the map (this was after maps) not because cartographers didnt know of its existence, but because when they visited to measure its precise dimensions, they became so depressed they began to drink and question everything, most notably why anyone would want to be something as stupid as a cartographer. It required constant travel, no one ever knew your name, and, most of all, why bother? There grew up, then, a gentlemans agreement among mapmakers of the period to keep the place as secret as possible, lest tourists flock there and die. (Should you insist on paying a visit, its closer to the Baltic States than most places.)" - Author: William Goldman