[The Dream Had Come Again, Like The Sun After A Storm. It Was The Same Dream That Had Come Many Times Before, Battering Down The Doors Of My Mind Night After Night Since I Was A Child. It Was The Sort Of Dreams All Girls Dream, I Suppose- A Dream Of Mysterious Worlds And Hidden Doorways, Of Leaves That Breathe And Make Music When They Are Rustled In The Wind, And River That Bubbles And Froth With Secrets.]

Author: Kailin Gow Quotes

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Jo Bonner Quotes

"Dr. Rice went well beyond offering a helping hand - she went so far as to shed tears and share hugs with those who, in a matter of just a few hours, had lost everything to the rising floodwaters."

Arswendo Atmowiloto Quotes

"Manusia hidup menunggu untuk mati. Kehidupan justru terasakan dalam menunggu. Makin bisa menikmati cara menunggu, makin tenang dalam hati."

Elisabeth Naughton Quotes

"How can you think that? How can you believe God would let us go through this hell?" "Because you have to think of the alternative. If it hadnt happened the way it did, youd have been on that plane. Youd really be gone now. Thered be no second chances. Thered be no Reed."

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"As you grow up and get educated in the business, you go from, I want to do movies to I want to work. In whatever."

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"Dont pass to other your bad experience in life it is for you to learn not for them to experience"

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"I finally realized the happy medium, honey blonde was the correct color and line for me."

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"We were hunter-gatherers of information, and we moved from that to becoming farmers and cultivators of information."

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"as every day passes you start to grow and when that day comes you stop growing and you rest in peace x x"

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"I miss the physicality of drumming. Theres immediateness about it that Im always striving for in my acting. Maybe Im in the wrong profession. I certainly wish I could spend more time pursuing music. It feels like a part of me Im neglecting."

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"Why is it that one of the best songs in the world has to be written by the BeeGees?"Benedict"

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"You might almost say, that this strange uncompromisedness in him involved a sort of unintelegence; for in his numerous trades, he did not seem to work so much by reason or instinct, or simply because he had been tuitored into it, or by any intermixture of all of these , even or uneven; but merely by a kind of deaf and dumb , sponteneous literal process." - Author: Herman Melville

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"Our cautious ancestors, when yawning, blocked the way to the entrance of evil spirits by putting their hands before their mouths. We find a reason for the gesture in the delicacy of manner which forbids an indecent exposure." - Author: George Herbert Mead

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"To gain an overall understanding of oneself does not require looking outward - it requires the strength of looking inward." - Author: Michelle Cruz Rosado

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"Bodily vigor is good, and vigor of intellect is even better, but far above both is character. It is true, of course, that a genius may, on certain lines, do more than a brave and manly fellow who is not a genius; and so, in sports, vast physical strength may overcome weakness, even though the puny body may have in it the heart of a lion. But, in the long run, in the great battle of life, no brilliancy of intellect, no perfection of bodily development, will count when weighed in the balance against that assemblage of virtues, active and passive, of moral qualities, which we group together under the name of character; and if between any two contestants, even in college sport or in college work, the difference in character on the right side is as great as the difference of intellect or strength the other way, it is the character side that will win." - Author: Theodore Roosevelt

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"Clarabelle laughed like shed just heard the funniest thing ever. "Of course you HOPE you wont die, Valkyrie! Who would HOPE to die? Thats just SILLY! But you probably WILL die, thats what Im saying. Dont you think so?" - Author: Derek Landy

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"Thinking like ethical people, dressing like ethical people, decorating our homes like ethical people makes not a damn of difference unless we also behave like ethical people." - Author: George Monbiot

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"Life had taught him about something far more complicated than justice. Its name was balance." - Author: Carsten Jensen

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"Well did the traveler know those garden lands that lie betwixt the wood of the Cerenerian Sea, and blithely did he follow the singing river Oukranos that marked his course. The sun rose higher over gentle slopes of grove and lawn, and heightened the colors of the thousand flowers that starred each knoll and dangle. A blessed haze lies upon all this region, wherein is held a little more of the sunlight than other places hold, and a little more of the summers humming music of birds and bees; so that men walk through it as through a faery place, and feel greater joy and wonder than they ever afterward remember." - Author: H.P. Lovecraft

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"Id been traveling in Asia long enough to know that monkeys there are nothing like their trombone-playing, tambourine-banging cousins Id seen on TV as a kid. Free-living Asian primates possess a characteristic I found shocking and confusing the first time I saw it: self-respect. If you make the mistake of holding the gaze of a street monkey in India, Nepal, or Malaysia, youll find youre facing a belligerently intelligent creature whose expression says, with a Robert DeNiro–like scowl, "What the hell are you looking at? You wanna piece of me?" Forget about putting one of these guys in a little red vest." - Author: Christopher Ryan

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"Ive found, though, that people are more likely to share their personal experiences if you go first, so thats why I always keep an eleven-point list of what went wrong in my childhood to share with them. Also I usually crack open a bottle of tequila to share with them, because alcohol makes me less nervous, and also because Im from the South, and in Texas we offer drinks to strangers even when were waiting in line at the liquor store. In Texas we call that _southern hospitality_. The people who own the liquor store call it shoplifting. Probably because theyre Yankees.Im not allowed to go back to that liquor store." - Author: Jenny Lawson