[Smart Businesses Do Not Look At Labor Costs Alone Anymore. They Do Look At Market Access, Transportation, Telecommunications Infrastructure And The Education And Skill Level Of The Workforce, The Development Of Capital And The Regulatory Market.]

Author: Janet Napolitano Quotes

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Bud Rudesill Quotes

"A Marine likes a good fight and respects a good fighter. Youve got yourself one fine Marine for an escort and the whole Marine Corps behind you."

Prem Prakash Quotes

"A yogi is much more disciplined in his speech. Yogic tradition has it that speech must pass before three barriers prior to being uttered aloud. These barriers come in the form of three questions: Is it kind? Is it true? Is it necessary? (112-113)"

Honore Willsie Morrow Quotes

"The city gives even to children a sophisticated look that baffles the casual psychologist."

Joshua Lederberg Quotes

"I certainly saw science as a kind of calling, and one with as much legitimacy as a religious calling."

Polly Shulman Quotes

"And what could my father possibly want with another child, when he hardly bothered to talk to the one he already had?"

John Thune Quotes

"Absolutely. I think that this is - politics is a tough business. I describe it as a full contact sport. You have to be prepared to get in there and mix it up."

Jay Griffiths Quotes

"A wild creature is not subject to any will except its own"

Patrick DiJusto Quotes

"I dont want to be human. I want to see gamma rays, I want to hear X-rays, and I want to smell dark matter. Do you see the absurdity of what I am? I cant even express these things properly, because I have to—I have to conceptualize complex ideas in this stupid, limiting spoken language, but I know I want to reach out with something other than these prehensile paws, and feel the solar wind of a supernova flowing over me. Im a machine, and I can know much more.—John Cavil, Cylon Model Number One, "No Exit"

Louisa Young Quotes

"Courage for the big troubles in life, lad hed say, and patience for the small. Be of good cheer. God is awake."

Rosalynn Carter Quotes

"If you look at suicides, most of them are connected to depression. And the mental health system just fails them. Its so sad. We know what to do. We just dont do it."

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Quotes About Life Being About The Journey

"If humanism were right in declaring that man is born to be happy, he would not be born to die. Since his body is doomed to die, his task on earth evidently must be of a more spiritual nature. It cannot unrestrained enjoyment of everyday life. It cannot be the search for the best ways to obtain material goods and then cheerfully get the most out of them. It has to be the fulfillment of a permanent, earnest duty so that ones life journey may become an experience of moral growth, so that one may leave life a better human being than one started it." - Author: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Quotes About Grandsons

"Remember that our sons and grandsons are going to do things that would stagger us." - Author: Daniel Burnham

Quotes About Anti Psychiatry

"I should go so far as to say that embedded in the surrealistic frame of a television news show is a theory of anticommunication, featuring a type of discourse that abandons logic, reason, sequence and rules of contradiction. In aesthetics, I believe the name given to this theory is Dadaism; in philosophy, nihilism; in psychiatry, schizophrenia. In the parlance of the theater, it is known as vaudeville." - Author: Neil Postman

Quotes About Tante

"¡Oh, gracias a Dios, Liam está aquí! Mi ritmo cardíaco comenzó a disminuir, mientras lo sentía presionar sus labios contra mi cuello, respirar lentamente y tranquilizarme acariciando mi espalda. Traté de igualar mi respiración con la suya. Me concentré en la sensación de los latidos de su corazón constantes contra mi pecho y las manchas negras poco a poco empezaron a desvanecerse. Después de unos minutos recuperé el control de mis brazos y los envolví apretadamente alrededor de su cintura, aferrándome a él como si fuera la única cosa que impidiéndome caer al borde de un abismo. Mi padre iba a volver, pero estaba con Liam, que no dejaría que nada me hiciera daño, lo sabía. Así que empecé a sentirme segura en sus brazos. Después de lo que pareció una eternidad, fui capaz de inclinarme hacia atrás para mirarlo..." - Author: Kirsty Moseley

Quotes About Squinting

"She was inches from my face, really squinting, as if it were a section of a globe shed never closely inspected before, an ocean filled with strings of unnamed islands." - Author: Marisha Pessl

Quotes About Groceries

"It is not easy to hurl snowballs while holding on to a plastic bag of groceries, so my first few efforts were subpar, missing their mark. The nine maybe ten nine-maybe-ten-year-olds ridiculed me - if I turned to aim at one, four others outflanked me and shot from the sides and the back. I was, in the parlance of an ancient day, cruising for a bruising, and while a more disdainful teenager would have walked away, and a more aggressive teenager wouls have dropped the bag and kicked some major preteen ass, I kept fighting snowball with snowball, laughing as if Boomer and I were playing a school yard game, flinging my orbs with abandon." - Author: Rachel Cohn

Quotes About Past Relationships Affecting Current Ones

"They understand death, they stand there in the church under the skies that have a beginningless past and go into the never-ending future, waiting themselves for death, at the foot of the dead, in a holy temple. - I get a vision of myself and the two little boys hung up in a great endless universe with nothing overhead and nothing under bbut the Infinite Nothingness, the Enormousness of it, the dead without number in all directions of existence whether inward into the atom-worlds of your own body or outward to the universe which may only be one atom in an infinity of atom-worlds and each atom-world only a figure of speech - inward, outward, up and down, nothing but emptiness and divine majesty and silence for the two little boys and me." - Author: Jack Kerouac

Quotes About Examinations

"In university courses we do exercises. Term papers, quizzes, final examinations are not meant for publication. We move through a course on Dostoevsky or Poe as we move through a mildly good cocktail party, picking up the good bits of food or conversation, bearing with the rest, going home when it comes to seem the reasonable thing to do. Art, at those moments when it feels most like art -- when we feel most alive, most alert, most triumphant -- is less like a cocktail party than a tank full of sharks." - Author: John Gardner

Quotes About Having A Son

"And they beat. The women for having known them and no more, no more; the children for having been them but never again. They killed a boss so often and so completely they had to bring him back to life to pulp him one more time. Tasting hot mealcake among pine trees, they beat it away. Singing love songs to Mr. Death, they smashed his head. More than the rest, they killed the flirt whom folks called Life for leading them on. Making them think the next sunrise would be worth it; that another stroke of time would do it at last. Only when she was dead would they be safe. The successful ones--the ones who had been there enough years to have maimed, mutilated, maybe even buried her--kept watch over the others who were still in her cock-teasing hug, caring and looking forward; remembering and looking back." - Author: Toni Morrison

Quotes About Slow

"I found out for the first time that things like this could happen. That a helping hand could be extended miraculously like that... you were the first one that taught me. Like all of these―" Nezumi slowly looked about his room. "―these thousand of stories here, you taught me that sometimes we encounter the most unexpected things. And thats why I was able to survive..." he lapsed into momentary silence. "So youre right. There are times when people are saved by other people. And youre the one that taught me that. You were the only one that taught me that. The debt I owe for that is high― unfortunately for me." - Author: Atsuko Asano