[That's Why We Love Disaster, Harry Sees It, Puts Us Back In Touch With Guilt And Sends Us Crawling Back To God]

Author: John Updike Quotes

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Andy Williams Quotes

"I still think Im not as good as anybody else."

Senta Holland Quotes

"When people say, ‘But what is acceptable in erotica? I sometimes answer them by saying: there are certain taboos and limits in writing about sex as a positive, enjoyable, blissful, exciting activity. There are no taboos and limits whatsoever to describing the same sexual activities if they are traumatic, horrible, full of suffering and disgust. You can describe anything."

Nadia Janice Brown Quotes

"What good are dreams if they lie only in closed boxes."

Robin Jones Gunn Quotes

"[A God-thing is] when something happens in your life, and you look at it and cant explain how or why it happened, but you know theres a reason for it. You know that God is doing something in your life, and it changes you. Theres no other way to explain it except to see it as a God thing."

Mark R Levin Quotes

"Where utopianism is advanced through gradualism rather than revolution, albeit steady and persistent as in democratic societies, it can deceive and disarm an unsuspecting population, which is largely content and passive. It is sold as reforming and improving the existing societys imperfections and weaknesses without imperiling its basic nature. Under these conditions, it is mostly ignored, dismissed, or tolerated by much of the citizenry and celebrated by some. Transformation is deemed innocuous, well-intentioned, and perhaps constructive but not a dangerous trespass on fundamental liberties."

Greg Sisco Quotes

"Writing is like having sex. The people who never shut up about doing it are usually the ones who dont know what the hell theyre doing."

Leigh A Bortins Quotes

"Families are designed to nurture the minds, wills, and emotions of its members so that the barriers created by fear of the unknown can be replaced by the confidence that comes from knowing you are loved whether you succeed or fail."

Timothy Schaffert Quotes

"Desiree the child bride, and her sister Miranda, had gone grave-robbing for a wedding gown. In the north end of the cemetery, among the palatial mausoleums with their broken windows of stained glass where the ivy crept in, was the resting place of a young woman whod been murdered at the altar while reciting her marital vows. The decaying tombstone, among the cemeterys most envied, was a limestone bride in despair, shoulders as slumped as a mules, a bouquet of lilies strewn at her feet. Though her murder, by her grooms jealous mother, had been long in the past, everyone knew that her father had had her buried in her gown of lace and silk."

Jane Higgins Quotes

"We Rode to war in a taxi-cab"

Morris Mandel Quotes

"The darkest hour has only sixty minutes."

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Quotes About Getting There

"We turned away from each other at the same time, the space between us getting longer, until it looked like we hadnt even been standing together in the first place. But we had, and it was there: another heart layer on top of that sidewalk, changing it forever." - Author: Jennifer Gooch Hummer

Quotes About Dim

"Look beyond that light, says my father. Look hard and youll see people filing into the theater. Youll see ushers run up and down the aisles; people talk, programs rustle-youll hear a murmur. When the lights start to dim, the murmur rises, and then, just a moment before the curtain goes up, the noise stops-everyone in the house holds their breath, everyone knows what is going to happen. This is the moment Ive always loved most:the anticipation of magic, the expectation of illusion." - Author: Elena Gorokhova

Quotes About Slumdog

"The film Slumdog Millionaire portrays the spirit you feel in India. For those who havent been there, the film says it all." - Author: Lynda Resnick

Quotes About Attending Events

"...our memory is enhanced by the emotion attending the event. The more intense the feelings the more accessible to the memory is the event. Few of us live lives so emotionally charged that we can truly, accurately retrieve all of it. ...Often only our crisis events are preserved with strong emotions. For our own survival we cant forget them, and then we too easily forget the good stuff." - Author: Robert Dykstra

Quotes About Rembrandt

"But my attentions elsewhere, drawn to that warm wonderful pull, the familiar loving essence that only belongs to one person—only belongs to him—Watching as Damen cuts through the water, board tucked under his arm, body so sculpted, so bronzed, Rembrandt would weep. Water sluicing behind him like a hot knife through butter, cleanly, fluidly, as though parting the sea.My lips part, desperate to speak, to call out his name and bring him back to me. But just as Im about to, my eyes meet his and I see what he sees: me—hair tangled and wet—clothes twisted and clinging—frolicking in the ocean on a hot sunny day with Judes tanned strong arms still wrapped around me.I release myself from Judes grip, but its too late. Damens already seen me.Already moved on.Leaving me hollow, breathless, as I watch him retreat.No tulips, no telepathic message, just a sad, empty void left behind in his place." - Author: Alyson Noel

Quotes About Strong Foundations

"The majority, oppressing an individual, is guilty of a crime, abuses its strength, and by acting on the law of the strongest breaks up the foundations of society." - Author: Thomas Jefferson

Quotes About Changing The Future

"People, he had said, were always being looked at as points, and they ought to be looked at as lines. There werent any points, it was false to assume that a person ever was anything. He was always becoming something, always changing, always continuous and moving, like the wiggly line on a machine used to measure earthquake shocks. He was always what he was in the beginning, but never quite exactly what he was; he moved along a line dictated by his heritage and his environment, but he was subject to every sort of variation within the narrow limits of his capabilities....She shut her mind on that too. There was danger in looking at people as lines. The past spread backward and you saw things in perspective that you hadnt seen then, and that made the future ominous, more ominous than if you just looked at the point, at the moment. There might be truth in what Bruce said, but there was not much comfort." - Author: Wallace Stegner

Quotes About Taking The Mickey

"I never get the accountants in before I start up a business. Its done on gut feeling, especially if I can see that they are taking the mickey out of the consumer." - Author: Richard Branson

Quotes About Slander

"Making endings sound the same isnt just bad poetry, it also slanders everyone with a superior posterior." - Author: Bauvard

Quotes About Kheldar

"Zakath stared at the floor. I suddenly feel very helpless, he admitted, and I dont like the feeling. Ive been rather effectively dethroned, you know. This morning I was the Emperor of the largest nation on earth; this afternoon, Im going to be a vagabond.You might find it refreshing, Silk told him lightly.Shut up, Kheldar, Zakath said almost absently. He looked back at Polgara. You know something rather peculiar?Whats that?Even if I hadnt given my word, Id still have to go to Kell. Its almost like a compulsion. I feel as if Im being driven, and my driver is a blindfolded girl whos hardly more than a child.There are rewards, she told him.Such as what?Who knows? Happiness, perhaps.He laughed ironically. Happiness has never been a driving ambition of mine, Lady Polgara, not for a long time now.You may have to accept it anyway, She smiled. We arent allowed to choose our rewards any more than we are our tasks. Those decisions are made for us." - Author: David Eddings