Author: Emma Bull Quotes

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Thomas Dekker Quotes

"What a heaven is love! O what a hell!"

Jack Weatherford Quotes

"If you cant swallow your pride, you cant lead. Even the highest mountain had animals that step on it."

Hugh Sidey Quotes

"A White House dinner is the American family assembled, from labor leaders to billionaires, actors, architects, academicians and athletes."

Ken Puddicombe Quotes

"Whats the rush? Recognise that with the time at our disposal, there is only a limited number of good books you can read, a few really good movies worth seeing, and a finite number of hours, days, years to enjoy them!"

Steen Eiler Rasmussen Quotes

"..(larchitecte) il compose la musique que dautres vont jouer. De plus, afin de vraiment comprendre ce quest larchitecture, il faut se rappeler que les gens qui linterprètent ne sont pas des musiciens sensibles qui jouent la partition de quelquun dautre, lui donnant un phrasé particulier, accentuant lun ou lautre trait de loeuvre. Au contraire, cest une multitude de gens ordinaires qui, comme des fourmis travaillant ensemble à la construction de la fourmilière, contribuent de manière tout à fait impersonnelle à lensemble, souvent sans comprendre ce quils aident à créer. Derrière eux il y a larchitecte qui organise le travail, et lon pourrait vraiment dire que larchitecture est un art dorganisation. Le bâtiment est produit comme un film sans vedettes, une sorte de documentaire avec des gens ordinaires qui jouent tous les rôles."

Jared Gilman Quotes

"Im a huge movie buff, so Im a fan of a lot of actors and actresses."

Vivian LeMay Quotes

"Isnt this Michigan?"She laughed, "Oh oui monsieur, but the French came to Paradis more than cent ans...a hundred years ago.""And they still speak French?""But we are French.""Arent you American?"She shrugged, "No one truly conquers the French, Monsieur." Josette, The Last Lord of Paradise––Generation Four"

Cloris Leachman Quotes

"Why cant we build orphanages next to homes for the elderly? If someone were sitting in a rocker, it wouldnt be long before a kid will be in his lap."

Margaret Whiting Quotes

"The way I teach people to sing... I have them talk the lyric out until it sounds like something they really believe, like an actor with a monologue."

Stephen Dunn Quotes

"ConnubialBecause with alarming accuracy shed been identifying patterns I was unaware of—this tic, that tendency, like the way Ive mastered the language of intimacy in order to conceal how I felt— I knew I was in danger of being terribly understood."

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Quotes About Career Moms

"When we sat down to eat I took inventory of the people in the room, and the remnants of my good mood evaporated when I realized how very little I had in common with them – the career dads, the responsible and diligent moms – and I was soon filled with dread and loneliness. I locked in on the smug feeling of superiority that married couples give off and that permeated the air – the shared assumptions, the sweet and contented apathy, it all lingered everywhere – despite the absence in the room of anyone single at which to aim this." - Author: Bret Easton Ellis

Quotes About Speaking Skills

"Before I ever knew what the word Entrepeneur was, I realized in America and in the Western part of the world in general, you are given the opportunity to be whatever you want to be. And that is all anyone should ever expect from the Capitalist system. The rest is up to you.Its up to you to educate yourself.Its up to you to learn speaking skills and people skills.Its up to you to try (and usually fail, but to try again) all sorts of ventures.The rest is a combination of hard work, being at the right place ...at the right time...with the right thing...oh yes...and more (never ending) hard work." - Author: Gene Simmons

Quotes About Sleeping Early

"Alas ! How few of Natures faces are left alone to gladden us with their beauty ! The cares, and sorrows, and the hungerings, of the world, change them as they change hearts; and it is only when those passions sleep, and have lost their hold for ever, that the troubled clouds pass off, and leave Heavens surface clear. It is a common thing for the countenances of the dead, even in that fixed and rigid state, to subside into the long-forgotten expression of sleeping infancy, and settle into the very look of early life; so calm, so peaceful, do they grow again, that those who knew them in their happy childhood, kneel by the coffins side in awe, and see the Angel even upon earth." - Author: Charles Dickens

Quotes About Guys Being Dumb

"Ubuntu [...] speaks of the very essence of being human. [We] say [...] "Hey, so-and-so has ubuntu." Then you are generous, you are hospitable, you are friendly and caring and compassionate. You share what you have. It is to say, "My humanity is caught up, is inextricably bound up, in yours." We belong in a bundle of life. We say, "A person is a person through other persons."[...] A person with ubuntu is open and available to others, affirming of others, does not feel threatened that others are able and good, for he or she has a proper self-assurance that comes from knowing that he or she belongs in a greater whole and is diminished when others are humiliated or diminished, when others are tortured or oppressed, or treated as if they were less than who they are." - Author: Desmond Tutu

Quotes About Going Rogue

"Im never going to complain about receiving free early copies of books, because clearly theres nothing to complain about, but it does introduce a rogue element into ones otherwise carefully plotted reading schedule. ...Being a reader is sort of like being president, except reading involves fewer state dinners, usually. You have this agenda you want to get through, but you get distracted by life events, e.g., books arriving in the mail/World War III, and you are temporarly deflected from your chosen path." - Author: Nick Hornby

Quotes About Milo

"Milo and I have this drinking game about Beth: every time she annoys me, we drink.She annoys me alot." - Author: Courtney Summers

Quotes About Unfaithful Friends

"Who could have thought it could be that way? It never did flash in my mind; yet, tenaciously advancing, he kept making stealth steps towards the unsuspecting victim of conspiracy.Unknown to her, she endeavored to get near without persnicketiness; Once bewildered by the imminent proposal,the ball was in the nets and the celebrations inevitable.To onlookers, the resulting pain of unfaithfulness was aggravating.Friends, only a broken heart cannot fathom why one can flirt with a promise in hand. The preacher would say Vanity of Vanities…" - Author: Trinity Tinashe Masunungure

Quotes About Predicament

"He (Lincoln) differed from fanatical moralists primarily in that he was always perplexed. No sooner did he believe he was doing Gods will that he began to admit that Gods purposes might be different from his own. In short, he never forgot the mens contrast between the absolute goodness of God and the faltering goodness of all who are in the finite predicament." - Author: Elton Trueblood

Quotes About Siecle

"They sought each other, missed each other, at cocktail parties, in train terminals, at flower shops, their fin de siecle Nokias gaining symbolic power with each scene." - Author: Sam Lipsyte

Quotes About Lannister House

"His cloak was Lannister crimson, but his surcoat showed the ten purple mullets of his own House arrayed upon a yellow field." - Author: George R.R. Martin