[Television Characters Live Inside Our Minds As Though They're Actual People. In Fact, We Know More About Them Than We Do About Most People In Our Physical Lives.]

Author: Neal Pollack Quotes

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Christopher Heyerdahl Quotes

"Certainly, anyone whom Ive witnessed, who has gone through something horrible and life-changing, has a sense of ironic humor, or an ability to look at the peculiarities of the world and find humor in it."

Fred Gwynne Quotes

"I love making puns."

Phil Mitchell Quotes

"Faith" will help put us together on the same direction. Faith is building a relationship with God where he is in control. It is about believing although we do not always see. Do we love God with all our heart, mind, and soul? Can we follow his voice?"

Aria Cunningham Quotes

"It is a perverse tradition we honor. Kings adorn their halls with images of battles they won, the people theyve conquered." He paced as he vented, a lifetime frustration pent up in that twisted truth. "I have brought kingdoms on the brink of war to peace, and my deeds will never be deemed as heroic as those who kill." - Paris of Troy."

Andy Whitfield Quotes

"So when I look in the mirror Im driven by both vanity and fear."

Ed Asner Quotes

"I can do lovers. I can do Sir Galahad types. Im not going to limit myself in voice-overs to irascible old men."

Richard L Evans Quotes

"The undertaking of a new action brings new strength."

R Bosworth Smith Quotes

"He was Caesar and Pope in one; but he was Pope without Popes pretensions, Caesar without the legions of Caesar: without a standing army, without a bodyguard, without a palace, without a fixed revenue; if ever any man had the right to say that he ruled by the right divine, it was Mohammed, for he had all the power without its instruments and without its supports. He cared not for the dressings of power. The simplicity of his private life was in keeping with his public life.""

Alice Greczyn Quotes

"For a workout, I love to hike or take a long walk. Being outside is crucial; I cant stand gyms."

Celia Rivenbark Quotes

"I dont define success by how much money someone makes. I dont define success by how many trophies or plaques or awards someone has.I dont define it by membership in exclusive clubs or the ability to name-drop about someones famous friends.I dont define it by how many luxury cars or opulent homes someone might own or how many sumptuous vacations they might taken in exotic locales all over the globe.I dont define success...oh, hell, Im just kidding. Actually, all that stuff is fantastic!"

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Quotes About Lethargie

"Freneuse is an oddball, an idler, without any aim in life! If you ask me, he has smoked too much opium in the East, and that explains his somnolence, his morbid lethargies. Its the hazardous legacy of bad habits! He has been comprehensively undone; the heavy influence of poisonous opiates never ceases to oppress him. Besides which, his steel-blue eyes are surely the eyes of a smoker of opium. He carries the drunken burden of hemp in his veins. Opium is like syphilis - le Mazel released the word carelessly - it is a thing which stays for years and years in the blood, because the body is unable to purge itself. It must be absorbed, in the long run, by iodide." - Author: Jean Lorrain

Quotes About Monasticism

"Because of this, I feel I am performing a work of love, not of hostility. I do not aim to accuse the contemporary world and monasticism but to enrich the world with the values that monasticism can and should contribute to it. Our world needs monks who are different from itself. Please God, this essay will help them to sing more clearly and beautifully the part they have to sing in the immense symphony of the present time. To Love Fasting: The Monastic Experience(prologue)" - Author: Adalbert de Vogüé

Quotes About Olympic National Park

"In fact, at Olympic National Park in my district, they 3 years ago had 130 summer employees they brought in for temporary work. This summer they have 25 because they cannot afford more." - Author: Norm Dicks

Quotes About Green Money

"Sneetches" was what we called the in-crowd at school, the haves as opposed to the have-nots. We named them from a Dr. Suess story in which the Star-Belly Sneetches, who were born with a green star on their bellies, thought they were better than all those who had no green star- or in this case green money." - Author: Gwen Hayes

Quotes About Privid

"Zar sve danas nije samo imitacija? Zar u današnjem vremenu nije sve samo imitacija stvarnosti, sve oko nas je u stvari "pravimo-se-da-je-tako". I mir je samo "pravi-se-da-je-mir", i ekonomska kriza je virtuelna, nije prava, pa i rat je samo imitacija, a imitacija je i ekonomski napredak. Ali, i pored toga, milioni ljudi živi i umire u ovom prividnom svetu. Samo se po sebi razume da moraju da žive i umire; i oni su samo ljudi. To je samo po sebi posve razumljivo. Samo što u svemu tome "pravimo-se-da-je-tako" ne možeš da nađeš za šta bi dao svoj život. Ja sam čovek koji mora da da sve od sebe, inače ništa ne može da postigne." - Author: Yukio Mishima

Quotes About Argo

"The first touch came when Bull was lying full-length along the skirting board in the little six-foot vestibule that connected the bathroom to the kitchenette and the front door. He was the picture of powerlessness. His sensible, striped M&S shirt was rucked up around his back, his white, cotton Y- fronts dewlapped over the flat surfaces of his buttocks. Alans fine and tapering hand described an arc over him. He knelt as if stroking a cat. At the zenith of the arc Alans palm made contact with the small of Bulls back. Bull stiffened bur did not cry out or resist…Oh, cruel deceiver! For how could Margoulis not have known that in this moment of breakdown, of cracking distress, the thing that Bull, of course, still desired most ardently, was the dry, sensible touch of a doctor." - Author: Will Self

Quotes About Needing Love

"That if you could acquire enough, accomplish enough, youd never want to own or do another thing. That if you could eat or sleep enough, youd never need more. That if enough people loved you, youd stop needing love." - Author: Chuck Palahniuk

Quotes About Janis Joplin

"I adore Janis Joplin, who sixties herself to death." - Author: Caitlin Moran

Quotes About Competency

"It is to be feared that those who emigrate to New South Wales, generally anticipate too great facility in their future operations and certainty of success in conducting them; but they should recollect that competency cannot be obtained without labour." - Author: Charles Sturt

Quotes About Handel Messiah

"The first choral music I remember hearing was Handels Messiah when the Mormon Tabernacle Choir broadcast it over the radio." - Author: Dave Brubeck