[The Difficulty, The Ordeal, Is To Start.]

Author: Zane Grey Quotes

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Chuck Shurley Quotes

"No doubt.. Endings are hard, but then again.. nothing ever really ends, does it??"

Roger De Rabutin Quotes

"Absence is to love what wind is to fire; it extinguishes the small, it enkindles the great."

11th Doctor Quotes

"The way I see it, every life is a pile of good things and bad things. The good things dont always soften the bad things, but vice versa the bad things dont always spoil the good things or make them unimportant."

Lara Biyuts Quotes

"Hope as evidence of life. Life as evidence of death."

Courtney Vail Quotes

"Oh, really? Do you wake up heaving from bloody dreams thatpromise destruction like some crazy street guy forecasting theApocalypse? Did you slam a door in your dads face hours before he died?Does everyone, cops included, think youre a pestering loon cause‘accident doesnt sit right with you, nor the many other freakouts, likethe car that keeps showing up on your street, with someone sitting in it,doing like, nothing? No? Oh no? Didnt think so. Life sucks for everyone.Jump or deal with it."

Dylan Anders Porter Quotes

"Im a poet and you are poetry"

Miss Mae Quotes

"Its elementary, my dear Winifred."

Rudolf Hilferding Quotes

"For in the theoretical field bourgeois economics no longer engages in blithe and joyous fights."

Gert Nygardshaug Quotes

"Fredric Drum hadde definitivt ristet av seg de siste rester av godtroenhet og mildhet overfor det bedrageriske skinn som kaltes «tilfeldigheter»."

Sonia Sotomayor Quotes

"The Latina in me is an ember that blazes forever."

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Quotes About Bad Preachers

"The journey through another world, beyond bad dreamsbeyond the memories of a murdered generation,cartographed in captivity by bare survivorsmakes sacristans of us all.The old ones go our bail, we oblate preachers of our tribes.Be careful, they say, dont hock the beads of kinship agonies; the moire-effect of unfamiliar hymnsupon our own, a change in pitch or shrillness of the voicetransforms the ways of song to words of poetry or proseand makes distinctionsno one recognizes.Surrounded and absorbed, we tread like Etruscanson the edge of useless law; we prayto the giver of prayer, we give the cane whistlein ceremony, we swing the heavy silver chainof incense burners. Migration makes new citizens of Rome." - Author: Elizabeth Cook Lynn

Quotes About Birds On Wire

"When we first arrived at Auschwitz there were birds. I didnt know what kind, just brown birds, like the finches. They came for about a week and then the Nazis electrified the fences. I was out early the first morning they had the power on. A whole flight of these little birds came in and as they settled on the wire they made quick bright bursts of flame and smoke. The others did not know what was happening and they kept coming in and getting incinerated. The next day the birds did not come close to the camp. We saw them in the distance for a few days, but they never came close. At first I thought they had just naturally learned a lesson, but then I realized they had become sensitive to evil." - Author: Lawrence Thornton

Quotes About Disprove

"The results of decades of neurotransmitter-depletion studies point to one inescapable conclusion: low levels or serotonin, norepinephrine or dopamine do not cause depression. here is how the authors of the most complete meta-analysis of serotonin-depletion studies summarized the data: "Although previously the monoamine systems were considered to be responsible for the development of major depressive disorder (MDD), the available evidence to date does not support a direct causal relationship with MDD. There is no simple direct correlation of serotonin or norepinephrine levels in the brain and mood. In other words, after a half-century of research, the chemical-imbalance hypothesis as promulgated by the drug companies that manufacture SSRIs and other antidepressants is not only with clear and consistent support, but has been disproved by experimental evidence." - Author: Irving Kirsch

Quotes About Gay Bullying

"They‟re from my best friend," I said. "They‟re from my best gay friend, Curtis Chapman." He stood there, frozen, possibly thinking I was joking. "Curtis won‟t be back. He got out… he was saved. He won‟t have to be called names, picked on, tortured, and assaulted anymore. He‟s gone to a different school, and your days of bullying him are over." "Jon, the kid‟s a fag!" "And he‟s my best friend, and I love him… and so does God" - Author: Jeff Erno

Quotes About Futile

"In a way, the futile excuses many people use to cover their superstitions are demolished. They think it is enough to have some sort of religious fervor, however ridiculous, not realizing that true religion must be according to Gods will as the perfect measure; that He can never deny Himself and is no mere spirit form to be changed around according to individual preference." - Author: John Calvin

Quotes About Predictable Behavior

"if we wish to understand why, as humans, we often act in certain predictable ways (and particularly if there is a desire or need to change these behavioral responses), we can remember our animal heritage and look for the possible releasers that seem to stimulate our fixed-action patterns." - Author: John Brockman

Quotes About Braff

"Because the purpose of feminism isnt to make a particular type of woman. The idea that there are inherently wrong and inherently right "types" of women is whats screwed feminism for so long — this belief that "we" wouldnt accept slaggy birds, dim birds, birds that bitch, birds that hire cleaners, birds that stay at home with their kids, birds that have pink Mini Metros with POWERED BY FAIRY DUST! bumper stickers, birds in burkas or birds that like to pretend, in their heads, that theyre married to Zach Braff from Scrubs and that you sometimes have sex in an ambulance while the rest of the cast watch and, latterly, clap. You know what? Feminism will have all of you.What is feminism? Simply the belief that women should be as free as men, however nuts, dim, deluded, badly dressed, fat, receding, lazy and smug they might be.Are you a feminist? Hahaha. Of course you are." - Author: Caitlin Moran

Quotes About Mistletoe

"Three hand-painted signs had been tacked to a broken-down gate. The first read,THE QUIBBLER. EDITOR: X. LOVEGOODThe second,PICK YOUR OWN MISTLETOEThe third,KEEP OFF THE DIRIGIBLE PLUMS" - Author: J.K. Rowling

Quotes About Cellphone

"If god meant for people to talk into cellphones, he wouldve put our mouths on the side of our heads." - Author: Devon Sampson

Quotes About Humility And Gratitude

"So much about living life, to me, is about humility and gratitude. And Ive tried very hard to have those qualities and be that person and Im just so disappointed in myself that I allowed it to slip." - Author: Katherine Heigl