[Some Women Flirt More With What They Say, And Some With What They Do.]

Author: Anna Held Quotes

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Sigmar Polke Quotes

"There has to be an element of risk-taking for me in my work."

Gary Lineker Quotes

"Youve got no chance of reaching the top if youre just playing for money."

Milla Jovovich Quotes

"I really only have a few friends."

Jean Thompson Quotes

"What a lopsided stumpy mess people made of a family tree these days. The last thing any of them needed was some new little sprig grafted on."

Robert Penn Warren Quotes

"In America they have to know just what you are-- novelist, poet, playwright... Well, Ive been all of them... I think poems and novels and stories spring from the same seed. Its not like, say, playing polo and knitting."

Robert Lautner Quotes

"When a man is on the road to power he buys everyone a drink. Once elected he tries to close the saloons."

Charlie Herrick Quotes

"Where a person has no control, he will turn to violence; either to attain control, or as an alternative to it."

Peg Sutherland Quotes

"It had to do with the way women throughout time has known the feel of love when it came to them."

Marilyn Fullen Collins Quotes

"It just be life, thats all. Aint nothin happened to you, aint happened to most women whether they care to admit it or not. You strong, Babygirl. You a woman. You gotta be."

David Perry Quotes

"I actually once sat at the back of a payroll class in America - just me and 40 women! And Im sitting back there, learning payroll, because I want to understand it. So that when I talk to people about payroll I know what theyre talking about. And I set up and managed and ran a full payroll system myself."

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Quotes About Pleasant Dreams

"I feel conscious that I should find no reason to regret abandoning so pleasant a manner of life and such valuable privileges to become a wife of anyone. Beside, marriag is not in my opinion, so exceedingly desirable as some persons think. A womans career is over when she marries. Once married, all is fixed - certainty takes the place of all her pleasant dreams. For her, no more hopes, no more doubts, no more suspense, no more possibility of anything better. She knows what she is and will be until death. For my part, I like to give free scope to my thoughts." - Author: Klementyna Tanska Hoffman

Quotes About Feeling Unsafe

"This last week has been a little hell for both of us simply because I didnt understand my own feelings. And because I cant understand them, I blame her for provoking in me feelings that make my world seem suddenly unsafe." - Author: Paulo Coelho

Quotes About Crime

"Atheism is aristocratic; the idea of a great Being that watches over oppressed innocence and punishes triumphant crime is altogether popular." - Author: Maximilien Robespierre

Quotes About Wanting To Give Up

"Part of me has certainly been motivated by wanting to take a stand against the restrictions that made Mother give up so much." - Author: Susan Faludi

Quotes About Priority In Love

"I guess love is not the priority; you wouldnt fall in love with an empty stomach." - Author: M.F. Moonzajer

Quotes About Adoption

"It bothers me that I wont live to see the end of the century, because, when I was young, in St. Louis, I remember saying to Marilyn, my sister by adoption, that that was how long I wanted to live: seventy years." - Author: Harold Brodkey

Quotes About Blue

"Blue lightning flashed in the kitchen, and for a split second you could see every calendar on the wall in there. Than an almighty explosion like the crack of doom. Shed rolled a cherry bomb across the floor, and it went off right under the eight feet of the Cowgill brothers, the three big bruisers and Ernie." - Author: Richard Peck

Quotes About Actively

"Every citizen must be actively aware of, participating in, and overseeing research, and that research should be focused on creating prosperity and peace, not war and poverty or suicidal needs.Transparency, which engenders truth, is the foundation for all this." - Author: Robert David Steele

Quotes About Imam Ali Birth

"Its natural. Nature is dark and light, birth and death. Everything and its opposite. And in nature there are predators and prey. The hunters and the hunted. The heartbreakers and the heartbroken. The beautiful thing is that Nature lets us choose which we want to be, most people never make the choice though because they dont even know they have it." - Author: Lynn Weingarten

Quotes About Epic

"A dragon has just flown over the tree-tops and lighted on the beach. Yes, I am afraid it is between us and the ship. And arrows are no use against dragons. And theyre not at all afraid of fire.""With your Majestys leave-" began Reepicheep."No, Reepicheep," said the King very firmly, "you are not to attempt a single combat with it." - Author: C.S. Lewis