[The Alternate Domination Of One Faction Over Another, Sharpened By The Spirit Of Revenge, Natural To Party Dissension, Which In Different Ages And Countries Has Perpetrated The Most Horrid Enormities, Is Itself A Frightful Despotism. But This Leads At Length To A More Formal And Permanent Despotism.]

Author: George Washington Quotes

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Frank Bruni Quotes

"You can make a successful run for political office in this country without an especially thick résumé, any exceptional talent for expressing yourself, a noteworthy education or, for that matter, a basic grasp of science.But you better have religion. You better be ready to profess your faith in and fealty to God — the Judeo-Christian one, of course. And you better be convincing. A dust-up last week in the 2014 race for a United States Senate seat from Arkansas provided a sad reminder of this, showing once again that our ballyhooed separation of church and state is less canyon than itty-bitty crack."

Richard Barnfield Quotes

"He that is thy friend indeed, he will help thee in thy need: if thou sorrow, he will weep; if you wake, he cannot sleep; thus of every grief in heart he with thee doth bear a part."

Robert Turnbull Quotes

"The greatest mathematics has the simplicity and inevitableness of supreme poetry and music, standing on the borderland of all that is wonderful in Science, and all that is beautiful in Art."

Anthony Jacob Quotes

"This is my mind , i own it!"


"Cheese is the food of life"

Ki Longfellow Quotes

"I ask for nothing. / In return I give All. / There is no earning my Love. / No work needed, no effort / Save to listen to what is already heard, / To see what is already seen. / To know what is already known. / Do I seem to ask too little? / Would you give although I ask not? / Then this you can give me and I will accept. / I will take your heart. / You will find it waiting for you / When you return."

Sean Paul Quotes

"Most people are fortunate enough to stay two, three years in this game. Ive been in it for seven years, and I feel like now, Im just beginning."

Sarah Addison Allen Quotes

"Men of thoughtless actions are always surprised by consequences."

Mary Callahan Erdoes Quotes

"I was a mathematics major and really into math."

Margaret Sackville Quotes

"Laughter is ever young, whereas tragedy, except the very highest of all, quickly becomes haggard."

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"I have a name," I grumped, my stomach pinching me harder. "Yes, but it has no pizzazz. Ra-a-a-a-chel. Rach-e-e-e-eel," he said, trying it out in different ways. "No one will tremble in terror at that. Oh my God!" he said in a high falsetto. "Its Rachel! Run! Hide!" - Author: Kim Harrison

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"Let us find someone who will never break our heart, who will always be there for us, who will make us happy all the time, who will respect, love and cherish us in everything, and we cant go far in the search because such personality is within us, not in the world we are living now!" - Author: Michael Bassey Johnson

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"Though blessed with the enviable properties of a mink coat—graceful, unreasonable, and impractical no matter what she was draped over—she was nevertheless one of those people whose personality proved to be the bane of modern mathematicians. She was neither a flat nor solid shape. She showed no symmetry at all. Trigonometry, Calculus and Statistics all proved useless. Her Pie Chart was a muddle of arbitrary wedges, her Line Graph, the silhouette of the Alps. And just when one listed her under Chaos Theory—Butterfly Effects, Weather Predictions, Fractals, Bifurcation diagrams and whatnot—she showed up as an equilateral triangle, sometimes even a square." - Author: Marisha Pessl

Quotes About The Labour Market

"The (nation) states concern had been the development of citizens - social subjects whose identity was shaped by the goals of the state - and the preparation of a labour force serving the needs of a national economy and administration. That state was interested in cohesion, integration and homogeneity - however imperfectly realized. The globally framed interests of current versions of the market are neither about citizenship - shared social values, aspirations, dispositions - nor about the preparation of a labour force....." - Author: Gunther Kress