[That Though Thou Seest It No Great Matter To Be Separated From Christ Now, Yet When The Heavens Shall Be In A Flaming Fire, And The Earth Shall Give Up The Dead That Be In It.]

Author: Thomas Shepard Quotes

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Franco Harris Quotes

"And so, its not a thing of how many carries, but were you effective when you did carry."

Lawrence Block Quotes

"Everybody has mean little places inside himself."

LZMarie Quotes

"Merkabah is translated as either meaning the throne of god or chariot. Both definitions imply a means of spiritual ascension, not a physical one. They only have it partly right."

Ralph Kiner Quotes

"All of his saves have come in relief appearances."

Dylan J Morgan Quotes

"Richard felt about as conspicuous as a foreskin at a Jewish nudist camp."

Ridley Pearson Quotes

"I think every fiction writer, to a certain extent, is a schizophrenic and able to have two or three or five voices in his or her body. We seek, through our profession, to get those voices onto paper."

Miranda Risang Ayu Quotes

"Pekerjaan menjadi orang tua, khususnya ibu, merupakan salah satu pekerjaan klasik terberat dan tertua dalam sejarah umat manusia"

GL Breedon Quotes

"Thats crazy," Gabriel said. "We must be seventy million years in the past.""Nearly a hundred and twenty-five million," Ohin said. "It seems far, but time is really interrelational. Every moment is just as far from every other."Right," Gabriel said. "Of course. That makes perfect sense." Sema was right. He was at a breaking point. And he broke right past it. His eyes rolled up in his head and he passed out, falling back into the mattress of the bed."

Sabrina Childress Quotes

"Perhaps I was hosting my own personal sexual revolution. You know the kind that will not be televised."

Joan Baez Quotes

"You may not know it, but at the far end of despair, there is a white clearing where one is almost happy."

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Quotes About God Having A Plan

"If there is a God, his plan is very similar to someone not having a plan." - Author: Eddie Izzard

Quotes About Sunset Life

"And he saw a youth approaching, Dressed in garments green and yellow, Coming through the purple twilight, Through the splendor of the sunset; Plumes of green bent oer his forehead, And his hair was soft and golden. Standing at the open doorway, Long he looked at Hiawatha, Looked with pity and compassion On his wasted form and features, And, in accents like the sighingOf the South-Wind in the tree-tops, Said he, "O my Hiawatha! All your prayers are heard in heaven, For you pray not like the others, Not for greater skill in hunting, Not for greater craft in fishing, Not for triumph in the battle, Nor renown among the warriors, But for profit of the people, For advantage of the nations. "From the Master of Life descending, I, the friend of man, Mondamin, Come to warn you and instruct you, How by struggle and by labor You shall gain what you have prayed for. Rise up from your bed of branches, Rise, O youth, and wrestle with me!" - Author: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Quotes About Candys Dog

"When a dog dies, his soul is released to run until he is ready to be reborn" - Author: Garth Stein

Quotes About Idealized

"Idolatry is like love, but less idealized. Its icon is still beautiful, but only charisma makes it attractive enough to be worshipped." - Author: Bauvard

Quotes About George Washington Carver

"I did not have to learn to love you: You were chosen for me. I knew that the first time I saw you.—George Washington Carver" - Author: Marilyn Nelson

Quotes About Time Being Fleeting

"Writing comes into being to retain information across time and across space. Before writing, communication is evanescent and local; sounds carry a few yards and fade to oblivion. The evanescence of the spoken word went without saying. So fleeting was speech that the rare phenomenon of the echo, a sound heard once and then again, seemed a sort of magic." - Author: James Gleick

Quotes About Pine Cones

"If he would just work with pure ideas like a proper mathematician he could go as fast as thought. As it happens, Alan has become fascinated by the incarnations of pure ideas in the physical world. The underlying math of the universe is like the light streaming in through the window. Alan is not satisfied with merely knowing that it streams in. He blows smoke into the air to make the light visible. He sits in meadows gazing at pine cones and flowers, tracing the mathematical patterns in their structure, and he dreams about electron winds blowing over the glowing filaments and screens of radio tubes, and, in their surges and eddies, capturing something of what is going on in his own brain. Turing is neither a mortal nor a god. He is Antaeus. That he bridges the mathematical and physical worlds is his strength and his weakness." - Author: Neal Stephenson

Quotes About 158

"Now the twelfth canto of Book II is an almost literal translation from Tasso description in the Jerusalem Delivered of the island of Armida. That poem was not printed till 1582. It is likely enough that Spenser may have seen part of it in manuscript, which would account for the general resemblance of the Adonis passages, though the likeness is not close enough to make any debt certain." - Author: Janet Spens

Quotes About Winter Changing To Spring

"Being sorry wont get you into heaven. Get happy, son. Get that old spring into your step and stay on your toes." - Author: Robert A. Heinlein

Quotes About Cary Grant

"I am my fathers only child. The world knows a two-dimensional Cary Grant. As charming a star and as remarkable a gentleman as he was, he was still a more thoughtful and loving father." - Author: Jennifer Grant