[The Earth Is My Altar, The Sky Is My Dome, Mind Is My Garden, The Heart Is My Home And I'm Always At Home - Yea, I'm Always At Om.]

Author: Eden Ahbez Quotes

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Mullk Raj Anand Quotes

"…If one who slays one is a murderer then he who slays a thousand is not a hero, said Lalu.- Pg. #112, Across the Black Waters."

Louisa Young Quotes

"Courage for the big troubles in life, lad hed say, and patience for the small. Be of good cheer. God is awake."

Robin Weiss Quotes

"If Charles Darwin reappeared today, he might be surprised to learn that humans are descended from viruses as well as from apes."

Stanisaw Lem Quotes

"A writer should not run around with a mirror for his countrymen; he should tell his society and his times things no one ever thought before."

Susan Molinari Quotes

"We dont separate out men and women working together in corporations."

Claire Fontaine Quotes

"We tell our daughters we dont trust them in a thousand ways. We dont consciously mean to, but we steal their confidence in their own strength by stealing their pain. And their confidence in our strength by saying we arent strong enough to see them struggle."

Kristen Reed Quotes

"Friendship is just love that has yet to sprout wings and take flight."

Pirkko Saisio Quotes

"Avaan kirjan.Luen ensimmäisen sivun kirjasta.Koska lukeminen sujuu aika hyvin, luen heti perään toisenkin rivin.Luen koko sivun.Luen koko kirjan.Sittenmakaan nuorisohetekalla ja itken, enkä ymmärrä miksi.En tiedä, itkenkö siksi, että kirja on loppunut kesken vai siksi, että olen lukenut kokonaisen kirjan. Vai siksi, että nyt jo tiedän lukevani monta muutakin kirjaa."

Krista Tippett Quotes

"If God is God, we cant be afraid of what we can learn."

Jeanne Voelker Quotes

"Writing stories and plays is an extension of little-kid doll house play and lego play. We all are kids, just older now, and we plan a bit more, but writing is play."

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Quotes About Pillars Of Success

"The best way to succeed is to have a specific Intent, a clear Vision, a plan of Action, and the ability to maintain Clarity. Those are the Four Pillars of Success. It never fails!" - Author: Steve Maraboli

Quotes About Elasticity

"Leadership obeys the principle of Hookes law to the very bone. It explains:When an elastic material is stretched, it returns to its original position. But when its over stretched beyond its limit point, it loses its elasticity and becomes plastic, and later cuts or breaks.As a leader, in your leadership disposition, it behoves of you to acquaint yourself with this very leadership principle that edges forward. Its however, a human nature to adopt to an environment, so, leaders are humans, they tend to have this rapore with their followers which is somewhat a must needed. But the ability for such one to return and recollect to knowing his boundary makes a good leader. A phenomenon whereby he becomes drunk of platitudes, then it comes to a time where they (followers) dictate for him. And even sought and suggest plans without his consent or knowing, it has gotten to the point of plastic and break respectively." - Author: Richmond Akhigbe

Quotes About Accusing

"I am accusing him of stealing my best material, he was a very funny man." - Author: Frank Carson

Quotes About Robert The Bruce

"A few years ago, when I was hitchhiking through Laramie, Wyoming, I met an old and infertile man named John. I told him, "I think Id have made a good son, John. But Id have made an even better Johnson." He nodded as he took a long drag from his cigarette before he said, "I think I would have made a good Robert Derrick. But Id have made an even better Derrick Robert." I was silent for a few minutes, because I knew all too well what he meant. Ive often felt Id have made a great Bruce Robert, and an even better Robert the Bruce than Robert the Bruce ever was. Because, as many people have told me, "You can take all the Bruces in the world, including Mr. Willis, and youd be the only one who could simply be called ‘The Bruce." But you couldnt call me "The Boss," because that title belongs to another Bruce." - Author: Jarod Kintz

Quotes About Usage

"Whats the shelf life of a 1931 movie? If it still exists, there will always be film buffs and a niche audience who will want to see it. But in terms of people even understanding in common usage, some of the words we use to describe these movies, I dont know how long thats going to last." - Author: Joe Dante

Quotes About Music Programs

"At the moment, in Britain were facing such enormous cutbacks in education programs and music programs and art programs that you feel you are knocking your head against a brick wall." - Author: Peter Maxwell Davies

Quotes About Christmas Gifts

"The city centre was still crawling with Christmas shoppers looking to add to their already burgeoning piles of gifts. To Scott they were like ants at a picnic, teeming from store to store, trailing oversized carrier bags and infants behind them as they went. Scott felt alien in this environment; pulling up his hood he hurried through the crowds, dodging pushchairs, lit cigarettes and charity collection tins." - Author: R.D. Ronald

Quotes About Nature And Life

"His way had therefore come full circle, or rather had taken the form of an ellipse or a spiral, following as ever no straight unbroken line, for the rectilinear belongs only to Geometry and not to Nature and Life." - Author: Hermann Hesse

Quotes About Cardew

"His character would be blamed, loathed, discussed, and adored – but somewhere there, behind his mask of a hero, Cardew would remain faceless.Anonymous." - Author: Simona Panova

Quotes About Germs

"I told my three sons stories about germs more than fifty years ago as fanciful bedtime tales." - Author: Arthur Kornberg