[So...Now That We Got That Over With, Let's Get Back To Love At First Sight, Evan Said. Not Infatuation At First Sight...Love. With A Capital L, He Clarified.Love? Heeb Asked, Playfully Pretending Not To Know The Concept.Yeah. The Real Thing. The Conviction That If You Had This One Woman, All Other Women Would Become Irrelevant. You'd Never Again Be Unhappy And You'd Give Up Anything To Have Her And Keep Her.You've Experienced That?Only Once. And I Haven't Stopped Thinking About It Ever Since.Tell Me More.Sometimes I Think That I Still Chase Women Just To Forget About Her. Because I Know I Can Never Have Her. But I Can't Seem To Forget About Her, No Matter What Girl I'm Chasing...No One Can Possibly Compare....Who Is She?Delilah, Evan Said Wistfully.Delilah?, Asked Heeb, IntriguedDelilah Nakova, Evan Replied, With A Hint Of Awe And Reverence In His Voice.]

Author: Zack Love Quotes

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