[Such A Voice This Man Has. The Way He Sounds Isn't A Sound At All. It's A River Into Which Words Are Thrown.]

Author: Laura Bynum Quotes

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Astrid Yrigollen Quotes

"Real love, you cowardly miscreant, is never intimidated, never frightened and is forever."

Rocky Marciano Quotes

"Why waltz with a guy for 10 rounds if you can knock him out in one?"

Amy Efaw Quotes

"Devon stares at him standing there, remembering the only other guy had ever opened a car door for her. Last summer. The sky was bright blue mirroring the water, the sun warm. A perfect day. He had smiled down at her; hed That Look in his eyes- warm and eager and a little bit vulnerable. When hed look at her in that way, and smile that tilted smile, her body would tingle with an electric tension that robbed her breath away. That was then. And now? Now she is here."

Luis Von Ahn Quotes

"My first computer was a Commodore 64. I got it as a present from my mom when I was eight years old, and all I wanted to do with that computer was play games."

Eva Marie Saint Quotes

"I cant sit around having coffee. I have all these appointments, and a lot of my friends sit around having coffee talking about the jobs they didnt get."

Edward O Wilson Quotes

"This is the assembly of life that took a billion years to evolve. It has eaten the storms-folded them into its genes-and created the world that created us. It holds the world steady."

Charlie Herrick Quotes

"Where a person has no control, he will turn to violence; either to attain control, or as an alternative to it."

Christopher Dines Quotes

"Mindfulness does not erase negative memories; it transcends them giving us back our deepest power which resides in our hearts."

Eiry Nieves Quotes

"Some people go around the mountain, I, for my part, would just blow a hole and then walk through it."

Ernesto Cardenal Quotes

"Al perderte...Al perderte yo a tiTu y yo hemos perdido:Yo por que tú erasLo que yo más amabaY tú por que yo eraEl que te amaba más.Pero de nosotros dosTú pierdes más que yo:Porque yo podré amar a otrosComo te amaba a ti,Pero a ti no te amaránComo te amaba yo."

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Quotes About Loving Your Best Friend

"They say being in love and loving someone are two different things, right? I mean, you love your best friend, but you love your husband, right? Falling in love with someone is easy. Its loving when the newness has worn off, when life gets tough, when things get in the way, when physical passion is gone, that true love remains. When love can conquer it all." - Author: Mia Asher

Quotes About Small Mindedness

"To allow only the kind of art that the average man understands is the worst small-mindedness and the murder of mind and spirit. It is my conviction that the intellect can be certain that in doing what most disconcerts the crowd, in pursuing the most daring, unconventional advances and explorations, it will in some highly indirect fashion serve man - and in the long run, all men." - Author: Thomas Mann

Quotes About Payment

"It is true that no member state can be required to make payments to others. But if countries want to offer voluntary assistance, as in the Greek case, this isnt only allowed, but its also in Germanys interest. We all benefit by ensuring the stability of the euro zone." - Author: Wolfgang Schauble

Quotes About Cockles

"I sometimes, in my sprightly moments, consider myself, in my great chair at school, as some dictator at the head of a common-wealth. In this little state I can discover all the great geniuses, all the surprising actions and revolutions of the great world in miniature. I have several renowned generals but three feet high, and several deep-projecting politicians in petticoats. I have others catching and dissecting flies, accumulating remarkable pebbles, cockleshells, etc., with as ardent curiosity as any virtuoso in the Royal Society …. At one table sits Mr. Insipid foppling and fluttering, spinning his whirligig, or playing with his fingers as gaily and wittily as any Frenchified coxcomb brandishes his cane and rattles his snuff box. At another sits the polemical divine, plodding and wrangling in his mind about Adams fall in which we sinned, all as his primer has it." - Author: John Adams

Quotes About Summon

"...Jesus did not advocate non-violence merely as a technique for outwitting the enemy, but as a just means of opposing the enemy in such a way as to hold open the possibility of the enemys becoming just as well. Both sides must win. We are summoned to pray for our enemies transformation, and to respond to ill-treatment with a love that not only is godly but also, I am convinced, can only be found in God." - Author: Walter Wink

Quotes About Adventure And Life

"But at some point it becomes obvious that, ultimately, the adventure of faith is the most sensible thing to do, and in fact the only thing worth doing. As Sam says toward the end of The Two Towers, no one remembers the tales in which the characters give up and turn back. Great and heroic deeds remain undone if no one leaps into the dark to do them. Thats true when it comes to faith, too. You cant play a meaningful role in the great story by playing it safe. Once you hit the road, there is no going back to life as it was before. When Jesus asks His disciples if they will leave him to, Peter says, "Lord to whom will we go?" (verse 68). Its either walk with Jesus, safe as it seems sometimes, or go home." - Author: Sarah Arthur

Quotes About Twinkling

"You started that one."Her mouth dropped open. "I didnt say anything!""Sweetheart, your eyes said it all." He lowered his hand from his cuffs and jerked his chin out toward the darkness lit with twinkling bug butts. "Now, behave, will you? Im trying to watch bugs catch a mate. See if I cant get some tips.""Hell, make your ass glow, and I might take back everything Ive said about you." - Author: Cindi Madsen

Quotes About Youngest

"I have seen enough, too, to know that it is not always the youngest and best who are spared to those that love them; but this should give us comfort rather than sorrow, for Heaven is just, and such things teach us impressively that there is a far brighter world than this, and that the passage to it is speedy." - Author: Charles Dickens

Quotes About Nol

"We have barely emerged from centuries of barbarism. Its not a surprise that there are shocking inequities in this world. It is hard work to climb down out of the trees and walk upright,and build a viable global civilization when you start with technology that is made of rocks and sticks and fur. This is a project, and progress is dificult." - Author: Sam Harris

Quotes About Jazz In The 1920s

"...men whose first coronary is coming like Christmas; who drift, loaded helplessly with commitments and obligations and necessary observances, into the darkening avenues of age and incapacity, deserted by everything that once made life sweet. These I have tried to remind of the excitement of jazz and tell where it may still be found." - Author: Philip Larkin