[The Desire To Procreate, In Some, Is So Strong That It Creates A Sort Of Tunnel Vision In The Afflicted. One Can't See Beyond Trying To Make A Baby, And They Never Stop To Think About What It Will Really Be Like Once Said Baby Has In Fact, Arrived.]

Author: Karen Fowler Quotes

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Hussein S Hariri Quotes

"If you dont feel the pain with others, you wont know the meaning of sharing happiness..."

Sonya Bateman Quotes

"I tried to speak, to tell Kit I wasnt dead. No sound came out. But I managed to lift one arm a few inches and execute a tiny wave. Hello, still alive. In a fuck ton of pain, but not dead."

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"I like the body. I like to design everything to do with the body."

Tim Wise Quotes

"When I got to college, the fake ID thing wasnt that important, since pretty much everyone could get away with drinking in New Orleans. But the drugs, well, that was a different story altogether, because drugs are every bit as illegal in New Orleans as anywhere else--at least, if youre black and poor, and have the misfortune of doing your drugs somewhere other than the dorms at Tulane University. But if you are lucky enough to be living at Tulane, which is a pretty white place, especially contrasted with the city where its located, which is 65 percent black, then you are absolutely set."

Catherine Of Genoa Quotes

"Normal....What the majority of people look, act, and talk and like.So what if the majority became what we see as wierd now?Would our normal, become our new wierd?"

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"Love – Easy to fall, but hard to resist"

Jeremy Irons Quotes

"Actors often behave like children, and so were taken for children. I want to be grown up."

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"I know God has been found by unusual people in unusual places--in a sudden vision in a grove or orchard or grotto, or on a mountain or in a closet, or through saintly service to African lepers or to Calcutta untouchables. But for most of us, most of the time, I am convinced he can be found most surely in the natural sequence to the performance of the duties he has given us that all of us (not just the unusual) can perform in our own homes and neighborhoods."

Jennifer Haymore Quotes

"If wishes were horses," she murmured, "beggars would ride."

Yo Yo Ma Quotes

"As you begin to realize that every different type of music, everybodys individual music, has its own rhythm, life, language and heritage, you realize how life changes, and you learn how to be more open and adaptive to what is around us."

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"Wittgensteinı bu duruma uyarlayacak olursak,dünyamızın sınırlarının,başkalarının bizi anlama sınırları tarafından belirlendiğini söyleyebiliriz.Elimizde olmadan başkalarının algılarının parametreleri içinde var oluruz- başkalarının bizim komikliğimizi anlama sınırları içinde komiklik yaparız;onların zekası bizim zekamızı,cömertliği cömertliğimizi,ironisi ironimizi belirler.Karakter,hem okura hem de yazara ihtiyaç duyan bir dil gibi işler.Shakespeare, yedi yaşındaki çocuğun gözünde saçmalıktan ibarettir,eğer sadece yedi yaşındakiler tarafından okunacak olursa yedi yaşındaki birinin anlama kapasitesi ölçüsünde takdir edilir." - Author: Alain de Botton

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"When I first met Cara, she was twelve and angry at the world. Her parents had split up, her brother was gone, and her mom was infatuated with some guy who was missing vowels in his unpronounceable last name. So I did what any other man in that situation would do: I came armed with gifts. I bought her things that I thought a twelve-year-old would love: a poster of Taylor Lautner, a Miley Cyrus CD, nail polish that glowed in the dark. "I cant wait for the next Twilight movie," I babbled, when I presented her with the gifts in front of Georgie. "My favorite song on the CD is If We Were a Movie. And I almost went with glitter nail polish, but the salesperson said this is much cooler, especially with Halloween coming up."Cara looked at her mother and said, without any judgment, "I think your boyfriend is gay." - Author: Jodi Picoult

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"Perhaps it has sometimes happened to you in a dream that someone says something which you dont understand but in the dream it feels as if it had some enormous meaning--either a terrifying one which turns the whole dream into a nightmare or else a lovely meaning too lovely to put into words, which makes the dream so beautiful that you remember it all your life and are always wishing you could get into that dream again. It was like that now." - Author: C.S. Lewis

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"It is not at all coincidental that Darwinian psychology has the same difficulty explaining the unity and integration of human reasoning as Darwinian biology has explaining the unity and integration of irreducibly complex functions. Practical and theoretical reasoning is often irreducibly complex. A given argument has several well-matched, interacting reasons, and the removal of any one of them makes the argument break down." - Author: Angus Menuge

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"The night of the fireworks changed the course of many lives in England, though no one suspected the dark future as hundreds of courtiers stared, faces upturned in delight, at the starbursts of crimson, green, and gold that lit up the terraces, gardens, and pleasure grounds of Rosethorn House, the country home of Richard, Baron Thornleigh. That night, no one was more proud to belong to the barons family than his eighteen-year-old ward, Justine Thornleigh; she had no idea that she would soon cause a deadly division in the family and ignite a struggle between two queens. Yet she was already, innocently, on a divergent path, for as Lord and Lady Thornleigh and their multitude of guests watched the dazzle of fireworks honoring the spring visit of Queen Elizabeth, Justine was hurrying away from the public gaiety. Someone had asked to meet her in private." - Author: Barbara Kyle

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"Then we shant regard anyone as a lover of knowledge or wisdom who is fussy about what he studies…" - Author: Plato

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"A person who suffers from severe locomotor anxiety finds himself in an almost permanent state of mental tension. He wakes in the morning with the anxious expectation of having to go out somewhere in the course of the day." - Author: Karl Abraham

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"Why do adults have to diminish everything by feeling they need to end meetings with a false positive? Its so selfish. They say it not because they believe it, but because it helps them feel some kind of accomplishment when they walk away. Like theyve done their job. But what do they leave behind?Its like when teachers tell Tyler that he should be a lawyer because hes good at arguing, but meanwhile he cant pass grade nine. No one wants to say hes stupid, or that hes probably going to end up in jail like his brother, so they fill his head with these stupid dreams until hes eighteen, with no credits and totally messed up for life. I say, tell the truth, squash the dream, and stop with the second chances." - Author: Lesley Anne Cowan

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"Whats odd is that nobody in my family is an artist. My cousins are, like, secretaries at law firms or nurses or just more blue collar. And I was in a baseball team. I used to be, like, a really big tomboy." - Author: Melonie Diaz

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"I certainly wanted to maintain some sense of mystery about Picard and thats why we never allowed certain situations to fully evolve, like the relationship between Picard and Beverly Crusher." - Author: Patrick Stewart