[Terrible Errors Are Rarely Made All At Once. Usually They Are Performed One Small Misstep At A Time.]

Author: A. Lee Martinez Quotes

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Matt Harvey Quotes

"heres a toast to Alan Turingborn in harsher, darker timeswho thought outside the containerand loved outside the linesand so the code-breaker was brokenand were sorryyes now the s-word has been spokenthe official conscience woken– very carefully scripted but at least its not encrypted –and the story does suggesta part 2 to the Turing Test:1. can machines behave like humans?2. can we?"

Reynilyn Quotes

"People not cry coztheir weak,It Beacaus Theyve been srong...GFor too long !!"

James S Kunen Quotes

"Time doesnt fly. It just never stops. And the next thing you know, its now."--from "Diary of a Company Man"

Linda Ellerbee Quotes

"Styles, like everything else, change. Style doesnt."

Anthony Ryan Quotes

"Speaking it aloud would reveal the absurdity of it, and he preferred the dream."

Milan Rufus Quotes

"So this is love:the Sculptors chisel.And stone, which in its whole lifedoes not utter a single word,suddenly sings."

A Gentleman Quotes

"O The irony of man, he thinks hes past generation did not repeat the same way of thinking, either intelligently or foolishly."

Sanna Anderson Quotes

"Your courage is there right alongside of your fear."

Christine Aziz Quotes

"Desire overwhelmed me once she had gone. But it was not a desire for Homer. I had to return to the library. I could already smell the books muskiness and in my mind turned over pages with as many differing textures as a forest; pages that were brittle and fragile which had to be coaxed to turn; pages that were soft and scented, presenting their words as if the were a gift in the palm of a hand, and pages that fell open heavily of their own accord as if weighted by the importance of their message. But more than anything else I was compelled by their mystery, by all the stories they had yet to tell me.I have to go to the library, Homer. I have to be with the books."

Morris Gleitzman Quotes

"A little hope goes a long way."

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Quotes About Childbearing

"Writing books is the closest men ever come to childbearing." - Author: Norman Mailer

Quotes About Iago In Othello

"Coleridges description of Iagos actions as "motiveless malignancy" applies in some degree to all the Shakespearian villains. The adjective motiveless means, firstly, that the tangible gains, if any, are clearly not the principal motive, and, secondly, that the motive is not the desire for personal revenge upon another for a personal injury. Iago himself proffers two reasons for wishing to injure Othello and Cassio. He tells Roderigo that, in appointing Cassio to be his lieutenant, Othello has treated him unjustly, in which conversation he talks like the conventional Elizabethan malcontent. In his soliloquies with himself, he refers to his suspicion that both Othello and Cassio have made him a cuckold, and here he talks like the conventional jealous husband who desires revenge. But there are, I believe, insuperable objections to taking these reasons, as some critics have done, at their face value." - Author: W.H. Auden

Quotes About Knocks In Life

"Shed faced some hard knocks in life - one really hard one five years ago - and had managed to cultivate a protective shell for herself. But like a Godiva truffle, she was only hard in a thin outer layer. Her insides were still as tender as ever." - Author: Becky Wade

Quotes About Vigour

"After the alarm clock, it is the turn of Mr Kellogg to shame us into action. Rise and Shine! he exhorts us from the Corn Flakes packet. The physical act of crunching cornflakes or other cereals is portraied in TV advertising as working an amazing alchemy on slothful human beings: the incoherent, unshaven sluggard (bad) is magically transformed into a smart and jolly worker full of vigour and purpose (good) by the positive power of cereal. Kellogg himself, tellingly, was a puritanical health-nut who never had sex (he preferred enemas). Such are the architects of our daily life." - Author: Tom Hodgkinson

Quotes About Macklemore

"I dont know what all this hate is about?Tupac started book of rap,Eminem finished it,Macklemore bought it for 99 cents" - Author: Auliq Ice

Quotes About Camera Focus

"Now he must deal with the security system, which has recorded everything that hes done. A video camera is mounted over the front door and focused on the cashiers counter. Edgler Foreman Vess has no desire to see himself on television news. Living with intensity is virtually impossible when one is in prison." - Author: Dean Koontz

Quotes About Buts

"Its still all "ifs" "buts" and "maybes". ‘Maybe, I said. ‘But if what Im saying is correct …" - Author: Terry Murphy

Quotes About Wicked Mothers

"Why are so many of us enspelled by myths and folk stories in this modern age? Why do we continue to tell the same old tales, over and over again? I think its because these stories are not just fantasy. Theyre about real life. Weve all encountered wicked wolves, found fairy godmothers, and faced trial by fire. Weve all set off into unknown woods at one point in life or another. Weve all had to learn to tell friend from foe and to be kind to crones by the side of the road. . . ." - Author: Terri Windling

Quotes About Wooden Toys

"Ten thousand!" I shouted at the walls, back in the room with the wooden shutters, now open, so that anyone could hear me, on the porch or probably across the compound. "That arrogant bastard landed ten thousand men at Tas-Elisa. In my port! Mine!" When I was a child and playmates snatched my toys out of my hands, I tended to smile weakly and give in. Years later I was acting the way I should have as a child. Probably not the most mature behavior for a king, but I was still cursing as I swung around to find a delegation of barons in the doorway behind me. My father, Baron Comeneus, and Baron Xorcheus among them.They thought it was how a king behaved.I ran my fingers through my hair and tried to pursue a more reasonable line of thought, but more reasonable thoughts made me angry again." - Author: Megan Whalen Turner

Quotes About Club Promoters

"I think anyone would want to see their favorite band in a small club over a large stadium." - Author: Bill Wyman