[Sure, Equal Pay, Maternity Leaves, And Pro Sports Are Important. But A Girl Can't Make A Free Throw From The Foul Line If Her Head's Not In The Game.]

Author: Emma McLaughlin Quotes

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Steven Bochco Quotes

"Film provides an opportunity to marry the power of ideas with the power of images."

Jacqueline Patricks Quotes

"The secret to a long and loving marriage is to choose, everyday, to be married."

Numerous Evelyn Waugh Quotes

"Et in Arcadia Ego"

Pete Sessions Quotes

"Americans know that we cannot tax and spend our way out of a recession, yet Democrats cant grasp this simple fact."

Carl Cohen Quotes

"Our lives are led, and our decisions made, within a network of needs and wants, some natural, some arising from the acts of others, some aggravated by the acts of the state. We are all bored, or threatened, or tantalized in differing degrees by a perilous world, some hostile people, and a not very sensitive government."

Price Collier Quotes

"There is a very great difference — is there not? — between the temporal and the eternal judgments, a very great difference between a mans reputation and a mans character, for reputation is what men think and say of us, while character is what God and the angels know of us."

James Harden Quotes

"Im not the fastest guy or the quickest guy."

The Rolling Stones Quotes

"Wild horses couldnt drag me away"

Robert Andrews Millikan Quotes

"Fullness of knowledge always means some understanding of the depths of our ignorance; and that is always conducive to humility and reverence."

Abeba Habtu Quotes

"I knew right then and there that I would become as courageous as I needed in order to keep him safe. I thought of the soldiers and bullets that I hid from in Asmara. I would stand and fight them to keep Fili safe."

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Quotes About Mcgonagall

"Fifty?" Harry gasped."Fifty points each," said Professor McGonagall, breathing heavily."Professor — please —""You cant —""Dont tell me what I can and cant do, Potter. Ive never been more ashamed of Gryffindor students." - Author: J.K. Rowling

Quotes About Ethics In Journalism

"The ethics of plagiarism have turned into the narcissism of small differences: because journalism cannot own up to its heavily derivative nature, it must enforce originality on the level of the sentence." - Author: Malcolm Gladwell

Quotes About Laughing With Friends

"But you know what? They all grinned at me in welcome,and Josh even scooted over to make room for me on the bench. At least I knew who my true friends were. Feeling grateful and loved,I sat downTHPPPPTHPPPPTHPPPPT! I farted. Or so it seemed. The boys died laughing.I pulled the whoopee cushion out from under me and flung it on the table,which only sent them into another paroxysm."Nick-Kriger-is-behind-you," Josh gasped between giggles. "He totally heard it over Galaga.Do you still want us to look without looking like were looking?" This sent them into yet another laughing fit."But dont worry," one of his friends said. "Well act like we think youre hot."They all snorted and dabbed at their eyes faux-girlishly with paper napkins from the holder. Then,as if on cue, they started their rythmic heavy breathing,and I knew one of Joshs raps was coming. The people in the booths around us turned to look, if they werent already staring at us outright because of the whoopee cushion." - Author: Jennifer Echols

Quotes About Plumber

"If I waited for inspiration every time I sat down to write a song I probably would be a plumber today." - Author: Barry Mann

Quotes About Boast

"To boast wonder takes great courage. Being left speechless with joy is not for the weak. We forget to be surprised by everyday miracles, like toast springing up, the mesmerizing blue in the sky, or even simple friendships. To touch and remember this delicate sense of wonder, we travel. We deliberately let ourselves become tourists to welcome in this unique delight." - Author: Edmond Manning

Quotes About Diam

"Wit must be foiled by wit: cut a diamond with a diamond." - Author: William Congreve

Quotes About Looking At Your Love

"So, a little advice. Relax. Youre not filling a job position. Youre looking for a pleasant acquaintance.. who might become a good friend... who turns out to be attractive to your senses... and a rewarding lover... then a committed partner whose heart will not stray. If you dont see those signposts and in that order, then youre probably on the wrong road and getting more lost with every step." - Author: Anthony D. Ravenscroft

Quotes About Old Recipes

"I tested a lot of old cornbread recipes and most of them were bland or tough." - Author: Jeremy Jackson

Quotes About Rantings

"Sorry," he apologized. "I didnt mean to inflict my rantings on you, even though we are destined to spend the rest of our lives together. I dont suppose you fave any thought to where we should be married while I was in with that lot of fools, did you?""Yes," she said. "I decided we shouldnt, that wartime attachments are a bad idea. Particularly if youre going to be lassoing flying bombs." - Author: Connie Willis

Quotes About Satisfying Everyone

"Dont have work-life balance - at least in the sense of trying to escape from work so you can have a life. Work should be fun - so make work enjoyable and satisfying for everyone - among other reasons because it pays off." - Author: Don Tapscott