[The Alternate Domination Of One Faction Over Another, Sharpened By The Spirit Of Revenge, Natural To Party Dissension, Which In Different Ages And Countries Has Perpetrated The Most Horrid Enormities, Is Itself A Frightful Despotism. But This Leads At Length To A More Formal And Permanent Despotism.]

Author: George Washington Quotes

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"Some might tell you theres no hope in hand Just because they feel hopeless But you dont have to be a thing like that You be a ship in a bottle set sail"

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"One morning she happened upon a bit of cloth decorated with pictures of little red squirrels carrying small, brown,nutsacks,and she nearly fainted away."

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"In the U.S., they just want to know who youre sleeping with."

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"In a church of my own were perfect togetherI recognize you in the stained glass"

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"A poet divinely inspired expresses words which naturally flow out of the mind without a second thought as if meant to be."

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"Now, when its time to get down to business, I get down to business."

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"Jealous is ugly, it will betray you in a heartbeat."

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"I love mysteries on television - the more psychologically complex, the better."

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"To experience positive/healthy emotions you dont need a big house or a nice car or a managerial job or a million dollar in your bank."

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"Unless we make Christmas an occasion to share our blessings, all the snow in Alaska wont make it white."

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"When the brain is working to remember something, similar patterns of neurons fire as they did during the perception of the original event. These networks are linked, and each time we revisit them, they become stronger and more associated. But they need the proper retrieval cues--words, smells, images-- for them to be brought back as memories" - Author: Susannah Cahalan

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"Such applications were sometimes granted because the GDR, unlike any other eastern European country, could rid itself of malcontents by ditching them into West Germany, where they were automatically granted citizenship. The Stasi put all applicants under extreme scrutiny. People who applied to leave were, unsurprisingly, suspected of wanting to leave which was, other than by this long-winded and arbitrary process, a crime. An ‘application to leave was legal, but the authorities might, if the fancy took them, choose to see it as a statement of why you didnt like the GDR. In that case it became a Hetzschrift (a smear) or a Schmäschrift (a libel) and therefore a criminal offence." - Author: Anna Funder

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"She loved hockey. Loved the speed, the agility. The fights. The men. Brawny, sweaty, messy. They let their hair grown, though no one would ever accuse them of being feminine, not with perpetual five oclock shadow and bulging muscles. They skated with the grace of ballet dancers and fought at the drop of a glove." - Author: Stephanie Julian

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"Ants are so much like human beings as to be an embarrassment. They farm fungi, raise aphids as livestock, launch armies into war, use chemical sprays to alarm and confuse enemies, capture slaves, engage in child labour, exchange information ceaselessly. They do everything but watch television." - Author: Lewis Thomas

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"She was almost there. She could feel the weight of herself, the ponderousness of her body, the distant memories of the dawn of time when rock was molten and free. For the first time in her life she knew what it was like to have balconies." - Author: Terry Pratchett

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"I was at the Apollo Theater all the time, skipping school, and I worked in a barbershop. Thats how I started with doo-wop. Now Ive come full circle. I did all kinds of music. I used to work on Broadway and Tin Pan Alley." - Author: George Clinton

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"Pictures, abstract symbols, materials, and colors are among the ingredients with which a designer or engineer works. To design is to discover relationships and to make arrangements and rearrangements among these ingredients." - Author: Paul Rand

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"That is the way we decided to talk, free and easy, two young men discussing a boxing match. That was the only way to talk. You couldnt let too much truth seep into your conversation, you couldnt admit with your mouth what your eyes had seen. If you opened the door even a centimeter, you would smell the rot outside and hear the screams. You did not open the door. You kept your mind on the tasks of the day, the hunt for food and water and something to burn, and you saved the rest for the end of the war." - Author: David Benioff

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"Even when were with someone we love, were foolish enough to think of her body and soul as being separate. To stand before the person we love is not the same as loving her true self, for we are only apt to regard her physical beauty as the indispensable mode of her existence. When time and space intervene, it is possible to be deceived by both, but on the other hand, it is equally possible to draw twice as close to her real self." - Author: Yukio Mishima

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"Ktk dia benar mari dukung,satu detik dia jahat mari hajar bareng2. tdk ada yg permanen dukungan thd seseorg" - Author: Dian Nafi