[The Earth Will Always Be The Same - Only Cities And History Will Change, Even Nations Will Change, Governments And Governors Will Go, The Things Made By Men's Hands Will Go, Buildings Will Always Crumble - Only The Earth Will Remain The Same, There Will Always Be Men On The Earth In The Morning, There Will Always Be The Things Made By God's Hands - And All This History Of Cities And Congress Now Will Go, All Modern History Is Only A Littering Babylon Smoking Under The Sun, Delaying The Day When Men Again Will Have To Return To Earth, To The Earth Of Life And God -]

Author: Jack Kerouac Quotes

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Scott Pilgrim Quotes

"Dude I finnaly understand you, and thats exactly why I have to kill you."

Annette Bridges Quotes

"Mamma says she is quite certain that "how old is too old?" is not a question known to the Lord."

Jacques Ibert Quotes

"I dream of a collaboration that would finally be total, in which the librettist would often think as a composer and the composer as a librettist."

Dorothy McGuire Quotes

"To this day, I dont know what shapes a Hollywood career."

Alex Steffen Quotes

"Cities offer us powerful leverage on our most stubborn, wasteful practices. Long commutes in our cars, big power bills from our energy-hogging buildings, shopping trips to buy stuff thatll spend a few short months in our homes and long centuries in our landfills."

Jason Gann Quotes

"Im sort lucky in that for me, Im a writer now. I started as an actor but Im a writer and so things like Wilfred and shows like that are where I escape to."

Patrick Kavanagh Quotes

"What appears in newspapers is often new but seldom true."

Jack Harries Quotes

"apart from being suicidal Im fine"

Airicka Phoenix Quotes

"sup white girl?" Jerod liked to think he was black. He wasnt. He was as white as freshly fallen snow. But we all had dreams."

Friedrich Holderlin Quotes

"To the Parcae" A single summer grant me, great powers, anda single autumn for fully ripened songthat, sated with the sweetness of myplaying, my heart may more willingly die.The soul that, living, did not attain its divineright cannot repose in the nether world.But once what I am bent on, what isholy, my poetry, is accomplished:Be welcome then, stillness of the shadows world!I shall be satisfied though my lyre will notaccompany me down there. Once Ilived like the gods, and more is not needed."

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"Im sure if you dig deep, Joe and Ralph Fiennes do it because they want to be noticed." - Author: Steve Guttenberg

Quotes About Functioning

"Having an intelligent secretary does not get rid of the need to read, write, and draw, etc. In a well functioning world, tools and agents are complementary." - Author: Alan Kay

Quotes About Gambles

"I remember I once told him: Womens minds are so petty, so crooked! Like the feet of Chinese women, he replied. Has not the pressure of society cramped them into pettiness and crookedness? They are but pawns of the fate which gambles with them. What responsibility have they of their own?" - Author: Rabindranath Tagore

Quotes About Happy Couple

"I think falling in love should come with a warning label: CAUTION—side effects may include breaking up, accompanied by heartache, severe mood swings, withdrawal from people and life itself, wasted hours obsessing over bitter reflections, a need to destroy something (preferably something expensive that shatters), uncontrollable tear ducts, stress, a loss of appetite (Cheetos and Dr. Pepper exempt), a bleak and narrow outlook on the future, and an overall hatred of everyone and everything (especially all the happy couples you see strolling hand-in-hand, placed on your path only to exacerbate your isolation and misery). All above reactions will be intensified with the consumption of one or more alcoholic beverages." - Author: Katie Kacvinsky

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"Why do you sell your wine, merchant?What can they give you in exchange for your wine? Money? … And what can money give you? Power? … Arent you the owner of the world when you are holding a drink? Is anyone richer than you, who have gold in your cup, Rubies, Pearls, Dreams, and Love? Dont you feel the blood burning in your veins when the cup kisses your lips." - Author: Omar Khayyam

Quotes About Motto

"Mission motto, sir," said Carrot cheerfully. "Morituri Nolumus Mori. Rincewind suggested it.""I imagine he did," said Lord Vetinari, observing the wizard coldly. "And would you care to give us a colloquial translation, Mr Rincewind?""Er..." Rincewind hesitated, but there really was no escape. "Er... roughly speaking, it means, We who are about to die dont want to, sir." - Author: Terry Pratchett

Quotes About Adventuring With Friends

"That was for you! I was afraid Id lose you if I didnt pretend to be okay with being friends. I could have been with you this whole time? What the fuck, Pigeon?""I…." I couldnt argue; he was right. I had made us both suffer, and I had no excuse. "Im sorry.""Youre sorry? I damn near drank myself to death, I could barely get out of bed, I shattered my phone into a million pieces on New Years Eve to keep from calling you…and youre sorry?" - Author: Jamie McGuire

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"Dirk was, for one of the few times in a life of exuberantly prolific loquacity, wordless." - Author: Douglas Adams

Quotes About Company Policies

"Joseph Pine wrote that todays economy is an "experience economy", meaning that customers want more than a good product or service; they want to enjoy the experience of using a product or service, which begins with their first interaction with a company. So if, in spite of all your customer-service training and "customer-facing" procedures, policies, and scripts, customers arent feeling the love, youre in trouble. Love? Yes." - Author: Susan Scott

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"...there us a difference you know, between the male and the female ghost-""What is the difference?" Georgina asked."Oh, the male ghost is obsessed with venegemce, I find." Lear said, drinking again."And what are females obsessed by?" Hugh asked."Prick songs," Lear said. "Snogging. Same as when they are alive, really." - Author: Julia Quinn