[Some Are Born Mad, Some Achieve Madness, And Some Have Madness Thrust Upon 'em.]

Author: Emilie Autumn Quotes

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Tom Hodgkinson Quotes

"Life has been reduced to a series of long periods of boredom in the office punctuated by high-octane "experiences" which you can rack up on your list of things to do before you die. Thats not really living: that is slavery with the occasional circus thrown in."

River Jaymes Quotes

"I wouldnt miss this fake-homo show for all the Gucci Shoes on Rodeo Drive."

Bhagavid Gita Quotes

"Even amongst fierce flames/ The golden lotus can be planted."

Wayne Gretzky Quotes

"I get a feeling about where a teammate is going to be. A lot of times, I can turn and pass without even looking."

Philo Quotes

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."

Rachel Johnson Quotes

"When Im called unkind... that really cuts to the quick. You can say anything else that you like about me."

Jools Holland Quotes

"At 11, I went to live with my maternal nan and granddad temporarily, after my parents separated, and Nan would let me have a go on her piano. My grandparents were like something out of the Noel Coward play, This Happy Breed, and it was magical to hear them sing music-hall songs."

Abram Gitspof Quotes

"Almost every major turning point in the history of mankind was a side-effect of totally unrelated intentions."

Grant Wood Quotes

"All the good ideas I ever had came to me while I was milking a cow."

Stafford Cripps Quotes

"Gandhi has asked that the British Government should walk out of India and leave the Indian people to settle differences among themselves, even if it means chaos and confusion."

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Quotes About Destructive Beauty

"All in the eye of the beholder - Some of the most destructive forces in the world (Fire & Water), can also have the power of beauty." - Author: Martin R. Lemieux

Quotes About Famous Apology

"Google is famous for making the tiniest changes to pixel locations based on the data it accrues through its tests. Google will always choose a spartan webpage that converts over a beautiful page that doesnt have the data to back it up." - Author: Ben Parr

Quotes About True Everlasting Love

"Who ever told you there is no such thing in the world as real, true, everlasting love? May the liar have his despicable tongue cut out!" - Author: Mikhail Bulgakov

Quotes About Surreal Love

"In a surreal gift from the universe, time both stands still and flies past you in that singular moment when you find out someone you once loved is gone." - Author: Rachel Thompson

Quotes About Body Odor

"I get out of the car, and Im blasted by the stench of body odor. Cricket is beside me, and hes talking, but his words dont reach my ears.Because its my mother.Smelling.On my porch." - Author: Stephanie Perkins

Quotes About Poem A Tale Of Two Cities

"Most white people in Midland City were insecurewhen they spoke, so they kept their sentences short and their wordssimple, in order to keep embarrassing mistakes to a minimum.Dwayne certainly did that. Patty certainly did that.This was because their English teachers would wince and cover theirears and give them flunking grades and so on whenever they failed tospeak like English aristocrats before the First World War. Also: theywere told that they were unworthy to speak or write their language ifthey couldnt love or understand incomprehensible novels and poemsand plays about people long ago and far away, such as Ivanhoe.The black people would not put up with this. They went on talkingEnglish every which way. They refused to read books they couldntunderstand—on the grounds they couldnt understand them. Theywould ask such impudent questions as, "Whuffo I want to read no Taleof Two Cities? Whuffo?" - Author: Kurt Vonnegut

Quotes About Scattered

"I stood looking down out of the window. The street seemed miles down. Suddenly I felt as if Id flung myself out of the window. I could see myself lying on the pavement. Then I seemed to be standing by the body on the pavement. I was two people. Blood and brains were scattered everywhere. I knelt down and began licking up the blood and brains" - Author: Doris Lessing

Quotes About Wanting You

"If youre a kid wanting to be a cartoonist today, and youre looking at Family Guy, you dont have to aim very high." - Author: John Kricfalusi

Quotes About Coolest Myself

"No doubt she was wondering how to fight him off. That made him feel like some sordid roué, thinking of nothing but his own pleasure. But as little as hed been in polite company, even Ash knew better than to issue a clarification. "No, Miss Lowell," Ash could imagine himself saying, "I would never force myself on you. I mean to seduce you into willingness. Thats all." That would get him a fork stabbed through his hand, by the black look she gave her pudding.Thank God the knives had been removed along with the beef." - Author: Courtney Milan

Quotes About Overlooking Love

"... Someday, sometime, you will be sitting somewhere. A berm overlooking a pond in Vermont. The lip of the Grand Canyon at sunset. A seat on the subway. And something bad will have happened: You will have lost someone you loved, or failed at something at which you badly wanted to succeed. And sitting there, you will fall into the center of yourself. You will look for some core to sustain you. And if you have been perfect all your life and have managed to meet all the expectations of your family, your friends, your community, your society, chances are excellent that there will be a black hole where that core ought to be. I dont want anyone I know to take that terrible chance. And the only way to avoid it is to listen to that small voice inside you that tells you to make mischief, to have fun, to be contrarian, to go another way. George Eliot wrote, It is never too late to be what you might have been. It is never too early, either." - Author: Anna Quindlen