[That Was When Leonard Realized Something Crucial About Depression. The Smarter You Were, The Worse It Was. The Sharper Your Brain, The More It Cut You Up.]

Author: Jeffrey Eugenides Quotes

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Lainie Kazan Quotes

"I have a rich, full, textured life."

Jeffrey Bewkes Quotes

"Tablets generally have made it pretty obvious that magazines have a new lease on life."

Kendra Sedgwick Quotes

"God never gives you more than you can handle. Its your choice on how you deal with what he gives you. You can either grow from it, or you can lie down and give up."

Heru Ofori Atta Quotes

"Having vision is much more than just being visual."

Jesse Haubert Quotes

"He swung up into the saddle and squeezed his legs, signaling Mickey to walk. Mickey obeyed, of course. Then they went into a trot and headed into the woods. Kevin urged Mickey into a canter and then into a gallop. He couldnt think of anything but the speed. It pulled him in and he was lost. He urged Mickey faster and faster. The gallop was his drug."

Larry P Aitken Quotes

"Elders Meditation of the Day - February 18 "laughter is a necessity in life that does not cost much, and the Old Ones say that one of the greatest healing powers in our life is the ability to laugh." --Larry P. Aitken, CHIPPEWA Laughter is a good stress eliminator. Laughter causes healing powers to be distributed through our bodies. Laughter helps heal relationships that are having problems. Laughter can change other people. Laughter can heal the sick. Laughter is spiritual. One of the greatest gifts among Indian people has been our ability to laugh. Humor is natural to Indian people. Sometimes the only thing left to do is laugh. Great Spirit, allow me to laugh when times get tough."

Emery Lee Quotes

"At times a jolting revelation overtakes one in a crushing, incapacitating wave, and at others, it unsettles one in slow, subtle, stages – this is how Lady Susannah came undone - in measured moments of increasing comprehension."

Charles Sheehan Miles Quotes

"Anger gone as quick as it had come, now I just felt like an idiot. Not that this was the first time, and probably wouldnt be the last. (Ray)"

Muddy Waters Quotes

"Our little house was way back in the country. We had one house close to us, and hell the next one wouldve been a mile. If you got sick, you could holler and wouldnt nobody hear you."

Tony Kaye Quotes

"As a documentary filmmaker, Im very respectful, and my interview style is not intrusive. I dont really have an agenda. I just go in there, I mumble something or other, I wait for them to speak, and I wait for them to stop."

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"the futility of something is not always (in love and in politics) a sufficient argument against it" - Author: Jane Austen

Quotes About Blood Of Olympus

"A Half-Blood of the eldest gods, Shall reach sixteen against all odds And see the world in endless sleepThe Heros soul, cursed blade shall reapA single choice shall end his daysOlympus to preserve or raze." - Author: Rick Riordan

Quotes About Disappointing Yourself

"Youre always a little disappointing in person because you cant be the edited essence of yourself." - Author: Mel Brooks

Quotes About Ginsburg

"I owe a debt of gratitude to two other living Justices. Sandra Day OConnor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg paved the way for me and so many other women in my generation. Their pioneering lives have created boundless possibilities for women in the law. I thank them for their inspiration and also for the personal kindnesses they have shown me." - Author: Elena Kagan

Quotes About Cheerful

"Lord, grant us rest tonight, and if we must be wakeful, cheerful." - Author: Robert Bolt

Quotes About Nova Scotia

"Im a tomboy from Nova Scotia." - Author: Ellen Page

Quotes About Being Physically And Mentally Exhausted

"Just being at home, growing up naturally, and being here now with my video and my music, I think people realize that I was in the Spice Girls 8 years ago." - Author: Emma Bunton

Quotes About Eyes Open

"He smiled the most wicked smile shed ever seen himi unleash."No. Just keep your eyes open. I want you to see who youre making love to."~Dante" - Author: Tina Folsom

Quotes About Baseballs

"I think people keep baseballs in their cars, just to be prepared in case they see me. Its cool to get recognized in public; its an incredible feeling." - Author: Mike Trout

Quotes About Estimation

"Many of the network television shows have done takeoffs on Family Circus, including David Letterman, Friends, Roseanne, and others, and, in my estimation the use of them is a compliment to the popularity of the feature, which just by mentioning its name sets up the image of a warm, loving family-type feature." - Author: Bil Keane