[Some People Have Vivid Imagination, Some Not So Vivid, But Everybody Has Vivid Dreams.]

Author: Stephen LaBerge Quotes

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Maggie Grace Quotes

"I am very superstitious about toasts. I never toast with water, and Im very careful to make eye contact with everyone I toast with."

Kipling Swehla Quotes

"Discomfort it temporary. A photo is forever."

Steven James Quotes

"Even if you know youre sleeping, youre still at the mercy of your dreams. People who are asleep cant simply decide to wake up. Nightmares dont let you off that easily. They hold you in their clutches until they decided, in their own good time, to let you go."

Michele Garber Quotes

"To write freely is to walk a joyous, terrifying, exhilarating path naked through the world of the fully clothed."

Bill Owen Quotes

"Give a man a beer, waste an hour. Teach a man to brew, and waste a lifetime!"

Nicole Hardy Quotes

"Rather than envy, anticipation, or joy, what I feel when I look at the bride is a shortness of breath. I hear the echo of doors closing, as if every one of her lifes decisions has just been made."

Camille Flammarion Quotes

"Men... have had the vanity to pretend that the world creation was made for them, whilst in reality the whole creation does not suspect their existence."

Antisthenes Quotes

"Quarrels often arise in marriages when the bridal gifts are excessive."

A Scott Berg Quotes

"I am a compulsive worker. But Im also a compulsive relaxer."

Olivia Goldsmith Quotes

"Just like a spider with a line of silk! Did you ever see them throw themselves out into space to weave? Theyre taking a chance, every single time. They got to do it or else theyd never create anything. But I bet it dont feel good, even to a spider."

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"Mr. Suttree it is our understanding that at curfew rightly decreed by law and in that hour wherein night draws to its proper close and the new day commences and contrary to conduct befitting a person of your station you betook yourself to various low places within the shire of McAnally and there did squander several ensuing years in the company of thieves, derelicts, miscreants, pariahs, poltroons, spalpeens, curmudgeons, clotpolls, murderers, gamblers, bawds, whores, trulls, brigands, topers, tosspots, sots and archsots, lobcocks, smellsmocks, runagates, rakes, and other assorted and felonious debauchees.I was drunk, cried Suttree." - Author: Cormac McCarthy

Quotes About Staying Persistent

"Successful entrepreneurs find the balance between listening to their inner voice and staying persistent in driving for success - because sometimes success is waiting right across from the transitional bump thats disguised as failure." - Author: Naveen Jain

Quotes About Cloths

"Few Indians only had breech cloths, most being wrapped in buffalo robes, otherwise quite naked." - Author: Zebulon Pike

Quotes About Seminal

"The story drove the book. That had a very seminal effect on the way I saw writing and storytelling. If you can set a character in a story that is compelling and has a backbone, you draw people in." - Author: Dick Wolf

Quotes About Yat

"De akármilyen gyorsan is szaladtam, az arum gyorsabb volt. Mellettem, aztán előttem jelent meg a sötét, sáros árnyék. Havon és jégen csúszva az obszidiánomért nyúltam, készen rá, hogy a hegyét beledöfjem az arumba, mindegy, hogy hol. Már várta a mozdulatot. Kart formált magának, és gyomron vágott vele. Az ütés ereje a levegőbe lökött, aztán az oldalamra zuhantam. Éles fájdalom vágott a csontjaimba. Hanyatt fordultam, kipislogtam a havat a szememből. Már értettem, miért tiltakozott Daemon olyan hevesen az ellen, hogy én is arumokra vadásszak. Éppen most nyomtak le, és a harc még el sem kezdődött. A vészjósló árnyék ismét megjelent mellettem. Már nem viselt emberi formát: amikor megszólalt a hangja gonosz mormolásként hatolt a gondolataim közé. Te nem luxsszen vagy, de azért ssspeciálisss. Miféle erőkkel bírsssz?" - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout

Quotes About Dantes

"Live, then, and be happy, beloved children of my heart, and never forget that until the day when God shall deign to reveal the future to man, all human wisdom is summed up in these two words,—Wait and hope.—Your friend, "Edmond Dantes, Count of Monte Cristo." During the perusal of this letter, which" - Author: Alexandre Dumas

Quotes About Duras

"I think there, there also had been just before I got to Honduras a rather spectacular capture of an arms shipment that from Nicaragua across Honduran test, territory destined for El Salvador and I think that some of that equipment had been also to Cuba and the Soviet bloc." - Author: John Negroponte

Quotes About Tea Alice In Wonderland

"I wish I could concentrate on dancingInstead of spending so much time pretendingI am still in junior highBut with Rem, I want to be sixteenOr, like Alice in Wonderland,Sometimes smaller,Sometimes bigger still." - Author: Stasia Ward Kehoe

Quotes About Inspirations In Life

"Certainly, I am inspired by those whose journeys enriches mine. I am indebted to those whose inspirations are gained through insightful reflections about life, living and legacy." - Author: Doc Wends Cagape

Quotes About Catharsis Aristotle

"It gives him spiritual freedom. To him life is a tragedy and by his gift of creation he enjoys the catharsis a purging of pity and terror, Which Aristotle tells is the object of art. Everything is transformed by his power into material and by writing it he can overcome it. Everything is grist to his mill. ... The artist is the only free man." - Author: W. Somerset Maugham