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Author: Graeme Murphy Quotes

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Pau Quotes

"True love waits..."

John Metcalf Quotes

"Writers dont have to keep themselves honest. They have to keep themselves accurate."

Miguel Angel Ruiz Quotes

"Love is unknown. To open the heart in trust is unknown. They say love hurts. It doesnt have to."

Anthony Bloom Quotes

"To pluck a flower means to take possession of it, and it also means to kill it."

Rick Snyder Quotes

"So if you want great sports, Michigans the place to be."

Steph Campbell Quotes

"Its normal to hate everything when you lose someone you love,"

Ernst Thalmann Quotes

"Every conceivable cruel method of blackmail was used against me to obtain by force and at all costs confessions and statements both about comrades who had been arrested, and about political activities."

Venice J Bloodworth Quotes

"Hold all men in mind as being healthy, happy, and prosperous. When you do this you are helping others and sowing good for yourself. Always send out thoughts of love and service. They will come back to you laden with their kind."

Pentti Linkola Quotes

"The coming years will prove increasingly cynical and cruel. People will definitely not slip into oblivion while hugging each other. The final stages in the life of humanity will be marked by the monstrous war of all against all: the amount of suffering will be maximal."

Malachi 2 10 Quotes

"Hath not one God created us? Have we not all one Father?"

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Quotes About Poesie

"Die Herren der Information haben die Poesie aus dem Auge verloren, wo Worte eine Bedeutung haben können, die sehr von der im Lexikon angegebenen abweicht, wo der metaphorische Funke der Dechiffrierfunktion immer einen Sprung voraus ist, wo eine andere, unerwartete Interpretation stets möglich ist." - Author: J.M. Coetzee

Quotes About Energy Consumption

"The Texas Energy Offices Loan Star Program has reduced building energy consumption and taxpayers energy costs through the efficient operation of public buildings, saving taxpayers more than $172 million through energy efficiency projects." - Author: Rosa DeLauro

Quotes About Fabulous Me

"How fabulous down was for those first minutes! Down, down, down Id go until down too became impossible and punishing and so relentless that Id pray for the trail to go back up. Going down, I realized was like taking hold of the loose strand of yarn on a sweater youd just spent hours knitting and pulling it until the entire sweater unraveled into a pile of string. Hiking the PCT was the maddening effort of knitting that sweater and unraveling it over and over again. As if everything gained was inevitably lost." - Author: Cheryl Strayed

Quotes About Clinging To God

"Faith is the virtue by which, clinging-to the faithfulness of God, we lean upon him, so that we may obtain what he gives to us." - Author: William Ames

Quotes About Deriving

"A stupid person is a person who causes losses to another person or to a group of persons while himself deriving no gain and even possibly incurring losses." - Author: Carlo M. Cipolla

Quotes About Remote Places

"He who travels much has this advantage over others – that the things he remembers soon become remote, so that in a short time they acquire the vague and poetical quality which is only given to other things by time. He who has not traveled at all has this disadvantage – that all his memories are of things present somewhere, since the places with which all his memories are concerned are present." - Author: Giacomo Leopardi

Quotes About Being Thrown Away

"But unlike all farmed meat, which requires the creation and maintenance of animals, dogs are practically begging to be eaten. Three to four million dogs and cats are euthanized annually. This amounts to millions of pounds of meat now being thrown away every year." - Author: Jonathan Safran Foer

Quotes About Toilet Seats

"Im sorry about these two," Mike told the waitress. "Just so you know, Ill be embarrassed with you.""Its just that we havent seen each other since summmer camp," Becky said."And wed formed such a bond playing wily tricks on our camp counselors," Felix said."Remember how you replaced Miss Peppers shampoo with liquid Jell-O and turned her hair green?""It was sheer genius when you stretched cling film over all the toilet seats.""Oh." The waitress turned to Mike, as if to address the only sane member of the group. "So, are yall ready to eat now, or are you waiting for your date to arrive?"Mike played with the menu. "Actually, shes my date." "These are my two husbands," Becky said. "Were from Utah. You know, Mormom." - Author: Shannon Hale

Quotes About Gwaihir

"And so it was that Gwaihir saw them with his keen far-seeing eyes, as down the wild wind he came, and daring the great peril of the skies he circled in the air: two small dark figures, forlorn, hand in hand upon a little hill, while the world shook under them, and gasped, and rivers of fire drew near. And even as he espied tham and came swooping down, he saw them fall, worn out, or choked with fumes and heat, or stricken down by despair at last, hiding their eyes from death.Side by side they lay; and down swept Gwaihir, and down came Landroval and Meneldor the swift; and in a dream, not knowing what fate had befallen them, the wanderers were lifted up and borne far away out of the darkness and the fire." - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien

Quotes About Peter Van Houten

"Who am I to say that these things might not be forever? Who is Peter Van Houten to assert as fact the conjecture that our labor is temporary? All I know of heaven and all I know of death is in this park; an elegant universe in ceaseless motion, teeming with ruined ruins and screaming children." - Author: John Green