[Television Characters Live Inside Our Minds As Though They're Actual People. In Fact, We Know More About Them Than We Do About Most People In Our Physical Lives.]

Author: Neal Pollack Quotes

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K K Weakley Quotes

"I never said she was a lady."

Claire Dederer Quotes

"Jonathans voice was quiet now. "Thank you for sharing this evening with me. In yoga, we say Namaste, which means I bow to the divine in you." He bowed his dork-knobbed head and said, "Namaste." We bowed back and mumbled, "Namaste." On my tongue, the new word felt as though it contained its own foreign spice."

Diane Wilson Quotes

"pain has its own timetable. You cant rush it. You cant forgive somebody before youre ready. You cant tell anybody else how to reach that point."

Johan Lindeberg Quotes

"I always like to incorporate one or two chic accessories that contrast with the more gritty look of my daily uniform: a leather jacket and jeans."

Mollie Marti Quotes

"With every choice you create the life youll live; with every decision you design it."

Susan Rice Quotes

"South Africas increasingly, for example, the largest foreign investor in various other parts of Africa."

Imam Ali Quotes

"Do not hate what you do not know, for the greater part of knowledge consists of what you do not know."

Passenger Quotes

"Well, you only need the light when its burning low. Only miss the sun when it starts to snow. Only know your lover when you let her go. Only know youve been high when youre feeling low, only hate the road when youre missing home. Only know your lover when you let her go."

John Knox Quotes

"Although I never lack the presence and plain image of my own wretchedinfirmity, yet seeing sin so manifestly abounds in all estates, I amcompelled to thunder out the threatenings of God against the obstinaterebels."

Brett Butler Quotes

"Dreams that do come true can be as unsettling as those that dont."

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Quotes About Dignified Death

"That morning, there was "nothing" to do for Scott, but it took me almost an hour to achieve it. It was a peculiarly distasteful task for me: much of ICU care has this futile quality, this illusion of purposefulness generated by the trappings of technology and invasive procedures. A novice in medicine sees only the drama of the pacemaker and the Swan-Ganz catheter; more years in medicine and you see how suffering is prolonged, hospital bills multiplied tenfold, the possibility of a dignified death diminished." - Author: Abraham Verghese

Quotes About Language And Linguistics

"The entire destiny of modern linguistics is in fact determined by Saussures inaugural act through which he separates the ‘external elements of linguistics from the ‘internal elements, and, by reserving the title of linguistics for the latter, excludes from it all the investigations which establish a relationship between language and anthropology, the political history of those who speak it, or even the geography of the domain where it is spoken, because all of these things add nothing to a knowledge of language taken in itself. Given that it sprang from the autonomy attributed to language in relation to its social conditions of production, reproduction and use, structural linguistics could not become the dominant social science without exercising an ideological effect, by bestowing the appearance of scientificity on the naturalization of the products of history, that is, on symbolic objects." - Author: Pierre Bourdieu

Quotes About Geronimo

"I won the vote but shunned the soft parade[...]I won every battle and lost the war"(Geronimo)" - Author: Shannon McNally

Quotes About Testing The Waters

"Protestations of indifference to higher office are hard to take seriously when the non-candidate is busily engaged in testing the waters." - Author: Jeff Greenfield

Quotes About Shirley Jackson

"Shirley Jacksons writings are a must for aficionados of the gothic and of good literature." - Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Quotes About Blends

"On some other world, possibly it is different. Better. There are clear good and evil alternatives. Not these obscure admixtures, these blends, with no proper tool by which to untangle the components." - Author: Philip K. Dick

Quotes About Being Unafraid

"I feel myself becoming the fearless person I have dreamt of being. Have I arrived? No. But Im constantly evolving and challenging myself to be unafraid to make mistakes." - Author: Janelle Monae

Quotes About Handsomeness

"This is the truth: we all desire to conquer the comely one, because it affirms our own worth. Speaking for the men of the world, we want to own the beauty of the woman were fucking. We want to grasp that beauty, tightly in our greedy little fingers, to well and truly possess it, to make it ours. We want to do this as the woman shines her way through an orgasm. Thats perfection. And while I cant speak for women, I imagine that they-whether they admit it or not-want the same thing: to possess the man, to own his rough handsomeness, if only for a few seconds." - Author: Andrew Davidson

Quotes About Beauty And Nature

"Four seasons fill the measure of the year;There are four seasons in the mind of Man:He has his lusty Spring, when fancy clearTakes in all beauty with an easy span:He has his Summer, when luxuriouslySprings honeyed cud of youthful thought he lovesTo ruminate, and by such dreaming highIs nearest unto heaven: quiet covesHis soul has in its Autumn, when his wingsHe furleth close; contented so to lookOn mists in idleness -to let fair thingsPass by unheeded as a threshold brook: - He has his Winter too of pale misfeature,Or else he would forgo his mortal nature." - Author: John Keats

Quotes About Being A Bad Chick

"It seemed like he could never figure out which Trudie he loved the best, the docile church basement lady in the moon boots or the rebellious chick with the sexy lingerie. I imagine that both of those extremes were just poses and that the real Trudie fell somewhere in between. But thats the thing about this town - theres no room for in between. Youre in or youre out. Youre good or youre bad. Actually, very good or very bad. Or very good at being very bad without being detected." - Author: Miriam Toews