[The Calling Means So Much To Me. It's This Idea Of Perception And How The Mythology Of The Universe And Earth Have Played Out And How I Get To Re-write That Based On My Imagination And Some Of My True Feelings. It's About Being A Man Pushing 35 And Not Having A Sense Of Direction. It's About Finding Love And Being Totally Unwilling To Let It Go. - About Qualia]

Author: Stephan Lawrence Theodore Clifford Quotes

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"I dont do the L.A. scene. I stay focused and very myopic. I dont feel I need to prove myself or be in peoples faces, especially in this town."

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"He couldnt even jerk himself off: there was no one to give him permission to come."

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"Youre a fool," Quinhelm accused. "Any man who would allow himself to be bewitched by a woman needs a good dunking in a cold barrel of water." (Quinhelm, the wizard, from BRIGGEN)"

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"I am the father of twin sons that were born in Philadelphia at Pennsylvania Hospital in 1983. They were 13 weeks premature. Gerry weighed 1 pound 14 ounces, and Zachary 1 pound 11 ounces. They were the first male twins to ever survive at Pennsylvania Hospital."

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"...if you spent all your time being protected, you never got to find out anything new."

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"An apple tree is just like a person. In order to thrive, it needs companionship thats similar to it in some ways, but quite different than others."

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"Skin has become inadequate in interfacing with reality. Technology has become the bodys new membrane of existence."

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