[The Best Teacher Is An Entertainer.]

Author: Bob Keeshan Quotes

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Ralph W Sockman Quotes

"Let us not bankrupt our todays by paying interest on the regrets of yesterday and by borrowing in advance the troubles of tomorrow."

James Wolpert Quotes

"I really want to put the emphasis on creating music. I want to cut a record. I want to start going on tour."

Javier Marias Quotes

"Mindegy mi történik a regényekben, mert úgyis elfelejtjük, ha véget érnek. A lehetőségek és a gondolatok számítanak, amelyekre felnyitják a szemünket, és amikre fiktív történetükkel ráébresztenek; ezek tisztábban maradnak meg bennünk, mint a valós események kapcsán, és jobban megfontoljuk őket."

Michael De Luca Quotes

"I was a bookish kid, not really athletic."

Jonathan Kuiper Quotes

"It wasnt every day that I got to see him, but when I did I knew I was on the right path and that life, while still shifting, was always improving for the better."

Victoria Sophia AB Quotes

"She was lovely with eyes that captivated your heart, a smile that drew your mind, and a presence that captured your soul. She was everything you wanted in a girl, and so much more."

David Brin Quotes

"True brilliance has a well-known positive correlation with decency, much of the time--a fact the rest of us rely on, more than we ever know. The real world doesnt roil with as many crazed artists, psychotic generals, dyspeptic writers, maniacal statesmen, insatiable tycoons, or mad scientists as you see in dramas."

John Brownlow Quotes

"Ted: A fucking good poem is a weapon. Its-- and not like a--a popgun or something.- Its a bomb.Its like a bloody big bomb. Sylvia: Thats why they make childrenlearn them in school.They dont want them messing aboutwith them on their own. I mean, just imagineif a sonnet went off accidentally. Boom."

Stahl Quotes

"About eight days ago I discovered that sulfur in burning, far from losing weight, on the contrary, gains it; it is the same with phosphorus; this increase of weight arises from a prodigious quantity of air that is fixed during combustion and combines with the vapors. This discovery, which I have established by experiments, that I regard as decisive, has led me to think that what is observed in the combustion of sulfur and phosphorus may well take place in the case of all substances that gain in weight by combustion and calcination; and I am persuaded that the increase in weight of metallic calyxes is due to the same cause... This discovery seems to me one of the most interesting that has been made since Stahl and since it is difficult not to disclose something inadvertently in conversation with friends that could lead to the truth I have thought it necessary to make the present deposit to the Secretary of the Academy to await the time I make my experiments public."

Mary Jo Putney Quotes

"Entretanto, mesmo o fogo mais ardente deixa apenas as brasas mais amenas. Bodas verdadeiras são construídas sobre valores e interesses comuns."

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Quotes About Web Designers

"Because the competitive landscape of the web is such that the site which looks and works best gets the most traffic, developers and designers put a premium on the presentation of that content and let structural markup take a back seat." - Author: Mike Davidson

Quotes About Your Heart Beating Fast

"Why did you lift your top the other night in my office? Why did you flash your breasts at me like that?" he asked, his voice very low, his grey eyes intent on her."I dont know," she whispered. "Liar," he said, and then he closed the distance between them and his hands were cupping her face and his mouth was lowering toward hers and her heart was beating so hard and fast it was a wonder it didnt explode." - Author: Sarah Mayberry

Quotes About Mysterious Love

"That mysterious play which extends from love of a body to a love of an entire person has seemed to me noble enough to consecrate to it one part of my life." - Author: Marguerite Yourcenar

Quotes About Unpopularity

"Worldliness proposes objectives which demand no radical breach with mans fallen nature; it judges the importance of things by the present and material results; it weighs success by numbers; it covets human esteem and wants no unpopularity; it knows no truth for which it is worth suffering; it declines to be a fool for Christs sake." - Author: Iain Murray

Quotes About Childre

"What is the use of physicians like myself trying to help parents to bring up children healthy and happy, to have them killed in such numbers for a cause that is ignoble?" - Author: Benjamin Spock

Quotes About Jane Bennets Beauty

"...Age gave her the peace, at least, to live inside that moment like a poet - to not sacrifice the beauty to the anxiety of What Next, but to just observe." - Author: Shannon Hale

Quotes About Good Films

"I am incapable of directing a film like Agneenath. I can do only what I am good at, so I would have been the worst choice to direct it. It has aggression, action and an inherent violence in it - things I am not capable of directing in my films." - Author: Karan Johar

Quotes About Aging Hands

"Digital imaging has untied our hands with regards to technical limitations. We no longer have to be arbiters of technology; we get to participate in the interpretation of technology into creative content." - Author: John Dykstra

Quotes About Malinconia

"A un certo punto ho sentito una sensazione a cui non sono mai riuscito a dare un nome. È un misto di malinconia, tristezza, insoddisfazione, ansia, felicità. Quando la sento mi commuovo. Mi succedeva spesso in passato. Era qualcosa che mi sfuggiva e che provavo soprattutto quando restavo solo o mi fermavo un po a pensare. Sentivo che saliva come il dolore dopo che hai preso una botta." - Author: Fabio Volo

Quotes About Our Troops

"Because the Bush Administration will set no timetable for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, both chambers of Congress acted to make sure our troops will not be left in Iraq indefinitely." - Author: Jan Schakowsky