[Take Courage. You Do Not Yet See Your Own Abilities Because You Have Never Been Tested. You Have Never Demonstrated To Yourself Or Anyone All That You Can Do. Put Your Fears Aside And Trust That You Can Succeed In The Challenges That Lie Ahead." - King Hercalon IV, Former King Of Oomaldee]

Author: L.R.W. Lee Quotes

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Ray A Quotes

"Adam and Eve had first-hand empirical evidence of Gods existence. He walked in the Garden with them. Their problem was that God told them they could not eat of a certain tree. – p. 113"

Francis Ray When Morning Comes Quotes

"Sabrina Thomas clutched the leather-bound notebook to her chest and tried not to be impatient as the elevator in the south tower of Texas Hospital near downtown Dallas stopped once again on its climb to the eighteenth and top floor. But it was difficult.Dr. Cade Mathis, the bane of her existence, would reach Mrs. Wards room first and then thered be hell to pay. Sabrina jabbed the button to close the doors as soon as the last person stepped onto the already crowded elevator."

Harold Warner Quotes

"The true character of ministry is a servants heart."

Arthur Henry King Quotes

"literature is a way in which we can learn to live deeper lives -- husband with wife, parent with child, brother with sister, fellow member with fellow member. Most good authors are better than we are. They are much better company than our own friends. What comes from good company? What comes from good company is better manners, greater sensitivity, greater sensibility, greater empathy, great sympathy. Reading good literature makes us more capable of understanding other people, of loving other people, those whom we dont particularly want to love, even our enemies, as well as those closest to us. How can we expect to have full marriages when we are not going into those marriages with full minds and fine sensibilities? We are ignoring the tremendous possibilities of a delicate, well-poised, rich, sensitive life if we ignore the literature of the past. There is no substitute."

Frank James Quotes

"I have been hunted for twenty-one years. I have literally lived in the saddle. I have never known a day of perfect peace."

Cornelius Castoriadis Quotes

"Toda sociedad es un sistema de interpretación del mundo (...) Su propia identidad no es otra cosa que ese "sistema de interpretación", ese mundo que ella crea. Y esa es la razón por la cual la sociedad percibe como un peligro mortal todo ataque contra ese sistema de interpretación; lo persigue como un ataque contra su identidad, contra sí misma"

Jay Danzie Quotes

"Inspirations are priceless & limitless."

Sierra Dean Quotes

"Eugenias mouth formed an O shape, her eyes wide and a little wet.Now I had not only told her Santa wasnt real, Id told her the Easter Bunny went on killing sprees to eat the children who didnt find his eggs."

Christine McVie Quotes

"My songs are self-explanatory... somebody pointed out to me that... my songs pretty much speak for themselves."

Alex Karpovsky Quotes

"My day-to-day local issues are rooted in an underlying fear of death."

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Quotes About Jane Austen

"I remain loyal to Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert in music and to Shakespeare and Jane Austen in literature." - Author: Anne Stevenson

Quotes About Varfer

"Lere pastaj qe ka dhe jo pak pasunare qe si pelqen te degjojne ankimet me ze te larte te varfanjakeve. Se, sigurisht, i shqetesojne, i bezdisin me ankesat pa fund. Po, moj shpirt, varferia kurdohere e bezdisshme eshte. Ja çeshte, Varenjka. Renkimet e te uriturve, klithmat e zemerplasurve u prishin gjumin ca zoterinjve." - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Quotes About Lac

"In the 60s when I was a student, there was this campaign to destroy 75 percent of the old buildings in Paris, replacing them with modern architecture. I realized this as a dangerous utopia. This modern vision did not understand the richness of the city. Thankfully, such destruction did not happen." - Author: Christian de Portzamparc

Quotes About Standing

"It was dark in the corridor; they were standing near a light. For a minute they looked silently at each other. Razumikhin remembered that minute all his life. Raskolnikovs burning and fixed look seemed to grow more intense every moment, penetrating his soul, his consciousness. All at once Razumikhin gave a start. Something strange seemed to pass between them . . . as if the hint of some idea, something horrible, hideous, flitted by and was suddenly understood on both sides . . . Razumikhin turned pale as a corpse. "You understand now?" - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Quotes About Sissies

"Parenting is not for sissies. You have to sacrifice and grow up." - Author: Jillian Michaels

Quotes About Christianity And Politics

"Pastor Ted and other evangelical pastors I hear about in the media seem to perceive just about everything to be a threat against Christianity. Evolution is a threat. Gay marriage is a threat. A swear word uttered accidentally on television is a threat. Democrats are a threat. And so on.I dont see how any of these things pose a threat against Christianity. If someone disagrees with you about politics, or social issues, or the matter of origins, isnt that just democracy and free speech in action? How do opposing viewpoints constitute a threat?" - Author: Hemant Mehta

Quotes About Catching A Break

"Oh, God," she whispered, sliding her arms around his neck. "Nicholas…" He pushed her away from him. "I find Im not in the mood,Im not very good company right now. I kept away for as long as I could, but the amusements of Venice are not to my taste. Ill relieve you of my presence…" She caught his wrist, halting him. "Nicholas,I love you." "Dont," he snapped at her, but he didnt break free. "Dont you understand? Havent I proved it, time and time again? Im a monster, not worthy of love, not worthy of anything at all…" "I love you," she said again, catching his other hand, pulling his arms around her, pulling his tall, tension-racked body tight against hers. "I love you." - Author: Anne Stuart

Quotes About Toledo Ohio

"I think when you spread the wealth around, its good for everybody." -- defending his tax plan to Joe the Plumber, who argued that Obamas policy hurts small-business owners like himself, Toledo, Ohio, Oct. 12, 2008" - Author: Barack Obama

Quotes About Good Public Servants

"Americans have learned to trust free markets. Republican or Democrat, we believe the unimpeded exchange of goods and services will yield better solutions than five-year plans set by even the most well-meaning public servants." - Author: John Katzman

Quotes About Simply Sitting

"As it happens, Im a terrible dancer. Bears are simply not made for dancing. Were much better at sitting and sleeping and singing. But there are humans who catch bears and force us to dance. Its agony. And there are other humans who pay to watch us.Hannah sighed. ‘I suppose youre right to distrust humans.‘And that is why I must eat you, said the bear forlornly. ‘For the benefit of the entire bear population of the world. Im awfully sorry about this.‘Thats all right. Hannah shrugged her shoulders. ‘Is there any point in my trying to run away?‘None. We bears may not be able to dance but we are experts when it comes to chasing things.‘What if I climb a tree?‘Ill climb up after you, or push the tree over. It all depends on what sort of tree you choose to climb. Either way, youll end up eaten.‘So be it, said Hannah. ‘How should I prepare myself?‘I beg your pardon?‘Will you eat me with my clothes on?‘Of course. Otherwise it would be bad manners." - Author: Doug MacLeod