[Sometimes Heroism Is Nothing More Than Patience, Curiosity, And A Refusal To Panic.]

Author: Leif Enger Quotes

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Gloria Stuart Quotes

"I have enjoyed acting very much, because I know its not for real!"

EF Schumacher Quotes

"Education can help us only if it produces "whole men." The truly educated man is not a man who knows a bit of everything, not even the man who knows all the details of all subjects (if such a thing were possible): the "whole man," in fact, may have very little detailed knowledge of facts & theories...but he will be truly in touch with the centre. He will not be in doubt about his basic convictions, about his view on the meaning and purpose of his life. He may not be able to explain these matters in words, but the conduct of his life will show a certain sureness of touch which stems from his inner clarity."

JB Albano Quotes

"Its funny how guilty people start to question your spirituality and education only because they have nothing to say that will justify their faults."

Christopher Koch Quotes

"I was completely devoted to reading and books from the age of seven. It took until I was 18 to have the confidence to write poetry."

Christopher Heuertz Quotes

"Locating friendship at the heart of mission involves certain assumptions -- that reconciliation with God is something for which every human being is made and relationships are reciprocal."

Miles Anthony Smith Quotes

"Build Icebergs, Not Skyscrapers"

Kate Mara Quotes

"Everybody has to be responsible for their own actions - and if they do something wrong, I believe in paying for it."

John Corbett Quotes

"Im afraid to do theater now."

Sami Ahmad Khan Quotes

"I am a Dalit in Khairlanji. A Pandit in the Kashmir valley. A Sikh in 1984. I am from the North East of India when I am in Munirka. I am a Muslim in Gujarat; a Christian in Kandhamal. A Bihari in Maharashtra. A Delhi-wallah in Chennai. A woman in North India. A Hindi-speaker in Assam. A Tamilian in MP. A villager in a big city. A confused man in an indifferent world. Were all minorities.We all suffer; we all face discrimination. It is only us resisting this parochialism when in the position of majoritarian power that makes us human. I hope that one day, I can just be an Indian in India - only then can I be me."

Dennis Lehane Quotes

"If you are deemed insane, then all actions that would oherwise prove you are not do, in actuality, fall into the framework of an insane persons actions. Your sound protests constitute denial. Your valid fears are deemed paranoia. Your survival instincts are labeled defense mechanisms. Its a no-win situation. Its a death penalty really."

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Quotes About 101

"Seven Rules Formulated for Teaching Arithmetic:1) Consider the situation the pupils faces.2) Consider the response you wish to connect with.3) Form the bond; do not expect it to come by miracle.4) Other things being equal, form no bond that will have to be broken.5) Other things being equal, do not form two or three bonds when one will serve.6) Other things being equal, form bonds in the way that they are required later to act.7) Favor, therefore, the situations which life itself will offer, and the responses which life itself will demand. (p. 101)" - Author: Edward Lee Thorndike

Quotes About Miro

"Minne, pâle comme une nuit de lune, se réchauffe, un peu blessée, à ce feu de couleurs, et parfois, toute nue au soleil, un miroir à la main, cherche en vain, à travers son corps mince, lombre plus noire de son squelette élégant." - Author: Colette

Quotes About Positive Self Talk

"The kumbaya authors say you can make up an affirmation that fits your personality and say this to yourself throughout the day. Even if I came up with my own positive affirmation, why would I listen to myself? What do I know? Im a freaking loser. If I could talk myself into feeling better about myself, I wouldnt have purchased your stupid books." - Author: Alison G. Bailey

Quotes About Negativo

"Tão ameaçadora quanto saldo negativo no banco" - Author: Terry Pratchett

Quotes About Evil Queens

"It was an evil doom that set her in his path. For she is a fair maiden, fairest lady of a house of queens. And yet I know not how I should speak of her. When I first looked on her and perceived her unhappiness, it seemed to me that I saw a white flower standing straight and proud, shapely as a lily and yet knew that it was hard, as if wrought by elf-wrights out of steel.(Aragorn talking of Eowyn, in the Houses of Healing)" - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien

Quotes About Nury

"Ciemna puszcza jodłowa z obu stron okalała zastygły potok. Wiatr otrzepał ze śnieżnego puchu drzewa czarne i widmowe w zmierzchu dnia. Głęboka ciszazaścieliła kraj. Ziemia wydawała się nieruchoma, półżywa jak rozpacz, opuszczona i zastygła. Nie był to już nawet wyraz smutku. Włóczył się ponad nią jak gdyby śmiech dziwaczny, stokroć bardziej niż smutek ponury; śmiech gorzki niby skrzywienie ust sfinksa, przenikliwy jak mróz, nasiąkły okrucieństwem niewinnej obojętności. Zwycięski, stłumiony uśmiech wszystkowiedzących wieków nad przemijaniem i wysiłkiem życia. Dzikość. Brutalna dzikość Północy o sercu zastygłym." - Author: Jack London

Quotes About Reason To Be Happy

"Reason, Observation and Experience — the Holy Trinity of Science — have taught us that happiness is the only good; that the time to be happy is now, and the way to be happy is to make others so. This is enough for us. In this belief we are content to live and die. If by any possibility the existence of a power superior to, and independent of, nature shall be demonstrated, there will then be time enough to kneel. Until then, let us stand erect." - Author: Robert G. Ingersoll

Quotes About Doctor Who Bananas

"Lets look at this rationally...Weve got a doctor who may kill him, an Attorney General who wants to declare him bananas, and a Defense Secretary who wants me to start World War III...First, we ruled out starting World War III. We were down to killing the President or having him carted off by the men in white coats..." - Author: Christopher Buckley

Quotes About Habito

"Se recordo quem fui, outrem me vejo, E o passado é o presente na lembrança. Quem fui é alguém que amo Porém somente em sonho. E a saudade que me aflige a mente Não é de mim nem do passado visto, Senão de quem habitoPor trás dos olhos cegos. Nada, senão o instante, me conhece. Minha mesma lembrança é nada, e sinto Que quem sou e quem fui São sonhos diferentes." - Author: Ricardo Reis

Quotes About Successes

"Books that do a tenth of what Left Behind has done are smashing successes." - Author: Jerry B. Jenkins