[The Earth Will Always Be The Same - Only Cities And History Will Change, Even Nations Will Change, Governments And Governors Will Go, The Things Made By Men's Hands Will Go, Buildings Will Always Crumble - Only The Earth Will Remain The Same, There Will Always Be Men On The Earth In The Morning, There Will Always Be The Things Made By God's Hands - And All This History Of Cities And Congress Now Will Go, All Modern History Is Only A Littering Babylon Smoking Under The Sun, Delaying The Day When Men Again Will Have To Return To Earth, To The Earth Of Life And God -]

Author: Jack Kerouac Quotes

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David Frost Quotes

"Being upbeat is the key to life."

Heather Nelson Quotes

"Never submit we are all equals"

John S Tanner Quotes

"Most people here agree that the rhetoric got overblown on both sides of the Atlantic before the Iraq war, and it was a disagreement among friends over the timing, not the substance, of the Iraq war."

Barbara Hurd Quotes

"Things in the margins, including humans who wander there, are often on the brink of becoming someone else, or something else, whose memory may not include the significance of old markers."

Isabella Olivia Ellis Quotes

"This guy is funny. But is he safe? And how much is that worth when the world itself has ceased to exist?"

Alexander McCall Smith Quotes

"Traditional Botswana men like ladies who are more traditionally shaped. You and I, Mma. We remind men of how things used to be in Botswana before these modern-shaped ladies started to get men all confused."

Ripley Patton Quotes

"Marcus, even in this darkness, I try to swim back to you.I swear, I do."

Stella McCartney Quotes

"I confess to being a frustrated musician."

Michael Foot Quotes

"She has no imagination and that means no compassion."

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"Because really, what do you have to lose? Your life? Thats no big deal, I promise you. When you find out you might die, youre finally allowed to live like you never have before. If you lose your life while living the shit out of it, then youve done the best you could, and you shouldnt worry about death. When youre dead, you cant screw up. But while youre here, all you have are a few things to call your own. You have your integrity, your family, and your hope for the future. These are important and you should keep them somewhere safe where youll remember them." - Author: Kevin Lankes

Quotes About Curious Minds

"Humans are curious creatures. What we cannot see, our logical minds will try to deny." - Author: Nancy B. Brewer

Quotes About The World Coming To An End

"Whereas, our argument shows that the power and capacity of learning exists in the soul already; and that just as the eye was unable to turn from darkness to light without the whole body, so too the instrument of knowledge can only by the movement of the whole soul be turned from the world of becoming into that of being, and learn by degrees to endure the sight of being, and of the brightest and best of being, or in other words, of the good." - Author: Plato

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"Wind is blowing past me and I open my eyes to look at the bridge above me. But I see only Harlin. And as I fall, he mouths, I love you." - Author: Suzanne Young

Quotes About Autumn Beauty

"Flowers, cold from the dew,And autumns approaching breath,I pluck for the warm, luxuriant braids,Which havent faded yet.In their nights, fragrantly resinous,Entwined with delightful mystery,They will breathe in her springlikeExtraordinary beauty.But in a whirlwind of sound and fire,From her shing head they will flutterAnd fall—and before herThey will die, faintly fragrant still.And, impelled by faithful longing,My obedient gaze will feast upon them—With a reverent hand,Love will gather their rotting remains." - Author: Anna Akhmatova

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"Goddess-nurse of the young, give ear to my prayer, and grant that this woman may reject the love-embraces of youth and dote on grey-haired old men whose powers are dulled, but whose hearts still desire." - Author: Homer

Quotes About Speeches

"In talking to you I feel very much more at ease than my colleagues who gave the speeches during the banquet." - Author: Felix Bloch

Quotes About Marra

"Do I think a marriage with him would last? I have my doubts. There, I said it. But marraige is always a risk. And so what if it doesnt work? Would that make you absolutely unhappy for the rest of your life? I would hope not." - Author: Amy Stolls

Quotes About Effort For Your Love

"Levin had often noticed in arguments between even the most intelligent people that after enormous efforts, an enormous number of logical subtleties and words, the arguers would finally come to the awareness that what they had spent so long struggling to prove to each other had been known to them long, long before, from the beginning of the argument, but that they loved different things and therefore did not want to name what they loved, so as not to be challenged. He had often felt that sometimes during an argument you would understand what your opponent loves, and suddenly come to love the same thing yourself, and agree all at once, and then all reasonings would fall away as superfluous; and sometimes it was the other way round: you would finally say what you yourself love, for the sake of which you are inventing your reasonings, and if you happened to say it well and sincerely, the opponent would suddenly agree and stop arguing. That was the very thing he wanted to say." - Author: Leo Tolstoy

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"You would have a huge statelessness problem if you dont consider a child born abroad a U.S. citizen." - Author: Ruth Bader Ginsburg