[St Thomas (Aqinas) Loved Books And Lived On Books... When Asked For What He Thanked God Most, He Answered Simply, ‘I Have Understood Every Page I Ever Read'.]

Author: G.K. Chesterton Quotes

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Fignole L Quotes

"Living Life without no stress, because I live God Bless.~~"

Brian Hodge Quotes

"Let me see what I can come up with, she said, and seemed to take a new satisfaction in it now. Something wrong to do, a law to break, and if she was lucky she might even get to steal, and it must have been then that everything changed between us and each of us didnt just have a neighbor to pass the time with but the closest thing either of us could find to a friend. ("Just Outside Our Windows, Deep Inside Our Walls")"

Ravi Zacharias Quotes

"Youll never get to a persons soul until you understand their hurts."

Carolyn Keene Quotes

"She always has close calls when she solves a mystery!"

Cotton Mather Quotes

"If we admit instrumental musick in the worship of God, how can we resist the imposition of all the instruments used among the ancient Jews?—yea, dancing as well as playing, and several other Judaic actions? or, how can we decline a whole rabble of church-officers, necessary to be introduced for instrumental musick, whereof our Lord Jesus Christ hath left us no manner of direction?"

Ann Bannon Quotes

"Its not wrong, pal," he said to her back. "Youve been brought up to think so. Most of us have. But who are they hurting? Nobody. Theyre just making each other happy. And you want their heads to roll because it makes you feel funny."

Barry Perdana Putra Quotes

"Hidup untuk lebih hidupnya kehidupan"

Keita Shimizu Quotes

"If you say youre a democrat, youre most likely a left-wing liberal. If youre say youre a republican, youre most likely a right-wing millionaire."

Eqbal Ahmad Quotes

"We are living in modern times throughout the world and yet are dominated by medieval minds."

James McGreevey Quotes

"For me, living in the closet corroded my ability to have an honest, open relationship with my God, my loved ones, my constituency and myself."

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Quotes About Architects Nature

"During the Second World War, nobody built any concert halls or theaters. After the war, Lincoln Center was a very brave project because all those architects had never built a theater before. Weve learned a lot since then about the nature of materials and the isolation thats required." - Author: Hugh Hardy

Quotes About Operators

"As far as we were concerned, we were operators, we were administrators. I dont ever recall going to Dean Acheson and asking for any counsel or advice on administration, but I had the greatest respect for him, as I have today." - Author: Paul Hoffman

Quotes About All Stars

"This is one of the cruelties of the theatre of life; we all think of ourselves as stars and rarely recognize it when we are indeed mere supporting characters or even supernumeraries." - Author: Robertson Davies

Quotes About Consent

"on every occasion as at first, when their number was small, their habitations near, and the public concerns few and trifling. This will point out the convenience of their consenting to leave the legislative part to be managed by a select number chosen from the whole body, who are supposed to have the same concerns at stake which those have who appointed them, and who will act in the same manner as" - Author: Thomas Paine

Quotes About Evil Tongues

"Good and evil has no passport; it speaks in different tongues, wears many skins, and exists everywhere, even in the same person" - Author: A.H. Amin

Quotes About Whatever Is Meant To Be Will Be

"Im open to whatever is meant to be, it will be." - Author: Leelee Sobieski

Quotes About Being Financially Free

"She was the temptress who had ensnared the first man, and who still continued her work at damnation; she was the being who is feeble, dangerous, mysteriously troubling. And even more than her body of perdition, he hated her loving soul." - Author: Guy de Maupassant

Quotes About Jerks At Work

"Something occurred to me, and I sat up to face him. "Earlier, I asked you if you brought the guitar everywhere," I said, "and you got kind of wierd. Why? Its not like youre one of those jerks who always has a guitar but cant actually play it." "Dont you know?" "No." He grinned. "Everyone knows that the whole point of learning guitar is to impress girls. You cant just say, sorry, Id love to show off, but I forgot my guitar at home, can you?" Now it was my turn to laugh. "I guess not." "So now you know my secret," he said. "Did it work?" I pretended to think about it. "Yeah, it worked." - Author: Alicia Thompson

Quotes About Tolerated

"We find in them an ignorant and barbarous people, who have long united the most sordid avarice with the most detestable superstition and the most invincible hatred for every people by whom they are tolerated and enriched. Still, we ought not to burn them." - Author: Voltaire

Quotes About Internal Battles

"why cant we love the right people? what is so wrong with us that we rush into situations to which we are manifestly unsuited, which will hurt us and others? why are we given emotions which we cannot control and which move in exact contradiction to what we really want? we are walking conflicts, internal battles on legs." - Author: Marian Keyes