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Author: Cesare Pavese Quotes

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Michele Garber Quotes

"To write freely is to walk a joyous, terrifying, exhilarating path naked through the world of the fully clothed."

Adrienne McDonnell Quotes

"In the great design of fate, there are no accidents."

Dav Pilkey Quotes

"I created Captain Underpants when I was in the second grade. I was constantly getting in trouble for being the class clown, so my teacher sent me out into the hallway to punish me. It was there in the hall that I began drawing Captain Underpants. Soon I was making my own comic books about him."

Syed Afroz Alam Quotes

"The world of man in the world of nature, cannot be change without physical appearance leads to positive possess by the initial human nature and could be change by habits of man. ."

Jonathan Brett Kennedy Quotes

"...when the pain subsides the grief remains."

Justin Steckbauer Quotes

"Be a light wherever you stand and whenever you stand. Whether in mental hospital or chat room, school or steak house. Be an example of truth, kindness, and justice. Be a reflection of the Savior."

Maurissa Guibord Quotes

"Okay," she said, looking around. "We had an earthquake. We had an earthquake and a strange guy in weird clothes collapsed in my bedroom."

Kenneth Bailey Quotes

"In the seventh century, Isaac the Syrian wrote about stillness, which in his writings has been summarized as a deliberate denial of the gift of words for the sake of achieving inner silence, in the midst of which a person can hear the presence of God. It is standing unceasingly, silent, and prayerfully before God."

Henry Rollins Quotes

"I get tired of talking when I want to be silent."

Adam Goldberg Quotes

"Twitter is the marriage of full-tilt narcissism and full-tilt voyeurism that has finally collided in 140 words."

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Quotes About Move On And Letting Go

"He lay on top of me, buried deep, and fell asleep.He slept all night like that, and I did not move him, did not want to. I gasped breath in and out and closed my eyes and thought that I would never forget this feeling, of him on me and in me, of him consuming my soul and letting me go.He was too callous, too far gone to realize that Id never be free of him, and all hed really done was set me adrift.I never left that bed.That feeling of helpless abandonment and unendurable longing stayed inside of me, for hours, for minutes, for weeks.For years.I went through my life, through tragedy and pain, through hardship and life, and my heart, my very sould, stayed in that bed.I felt broken after that last encounter.Pieces of me had been shattered on that bed, important, essential pieces, and they would not, could not, ever find their way back together.But I kept going. Life is cruel like that." - Author: R.K. Lilley

Quotes About Giving Your Best But Still Not Enough

"Theres a pause so yawning I cant help but think about what it would be like to lean in and kiss her, but if Im getting the signals wrong then Im about to destroy the best run weve had all evening. Its been at least ten minutes since Ive done or said anything stupid." - Author: Leanne Hall

Quotes About Personal Belongings

"...I am not a bed-and breakfast person. I understand why other people would want to stay in B&Bs. Theyre pretty. Theyre personal. Theyre "quaint," a polite way of saying "no TV." They are "romantic," i.e., every object large enough for a flower to be printed on it is going to have a flower printed on it. Theyre "cozy," meaning that a guest has to keep her belongings on the floor because every conceivable flat surface is covered in knickknacks, except for the one knickknack she longs for, a remote control." - Author: Sarah Vowell Assassination Vacation

Quotes About Being Squeezed

"Balls," I said. "Never mind the track. The track is for punks. We are Road People. We are Cafe Racers. Being shot out of a cannon will always be better than being squeezed out of a tube. On my tombstone they will carve, "IT NEVER GOT FAST ENOUGH FOR ME." - Author: Hunter S. Thompson

Quotes About Quiet Struggles

"there are quiet victories and struggles, great sacrifices of self, and noble acts of heroism, in it - even in many of its apparent lightnesses and contradictions - not the less difficult to achieve, because they have no earthly chronicle or audience - done every day in nooks and corners, and in little households, and in mens and womens hearts - any one of which might reconcile the sternest man to such a world, and fill him with belief and hope in it" - Author: Charles Dickens

Quotes About Living Your Life Your Way

"Its the only way that YOUR life is gonna have any value to you. If youre just living the same life that everybody else is living whats the point?" - Author: Todd Rundgren

Quotes About Overcoming Molestation

"Vadderung grinned. "Ive never heard it phrased quite like that, but its accurate enough. In any event, overcoming that inertia requires tremendous energy, will, and a measure of simple luck. If one wishes to alter the course of history, its a far simpler matter to attempt to shape the future." - Author: Jim Butcher

Quotes About Express

"But what I felt was inexpressible gratitude for the music, that in this horror there could be something as beautiful as that." - Author: Anne Rice

Quotes About Baseness

"While he gazedThe beauty of her flesh abashed the boy,As though it were the beauty of her soul:For as the base man, judging of the good,Puts his own baseness in him by defaultOf will and nature, so did Pelleas lendAll the young beauty of his own soul to hers" - Author: Alfred Tennyson

Quotes About Englisch

"Am Schluß eines damals verfaßten, auch ins Englische übersetzten Lebensabrisses hatte ich im halb spielerischen Glauben an gewisse Symmetrien und Zahlenentsprechungen in meinem Leben die ziemlich bestimmte Vermutung geäußert, daß ich im Jahre 1945, siebzigjährig, im selben Alter also wie meine Mutter, das Zeitliche segnen würde. Das ins Auge gefaßte Jahr, sagte der Mann, sei so gut wie abgelaufen, ohne daß ich Wort gehalten hätte. Wie ich es vor der Öffentlichkeit rechtfertigen wolle, daß ich immer noch am Leben sei." - Author: Thomas Mann