[Some Records With Drum Machines On Them Sound Phony And Plastic. It All Depends On How You Use The Tools.]

Author: Don Henley Quotes

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Mikoaj Rej Quotes

"A niechaj narodowie wżdy postronni znają,Iż Polacy nie gęsi, iż swój język mają."

Alexander Siddig Quotes

"For me, its painful to make a movie. Its not my normal rhythm."

Linda Lee Chaikin Quotes

"I think you will agree that lifes plans are not always tied up in neat little packages. Occasionally we find ourselves at unexpected crossroads with more than one opportunity from which to choose. Time itself is often the best indicator of which decision to make, for it can tell so many thing that are now hazy."

Chrissie Wellington Quotes

"I had to make the most of it; I had to make the most of me. There could be no slack, anywhere, not in my time, not in my head, not across my skin. If there were any, the guilt wouldnt bear thinking about."

Rita Mae Brown Quotes

"You cant pee in front of little Lord Jesus, go back to the hills."

Rosa Luxemburg Quotes

"Being human means throwing your whole life on the scales of destiny when need be, all the while rejoicing in every sunny day and every beautiful cloud."

Sidney Poitier Quotes

"Accept that environment compromises values far more than values do their number on environment."

Inge De Bruijn Quotes

"And I mean I never doubt anybodys record."

Eusebius Quotes

"I myself have read the writings and teachings of the heretics, polluting my soul for a while with their abominable notions, though deriving this benefit: I was able to refute them for myself and loathe them even more."

Dwain K White Sr Quotes

"For a woman to deny the necessity of true love in her life would be to deny herself, and her creator."

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Quotes About Mithgar

"But Mithgar . . . Mithgar is yet wild, tempestuous, unkept, savage, turbulent, exciting. We come here to feel alive." - Author: Dennis L. McKiernan

Quotes About Tone Art

"So decisive", he murmured in that calm tone that had adrenaline flooding her body, the primitive part of her brain conscious she was in the presence of a predator. "Got your eye on someone?" She didn‘t know what made her say it. "No. But I have no plans to die a virgin." - Author: Nalini Singh

Quotes About Snort

"Hows your scratch, Henri?" I asked.He snorted and leaned against the dresser. "You mean the shotgun blast in my side? Its wonderful. I have about eighty pellet-size scars to show for it.""Dude," Dub said, plopping down in one of the chairs, "Who gets shot with their own gun? Embarrassing, if you ask me."Henri gave Dubs chair a hard shove with his foot. Dub laughed, and Henri rolled his eyes." - Author: Kelly Keaton

Quotes About Things Never Changing

"Things are continually beginning again; theyre never really resolved, you know. They are only resolved temporarily. We live in a society that peddles solutions, whether its solutions to those extra pounds youre carrying, or to your thinning hair, or to your loss of appetite, loss of love. We are always looking for solutions, but actually what we are engaged in is a process throughout life during which you never get it right. You have to keep being open, you have to keep moving forward. You have to keep finding out who you are and how you are changing, and only that makes life tolerable." - Author: Jeanette Winterson

Quotes About Biker Chicks

"I love biker chicks!" - Author: Paz de la Huerta

Quotes About Familial Love

"But the truth was that I didnt want to stay in Riley. The pulls of familial love and obligation could not, for the moment, compete with the promise of early-relationship sex. Starlight and beer and our twisting, naked bodies--that was what I wanted, not a seat at a dining room table with two old women eating breaded veal cutlets and Vienna torte." - Author: Curtis Sittenfeld

Quotes About Looking Up To The Stars

"Beyond the terrace, a light breeze stirred the reeds at the edge of the pond. Looking out at this intimate vista, one could see the reeds and a stone lantern and the brightest of the evenings stars floating on the gloaming mirror of the pond. Then the breeze came again to crack the waters surface, and the picture was flooded." - Author: John Burnham Schwartz

Quotes About Thrust

"Gustav Levi is calm for the first time. A ship thats been hurled by the storm into harbour. Hes where he wants to be. He is finally inside me, taking full physical possession. Fucking me. He increases his pace, thrusting once, twice more, his pleasure, my pleasure, this wonderful new calmness and belonging, then as the storm crashes over us, over the chalet, battering at the mountain, we come together." - Author: Primula Bond

Quotes About Beating Fear

"She had never paid much attention to the heart beating in her own chest. As she watched the pattern traced by Korsaks, she became aware of her own pulse. She had always taken her heartbeat for granted, and she wondered what it would be like, to hang on every beat, fearful that the next might not come. That the throb of life in her chest would suddenly go still." - Author: Tess Gerritsen

Quotes About Ambition And Goals

"An average person with average talent, ambition and education can outstrip the most brilliant genius in our society, if that person has clear, focused goals." - Author: Brian Tracy