[The Association Of The Wild And The Wood Also Run Deep In Etymology. The Two Words Are Thought To Have Grown Out Of The Root Word Wald And The Old Teutonic Word Walthus, Meaning 'forest.' Walthus Entered Old English In Its Variant Forms Of 'weald,' 'wald,' And 'wold,' Which Were Used To Designate Both 'a Wild Place' And 'a Wooded Place,' In Which Wild Creatures -- Wolves, Foxes, Bears -- Survived. The Wild And Wood Also Graft Together In The Latin Word Silva, Which Means 'forest,' And From Which Emerged The Idea Of 'savage,' With Its Connotations Of Fertility....]

Author: Robert Macfarlane Quotes

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"Television has dried up for my generation, so its plays and films."

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"I still feel like no one knows who I am. I still feel anonymous."

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"An ethics of desire is good news for those of us who have become allergic to an ethics of law."

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"One Persons Kink is anothers Dream Come True"

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"And strange were the tales of the pond in the meadow,And eager we listened with eyes opened wideTo Those tales often told by poor Mary the widow,Who lived in a cottage the meadow beside.Play not, my dear boys, near the pond in the meadow,The mermaid is waiting to pull you beneath;Climb not for a birds nest, the bough it may sliver,And the mermaid will drag you to darkness and death."

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"You know you lose a lot of social skills if youre a writer. You spend too long alone. And its forced me to address that."

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"Fantasy fans are incredibly loyal and passionate. Other people dont want to be seen as passionate about things, they want to be cool and laconic. The great thing about fantasy fans is theyll really get behind a show."

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"The whole trial seemed surreal."

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"A travelers most interesting meals tend to happen by surprise."

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"In a way, the popularity of Corona came too fast for its own good, initially. We took a few steps back."

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