[The Eagles Ended On A Rather Abrupt Note, Although In Retrospect I Realize Now That It Had Been Ending For Quite Some Time.]

Author: Don Henley Quotes

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Noel Redding Quotes

"Well, the first day we went through three songs, very basically."

Alan James Roll Quotes

"Look up, greet sparks of fire with salted eyes,For hes a burning atmospheric sigh:One blaze of liquid flame on midnight sky,Soft orbital decay, and last goodbye."

Conor Oberst Quotes

"Let the poets cry themselves to sleep, and all their tearful words will turn back into steam."

Jim Goldberg Quotes

"My only agenda is to bring attention to otherwise ignored and shunned lives."

Viviana Giorgi Quotes

"Lui sta armeggiando in macchina cercando di liberare la piccola dalle cinture del seggiolino. La bimba sembra essersi svegliata, ma lui è bravo, le parla dolcemente e lei non piange e si lascia andare persino a un risolino.«Forse ci vorrebbe del latte» faccio io raggiungendoli, come se di bambini capissi tutto.«Yeah» risponde lui.Yeah?Poi annuisce e mi chiede cortesemente di prendere la borsa rosa che è in macchina. Obbedisco e trotterello dietro di lui in casa.Red, dallalto del suo palco reale, segue la scena un po seccato e commenta con un miao altezzoso. Forse invidioso.Fuck you, Red."

Beth Kephart Quotes

"The night before, Id gone overboard with my Lila poems, and maybe its true that I was hoping that in them hed see the genius of me, the beauty of my words in his hands."

Rory McCann Quotes

"I dont have a mortgage, I dont have a wife and I dont have kids, so Im quite happy bumbling along."

Alecia Stone Quotes

"This will be the greatest discovery since the extinction of dinosaurs.""Assuming dinosaurs did exist, that is," Derkein said.Alex shook her head. "Couldnt just let me have this moment, could you?"

Bobby Locke Quotes

"When you get up there in years, the fairways get longer and the holes get smaller."

Anthony Hope Quotes

"God save the King!"Old Sapts mouth wrinkled into a smile."God save em both!" he whispered."

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Quotes About Revealing

"Immediately Chelsea latched onto her wrist and pulled Veronicas hand toward the cup. "Nonsense." Chelseas eyes narrowed in on Veronica. Her eyes turned black and her mouth opened slightly, revealing her fangs. "Now drink up, researcher. Dont let a good drink go to waste." - Author: Isaiyan Morrison

Quotes About Canvassing

"Indeed; peace literature is almost exclusively read, though to good effect, by pacifists, while what is needed is the canvassing of those who have not so far been won to the cause." - Author: Fredrik Bajer

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"I got incerdibly heavy boots about how relatively insignificant life is, and how, compared to the universe and compared to time, it didnt even matter if I exsited at all..."Well Im not talking about painting the Mona LIsa or curing limeter." "Yeah?""If you hadnt done it, human history would have been one way...""Uh-huh?""But you did do it, so...?"I stood on the bed, pointed my fingers at the fake stars, and screamed: "I changed the course of human history!""Thats right.""I changed the universe!""You did.""Im God!""Youre an atheist.""I dont exist!"I fell back onto the bed, into his arms, and we cracked up together." - Author: Jonathan Safran Foer

Quotes About Love And Annoyance

"He said that people who loved [animals] to excess were capable of the worst cruelties toward human beings. He said that dogs were not loyal but servile, that cats were opportunists and traitors, that peacocks were heralds of death, that macaws were simply decorative annoyances, that rabbits fomented greed, that monkeys carried the fever of lust, and that roosters were damned because they had been complicit in the three denials of Christ." - Author: Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez

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"Enchantment frightens us for good reason. Whether its enchantment of the ordinary kind or the magical kind, it may very well change us, and we may not be able to return to our old selves, to our old certainties and our easy understandings. Magical people seem to fear that less than the rest of us. They want to be enchanted and are quite willing to be changed forever as they go deeper and deeper into realms beyond everyday understanding. Most of us wouldnt mind a little more magic ourselves, if we could slip in and out of it. We too want to leave the brab realities of work-a-day life, experience the transcendent, to revel in endless possibility. But most of us have lost any belief in good magic. All thats left is a vague sence that evil is afoot and ready to draw nearer. The only magic most of us believe in is the scary stuff." - Author: Christine Wicker

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"Do you know why I gave my daughter permission to marry your father?""No," Bailey says. It is not a topic that has ever been discussed in his presence, though Caroline once told him in secret she heard it was something of a scandal. Even almost twenty years later, his father never sets foot in his grandmothers house, nor does she ever come out to Concord."Because she would have run off with him regardless," she says. "That was what she wished. It would not have been my choice for her, but a child should not have their choices dictated for them...Follow your dreams, Bailey," she says. "Be they Harvard or something else entirely. No matter what that father of yours says, or how loudly he might say it. He forgets that he was someones dream once, himself." - Author: Erin Morgenstern

Quotes About Taste Of Success

"Weve seen a lot of people self-destruct because of a small taste of success." - Author: Shannon Hoon

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"Another time he felt himself reenacting a conversation with father, a long talk about duty and honor and all the reasons why enlisting was the right thing to do. It was a talk theyd had several months ago, and Frank had agreed with everything his father had said, only this time Frank found himself taking a contrary opinion. What the hells so honorable about it? Duty to whom? To myself, or the guys who would be fighting without me, or to the people here at home afraid of the Hun? Or duty to President Wilson, or to Carnegie, or to God, or to all the fallen soldiers before me, to Great-grandad Emmett and his bleached bones down at Antietam?" - Author: Thomas Mullen

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"And so seated next to my father in the train compartment, I suddenly asked, "Father, what is sexsin?"He turned to look at me, as he always did when answering a question, but to my surprise he said nothing. At last he stood up, lifted his traveling case off the floor and set it on the floor.Will you carry it off the train, Corrie?" he said.I stood up and tugged at it. It was crammed with the watches and spare parts he had purchased that morning.Its too heavy," I said.Yes," he said, "and it would be a pretty poor father who would ask his little girl to carry such a load. Its the same way, Corrie, with knowledge. Some knowledge is too heavy for children. When you are older and stronger, you can bear it. For now you must trust me to carry it for you." - Author: Corrie ten Boom

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"Dont walk in front of me, I may not follow. Dont walk behind me, I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend, and together we shall walk in the way of God." - Author: Hillel Hazakein