[So Far I Had Been Travelling Alone With My Handbook And My Western Railway Timetable: I Was Happiest Finding My Own Way And Did Not Require A Liaison Man. It Had Been My Intention To Stay On The Train, Without Bothering About Arriving Anywhere: Sight-seeing Was A Way Of Passing The Time, But, As I Had Concluded In Istanbul, It Was An Activity Very Largely Based On Imaginative Invention, Like Rehearsing Your Own Play In Stage Sets From Which All The Actors Had Fled.]

Author: Paul Theroux Quotes

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Charles Davenport Quotes

"This is very clever. They have created a system to cheat."

Cornelia Otis Skinner Quotes

"To cement a new friendship, especially between foreigners or persons of a different social world, a spark with which both were secretly charged must fly from person to person, and cut across the accidents of place and time."

Sarah Brady Quotes

"I dont believe gun owners have rights."

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"As long as I have the support and respect of my teammates, thats all I can ask for."

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"Quand labſurde eſt outré, on lui fait trop dhonneurDe vouloir par raiſon, combattre ſon erreur:Enchérir eſt plus court, ſans séchauffer la bile."

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"LEELA: To be, or not to be, that is the question. That is a very stupid question!THE DOCTOR: Its Shakespeare.LEELA: And that is a very stupid name. You do not shake a spear, you throw it! Throwspeare, now that is a name."

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"Ive found that you dont need to wear a necktie if you can hit."

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"Life is too important to take seriously."

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"I didnt answer. Just shook my head and let the tears roll. "I just want it to go away. I just want all the drama to stop. Nobody would believe me anyway," I whispered. "Nobody would care."

Nani Palkhiwala Quotes

"To my countrymenwho gave unto themselves the constitution but not the ability to keep it,who inherited resplendent heritage but not the wisdom to cherish it,who suffer and endure in pain without the perception of their potential."

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"The mental thought patterns that cause the most dis-ease in the body are CRITICISM, ANGER, RESENTMENT and GUILT. For instance, criticism indulged in long enought will often lead to dis-eases such as arthritis. Anger turns into things that boil and burn and infect the body. Resentment long held festers and eats away at the self and ultimately can lead to tumors and cancer. Guilt always seeks punishment and leads to pain." - Author: Louise L. Hay

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"I have long been a supporter of the Head Start program because each and every year I witness the dramatic positive impact that early intervention services have on childrens lives in my congressional district." - Author: Lucille Roybal Allard

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"Speaking of, "When is your birthday?" Strider asked Kaia. Wide silver-gold eyes swung to him. "You dont know?""No."Pouting, she twirled a strand of her hair. "How can you not know?""Do you know mine?" he asked."Of course I do. Its the day you met me.As good a day as any. "No, its not, because that was a trick question, baby doll. I dont actually have a birthday. I was created fully formed, not born." True story."You can be such a moron." She threw up her arms, exasperated. "Dont argue with me about this kind of thing. Ill always be right. Seriously. You were dead until you met me and we both know it. Which means I brought you to life. So, happy belated birthday." - Author: Gena Showalter

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"To create loving men, we must love males. Loving maleness is different from praising and rewarding males for living up to sexist-defined notions of male identity. Caring about men because of what they do for us is not the same as loving males for simply being. When we love maleness, we extend our love whether males are performing or not. Performance is different from simply being. In patriarchal culture males are not allowed simply to be who they are and to glory in their unique identity. Their value is always determined by what they do. In an anti-patriarchal culture males do not have to prove their value and worth. They know from birth that simply being gives them value, the right to be cherished and loved." - Author: Bell Hooks

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"I am going to continue and bring this club forward. I am Paul Gascoigne the footballer." - Author: Paul Gascoigne

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"Oh, Hazel is awesome," Don Said. "Shes so nice! All the other campers are like Go away Don. But shes like Please go away, Don. I love her!" - Author: Rick Riordan

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"A dingy emblem on the door depicted a little boy peeing into a pot. The rest of the bar was equally drab and tasteless. Dim bulbs behind red-tasseled lamp shades barely illuminated each of a dozen maroon vinyl booths, which marched along one wall toward the murky front windows. Chipped Formica tables anchored the booths in place. Opposite the row of booths was a long, scarred wooden bar with uncomfortable-looking stools. Behind the bar, sitting on glass shelves in front of a cloudy mirror, were endless rows of bottles, each looking as forlorn as the folks for whom they waited.He caught the strong odors of liquor and tobacco smoke, and the weaker scents of cleaning chemicals and vomit. In one of the booths , two heads bobbed with the movement of mug-clenching fists. A scrawny bartender with droopy eyelids picked his teeth with a swizzle stick and chatted quietly with a woman seated at the bar. Otherwise the bar was empty." - Author: Robert Liparulo

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"Every room Ive lived in since I was given my own room at eleven was lined with, and usually overfull of, books. My employment in bookstores was always continuous with my private hours: shelving and alphabetizing, building shelves, and browsing-- in my collection and others-- in order to understand a small amount about the widest possible number of books. Such numbers of books are constantly acquired that constant culling is necessary; if I slouch in this discipline, the books erupt. Ive also bricked myself in with music--vinyl records, then compact discs. My homes have been improbably information-dense, like capsules for survival of a nuclear war, or models of the interior of my own skull. That comparison--room as brain-- is one Ive often reached for in describing the rooms of others, but it began with the suspicion that Id externalized my own brain, for anyone who cared to look." - Author: Jonathan Lethem

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"Thats how most of us would feel. But the sport has a few deviants without consciences." - Author: Joe Henderson

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"It is not much different from a person who goes to the gym to exercise on a regular basis versus someone who sits on the couch watching television. Proper physical exercise increases your chances of health, and proper mental exercise increases your chances for wealth. Laziness decreases both health and wealth." - Author: Robert T. Kiyosaki