[The Best Musicians Or Sound-artists Are People Who Never Considered Themselves To Be Artists Or Musicians.]

Author: Richard D. James Quotes

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Jim Steinman Quotes

"If you dont go over the top you cant see whats on the other side."

Galt Niederhoffer Quotes

"Assigning degrees of blame to betrayal is a difficult project, much like deciding which of two murderers has the more wicked heart. With murder, there are tangible distinctions. First degree is intentional; second degree, irresponsible; third degree, accidental. But with crimes of the heart, the distinctions are more subtle. Who is it to say when a secret turns into a sin? With a daydream, a kiss, a confession? Who is to say which transgression is worse: sexual or emotional, coveting or caressing?"

Ivan Mandy Quotes

"You stupid fool, you know very well its not a short novel, but something longer...A piece of work youve got to buckle down to, that needs peace and concentration. Being able to wake up in the morning and lie in bed for a while."

Hiram Stevens Maxim Quotes

"Je me rends parfaitement compte du desagreable effet que produit sur la majorite de lhumanité, tout ce qui se rapporte, même au plus faible dègré, á des calculs ou raisonnements mathematiques.I am well aware of the disagreeable effect produced on the majority of humanity, by whatever relates, even at the slightest degree to calculations or mathematical reasonings."

Zhang Xin Quotes

"On the weekends, I do the usual parental things, going to the boys football tournaments or getting out for a hike along the Great Wall."

RL Mosz Quotes

"If you say anything, it just gets worse."

Arthur Phillips Quotes

"I like Shakespeare. I like some of his work a lot."

William Arthur Ward Quotes

"Wise are they who have learned these truths: Trouble is temporary. Time is tonic. Tribulation is a test tube."

Robin Burks Quotes

"Its funny how you take things like electricity for granted. You hit the button that turns everything on and it just comes on. You get used to that and it just works every single time. So what happens when it suddenly doesnt? things very well could get messy."

Sir Ronald Fisher Quotes

"We may at once admit that any inference from the particular to the general must be attended with some degree of uncertainty, but this is not the same as to admit that such inference cannot be absolutely rigorous, for the nature and degree of the uncertainty may itself be capable of rigorous expression."

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Quotes About Trees Thoreau

"But all I could make use of was all that was valuable. I had enough to eat and to supply my wants, and what was all the rest to me? If I killed more flesh than I could eat, the dog must eat it, or the vermin. If I sowed more corn than I could eat, it must be spoiled. The trees that I cut down were lying to rot on the ground. I could make no more use of them than for fewel; and that I had no occasion for, but to dress my food.In a word, the nature and experience of things dictated to me, upon just reflection, that all the good things of this world are no farther good to us than they are for our use; and that whatever we may heap up indeed to give others, we enjoy just as much as we can use and no more." - Author: Daniel Defoe

Quotes About Ansel

"Youre not too tall," Dunk blurted out. "Youre just right for …" He realized what he had been about to say, and blushed furiously. "For?" said Tanselle, cocking her head inquisitively. "Puppets," he finished lamely." - Author: Robert Silverberg

Quotes About Clarification

"I could have run after him. I could have asked politely for some clarification. But I didnt I knew what I preferred, and that was—I didnt want to know. Rather, I wanted to believe." - Author: Lloyd Jones

Quotes About Rachen

"Wie wohlhabend, wie einflussreich sie waren, wie sie prosperiert hatten unter einer Regierung, die sie beinahe siebzehn Jahre lang verachtet hatten! Talking ‚bout my generation. Diese Tatkraft, dieser unverschämte Dusel! Im Sozialstaat der Nachkriegszeit genährt von Milch und Honig des Staates, danach verwöhnt vom zaghaft-unschuldigen Wohlstand ihrer Eltern, mündig dann in einer Zeit der Vollbeschäftigung mit neuen Universitäten und bunten Taschentüchern, dem augusteischen Zeitalter des Rock ‚n Roll, der erschwinglichen Ideale. Als die Leiter hinter ihnen bröckelte, als der Staat seine Zitzen verweigerte und zum Hausdrachen wurde, saßen sie schon im trockenen, konsolidierten sich und ließen sich häusliche nieder, um dieses oder jenes zu bilden – Geschmack, Meinungen, Vermögen." - Author: Ian McEwan

Quotes About Deeper

"But the stars that marked our starting fall away.We must go deeper into greater pain,for it is not permitted that we stay." - Author: Dante Alighieri

Quotes About Skimpy

"I hope that Im sexy in a different kind of way than I think that a lot of girls are right now. I think a lot of girls in the public eye, especially musical artists, are just kind of objectified a little bit and wearing super-skimpy outfits and leaving nothing to the imagination." - Author: Emmy Rossum

Quotes About Architects And Architecture

"I feel however, that we architects have a special duty and mission... (to contribute) to the socio-cultural development of architecture and urban planning." - Author: Kenzo Tange

Quotes About Hitting A Woman

"Okay." She gave a quick snort when Margaret went out. "Youre such a dork.""Excuse me?""She was hitting on you and youre, like, oblivious.""She wasnt hitting on me and youre not supposed to talk that way.""Was too." Maddy slid onto a stool at the bar. "Women know these things.""Maybe, but you dont qualify as a woman.""Ive had my period."Hed started to drink, had to set the glass back down as he winced. "Please.""Its a biological function. And when a female is physically able to conceive, she is, physically, awoman.""Fine. Great." It wasnt a debate he wanted to enter into. "Shut up." He let the wine, such as itwas, lie on his tongue. It was unsophisticated to say the least, highly acidic and oversweet thanks tothe sugar she must have adde" - Author: Nora Roberts

Quotes About Ability To Change

"Men cannot be men—much less good or heroic men—unless their actions have meaningful consequences to people they truly care about. Strength requires an opposing force, courage requires risk, mastery requires hard work, honor requires accountability to other men. Without these things, we are little more than boys playing at being men, and there is no weekend retreat or mantra or half-assed rite of passage that can change that. A rite of passage must reflect a real change in status and responsibility for it to be anything more than theater. No reimagined manhood of convenience can hold its head high so long as the earth remains the tomb of our ancestors" - Author: Jack Donovan

Quotes About Innovation Technology

"Technology is driving the innovation. Technology is driving the creativity. Technology and the use of that is going to determine our workers ability to compete in the 21st century global marketplace." - Author: Ron Kind