[The Biographer Has Two Lives: The One She Leads, And The One She Ultimately Understands.]

Author: Stacy Schiff Quotes

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Tony Crunk Quotes

". . . a racer snake / slicking off / like a signature into the weeds."

Susan Ross Quotes

"Believe it, achieve it."

Dario Fo Quotes

"I am the jongleur. I leap and pirouette, and make you laugh. I make fun of those in power, and I show you how puffed up and conceited are the big shots who go around making wars in which we are the ones who get slaughtered. I reveal them for what they are. I pull out the plug, and... pssss... they deflate."

Vinny Testaverde Quotes

"When youre on the road, you have to be louder and you have to communicate. Thats really the bottom line."

Jerry Orbach Quotes

"Now I take the summer off, relax, and I know that at the end of July were gonna start another season."

Richard Louv Quotes

"If getting our kids out into nature is a search for perfection, or is one more chore, then the belief in perfection and the chore defeats the joy. Its a good thing to learn more about nature in order to share this knowledge with children; its even better if the adult and child learn about nature together. And its a lot more fun."

Leo Howard Quotes

"Ive done all kinds of martial arts. I have my blackbelt in Shorei Ru. Im doing Wu Shu. I do all kinds of different martial arts."

Diogenes Quotes

"As a matter of self-preservation, a man needs good friends or ardent enemies, for the former instruct him and the latter take him to task."

Suzanne Lee Quotes

"I had a conversation with a biologist in an art gallery, and he persuaded me that it was possible to grow a dress from microbes. It was the craziest thing I had ever heard, but Im a bit of a science fiction fan and I thought it sounded like an interesting challenge."

Becca Ritchie Quotes

"If you hurt her, Ill personally snip off your balls and hang them on the Christmas tree this year."

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Quotes About Loser Men

"The closer men came to perfecting for themselves a paradise, the more impatient they became with it, and with themselves as well. They made a garden of pleasure, and became progressively more miserable with it as it grew in richness and power and beauty; for then, perhaps, it was easier to see something was missing in the garden, some tree or shrub that would not grow. When the world was in darkness and wretchedness, it could believe in perfection and yearn for it. But when the world became bright with reason and riches, it began to sense the narrowness of the needles eye, and that rankled for a world no longer willing to believe or yearn." - Author: Walter M. Miller Jr.

Quotes About Unimportant Things

"I mean youre given all these lessons for the unimportant things--piano-playing, typing. Youre given years and years of lessons in how to balance equations, which Lord knows you will never have to do in normal life. But how about parenthood? Or marriage, either, come to think of it. Before you can drive a car you need a state-approved course of instruction, but driving a car is nothing, nothing, compared to living day in and day out with a husband and raising up a new human being." - Author: Anne Tyler

Quotes About Unconcerned

"Urban conservationists may feel entitled to be unconcerned about food production because they are not farmers. But they cant be let off so easily, for they are all farming by proxy." - Author: Wendell Berry

Quotes About Oppression And Freedom

"To be a liberal is to care about more than ones own belly or roof. It is to care about the rights of all men and women to live and breathe freely. Freely, do you hear me? This is not oppression. Stop saying that black is white and night is day. Freedom is not slavery! So stop with the Orwellian double talk and start working to help more than yourself. Lining your own pockets is the opposite of helping this world!" - Author: Robert Peate

Quotes About Battling Illness

"And Kate thought about a time, long ago, when she had witnessed an ongoing romance between two mental patients. As a teenager watching their unlikely relationship unfold in front of her, she had understood that people did whatever they needed to do to be happy, regardless of their unfortunate circumstances. She supposed her mothers day care center was born out of the desire to feel needed, while making use of the skills that were practically all she had managed to acquire during decades of battling a debilitating illness." - Author: Sabrynne McLain

Quotes About Rich Person

"In the peculiar fate of people that makes them fat and rich, when this happens very swiftly there is the menace of the dreamy state that plunders their reality. Lets say that anyway old age and death would come, so why shouldnt the passage be comfortable? But this proposal doesnt make a firm mind, in the strange area where things swim too fast. Against this trouble thought may be a remedy; force of person is another one, and money and big-scale lavishness, unpierceable concreteness, organizational deeds. So there are these various remedies and many more, older ones, but you dont actually have full choice among all the varieties, especially those older ones of the invisible world. Most people make do with what they have, and labor in their given visible world, and this has its own stubborn merit." - Author: Saul Bellow

Quotes About Scar Tissue

"Young love sucked. Old love wasnt much easier, but at least you had some scar tissue built up around your heart to make it hurt a little less." - Author: Tere Michaels

Quotes About Raven Hair

"The Wolf trots to and fro,The world lies deep in snow,The raven from the birch tree flies,But nowhere a hare, nowhere a roe,The roe -she is so dear, so sweet -If such a thing I might surpriseIn my embrace, my teeth would meet,What else is there beneath the skies?The lovely creature I would so treasure,And feast myself deep on her tender thigh,I would drink of her red blood full measure,Then howl till the night went by.Even a hare I would not despise;Sweet enough its warm flesh in the night.Is everything to be deniedThat could make life a little bright?The hair on my brush is getting grey.The sight is failing from my eyes.Years ago my dear mate died.And now I trot and dream of a roe.I trot and dream of a hare.I hear the wind of midnight howl.I cool with the snow my burning jowl,And on to the devil my wretched soul I bear." - Author: Hermann Hesse

Quotes About Biblical Worldview

"Within the biblical worldview (which has not so much been disproved as ignored in much modern thought), heaven and earth overlap, and do so at certain specific times and places, Jesus and the Spirit being the key markers. In the same way, at certain places and moments Gods future and Gods past (that is, events like Jesuss death and resurrection) arrive in the present--rather as though you were to sit down to a meal and discover your great-great-grandparents, and also your great-great-grandchildren, turning up to join you. Thats how Gods time works." - Author: N. T. Wright

Quotes About Peur

"quel guillochis oeuvre par la providence que la vie de lhomme! par combien de voies secretes et contraires les circonstances diverses ne precipitent-elles pas nos affections! aujourdhui nous aimons ce que demain nous hairons,aujourdhui nous recherchons ce que nous fuirons demain,aujourdhui nous desirons ce que demain nous fera peur..." - Author: Daniel Defoe