[Slowly Poetry Becomes Visual Because It Paints Images, But It Is Also Musical: It Unites Two Arts Into One.]

Author: Eugenio Montale Quotes

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Eddie Albert Quotes

"And so I missed those best years and I find it difficult for me, in groups, to be comfortable."

Pete Wentz Quotes

"The silence is the worst part of any fight, because its made up of all the things we wish we could say, if only we had the guts."

Ian Hutton Quotes

"That has never been the question.The question has never been to see,how to turn good luck into misfortune,but how to let good luck be."

Isaac Babel Quotes

"Even at the time—twenty years old—I said to myself: better to go hungry, to go to prison, to be a tramp, than to sit at an office desk ten hours a day. There is no particular daring in this vow, but I have not broken it and shall not do so. The wisdom of my grandfathers sat in my head: we are born for the pleasure of work, fighting, love, we are born for that and nothing else. (Guy de Maupassant)"

Daveigh Chase Quotes

"I pay for what I call eccentricity and my will to evolve."

Emm Cole Quotes

"Id die of a broken heart before breaking yours."

Isabel Lucas Quotes

"My dad is a pilot so I think I was born with the travel bug."

Peter Akinola Quotes

"The Bible says that two cannot walk together unless they are agreed."

Richard Barnfield Quotes

"He that is thy friend indeed, he will help thee in thy need: if thou sorrow, he will weep; if you wake, he cannot sleep; thus of every grief in heart he with thee doth bear a part."

Miguel Indurain Quotes

"I did try to win a sixth, but it was not to be."

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Quotes About Aristocrat

"Unlike the majority of the writers of his age, La Rochefoucauld was an aristocrat; and this fact gives a peculiar tone to his work." - Author: Lytton Strachey

Quotes About Curie

"Dont you know how much I hero-worshiped you when I was a kid? Youwere Marie Curie crossed with Emily Bronte crossed with Joan of Arc tome when I was ten. And when i told you that, you said my culturalreferences were the sign of a colonized mind." - Author: Kamila Shamsie

Quotes About Taylor Greer

"Why didnt you call?" Taylor asked."I did. No one answered." Roo bent to refill her handbag.Ah. "So how were going to get in the house?""I thought Id just wait for you to come back." She started to tap her foot."Why didnt you go home and call a locksmith?" Taylor asked.Roo glared. "What is this? The Spanish Inquisition?" Then she grinned. "Oh, Ive waited years to say that."Taylor bit back his laugh." - Author: Barbara Elsborg

Quotes About White Rappers

"But dont pull me down or strangle me," he replied: for the Misses Eshton were clinging about him now; and the two dowagers, in vast white wrappers, were bearing down on him like ships in full sail." - Author: Charlotte Brontë

Quotes About Not Being A Supermodel

"I would be happy not even being a supermodel. Being able to get a taste of everything that I want a taste of makes me happy." - Author: Summer Altice

Quotes About Clairgustant

"Some people are highly empathic, some people are telempathic, or telepathic, some are clairempathic, while others are claircognizant, clairvoyant, clairaliant, clairaudient, clairgustant, clairsentient; and a very few are all of the above. The great amount of confusion and inner strife that accompanies one or more of these conditions, can be calmed and soothed first by acceptance, second by the humility to be okay with the fact that you are stuck with it forever, and third by honing these conditions to their best possible uses and most polished states." - Author: C. JoyBell C.

Quotes About Beowulf Fighting Grendels Mother

"In remembering those who lost their lives in the London attacks and the September 11th attacks we continue our commitment to fighting for freedom, democracy and justice." - Author: Doc Hastings

Quotes About Sixty

"Therere eighty-six thousand, four hundred seconds in a day, right? There one thousand, four hundred and forty minutes in a day. Therere one hundred and sixty-eight hours in a week. Around eighty-seven hundred and then some hours in a year and you know what? I want to spend every second, every minute, every hour with you. I want a years worth of seconds and minutes with you. I want a decades worth of hours, so many that I cant add them up" - Daemon Black" - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout

Quotes About Anarchism

"With subjectivism in philosophy, anarchism in politics goes hand in hand.http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Bertrand..." - Author: Bertrand Russell

Quotes About Oral Literature

"Literature deals with morality but does not necessarily, does not, qua literature, help you to be more moral, either by precept or example. It makes you more aware. Which is to say that it makes you more human by making life more, not less, difficult. When you become more aware, the area of moral choice is widened. You can be a better man; you can also be a worse. Literature will not determine which. It is the equivalent of neither grace nor good works." - Author: Eric Bentley