[The Essential Support And Encouragement Comes From Within, Arising Out Of The Mad Notion That Your Society Needs To Know What Only You Can Tell It.]

Author: John Updike Quotes

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John Valentine Quotes

"Whats the use of being sexually liberated, if no one else wants you?"

Alejandro Jodorowsky Quotes

"I believe in mysticism, with an interior goal, and you are your own temple and your own priest. I dont believe anymore in religions, because you see today there are religious wars, prejudice, false morals, and the woman is despised. Religion is too old now; its from another century, its not for today."

Ruth Downie Quotes

"Quid nomen tibi est? She was not about to offer her name up to a stranger. It was almost the only thing she possessed that nobody had stolen."

Valerie E Whiffen Quotes

"A large body of psychological research tells us something that many of us already know: girls and women place a lot of importance on their closest relationships. Our parents, relatives, romantic partners and spouses, children, and friends are central to our lives. We value our relationships with these people immensely, and we feel good about ourselves when we are able to create relationships with them that are warm, intimate, and loving. Our need to do so is healthy and adaptive. When our most intimate relationships are good, they protect us from becoming depressed. But when they are riddled with conflict and emotional insecurity, they actually increase our risk for depression."

Ricardo Chevere Quotes

"Knowledge makes you knowledgable, understanding knowledge makes you intelligent, using knowledge efficiently makes you smart, but only kindness makes you truly wise."

Robert Wrigley Quotes

"The world, moment by ordinary or agonizing moment, lies chock-full with its own clarifications and rewards. That such rewards most often go unnoticed keeps the artist in business."

Lita Burke Quotes

"Let us fly, Madam Harpy Queen. Show me how you dance on the wind."

Paul Verhoeven Quotes

"Jesus was a human being, bound by history and the natural world; an extraordinary man, to be sure, but still a man."

Karl Popper Quotes

"It is complete nihilism to propose laying down arms in a world where atom bombs are around. It is very simple: there is no way of achieving peace other than with weapons."

Kumar Mangalam Birla Quotes

"Well, I think the golden rule I can think of is the fact that you must follow your passion and do something thats close to your heart. And I think that thats very important, well, to be successful and to be happy."

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Quotes About If You Love Me

"You kissed me, and I opened my eyes and thought you were Death. You were the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, and I clung to the memory of you because it gave me comfort—the only bit of happiness I had ever had. You were my secret fantasy, my lover. My story… Lord Death is you, and the woman he stalks…is me.""Why have you come," he asked, "when you now know the truth?""Because when you saved me, you forged a link between us. I dont believe it will ever break.""Bella," he whispered, "I couldnt allow you to take your life. Couldnt bear the thought of existing in a world that you did not." - Author: Charlotte Featherstone

Quotes About Depressing Times

"Everything we do really is just a little marker on the long road to death. And sometimes thats overwhelmingly depressing to me, and sometimes it makes me feel kinship and forgiveness. Weve all got the same ending to the story. The way we make that story more elaborate, I got to respect." - Author: Joss Whedon

Quotes About Slept

"Then I said, "Matts got a big mouth.""They all got big mouths, girl, learn that quick. These boys talk more than a pack of women. I lost fifty bucks on you."I was stunned speechless again, this time it didnt last as long."What?""See, Lee nailed Indy the first night they were together. Not nailed her nailed her but she was in his bed. Eddie, with Jet, it took a few days. Hank and Roxie, like, a day. Vance, like three, but Jules was a virgin and he had to interrupt the festivities once to go out and shoot someone."I was blinking rapidly and feeling kind of faint at the amount and sensitivity of information Shirleen was imparting, not to mention what it might mean to me."So we had a pool. Everyone threw down money on when they thought Luke would nail you. Mace won five hundred dollars."Ho-ly crap."So," she went on. "Did he nail you nail you or did you two just sleep?"For some reason, I answered her unbelievably nosy question. "We just slept.""New pool!" she shouted." - Author: Kristen Ashley

Quotes About Destroying

"For all our penny-wisdom," he said, "‘for all our soul-destroying slavery to habit, it is not to be doubted that all men have sublime thoughts." - Author: Joshua Ferris

Quotes About Facebook Status

"It amazes me that we are all on Twitter and Facebook. By "we" I mean adults. Were adults, right? But emotionally were a culture of seven-year-olds. Have you ever had that moment when are you updating your status and you realize that every status update is just a variation on a single request: "Would someone please acknowledge me?" - Author: Marc Maron

Quotes About Day Off

"One day it will have to be officially admitted that what we have christened reality is an even greater illusion than the world of dreams." - Author: Salvador Dalí

Quotes About Not Caring What Others Think Of Me

"Nobody told me how hard it was going to be to get published. I wrote four novels that nobody wanted, sent them out all over, collected hundreds and hundreds of rejection slips." - Author: Jerry Spinelli

Quotes About Michener

"Hawaii once had a rat problem. Then, somebody hit upon a brilliant solution. import mongooses from India. Mongooses would kill the rats. It worked. Mongooses did kill the rats. Mongooses also killed chickens, young pigs, birds, cats, dogs, and small children. There have been reports of mongooses attacking motorbikes, power lawn mowers, golf carts, and James Michener. in Hawaii now, there are as many mongooses as there once were rats. Hawaii had traded its rat problem for a mongoose problem. Hawaii was determined nothing like that would ever happen again.How could Leigh-Cheri draw for Gulietta the appropriate analogy between Hawaiis rodents and society at large? Society had a crime problem. It hired cops to attack crime. Now society has a cop problem." - Author: Tom Robbins

Quotes About Georgette

"Something started thumping rhythmically against the door. Julianne hiccoughed and stared in horror, fearing whoever was in there would fling it open.A man grunted again and again.Georgette frowned. "Is he ill?"The door thumped harder. A woman started making repetitive high-pitched noises, sounding like a squealing pig.Julianne frowned. "What are they—hic—doing?""We must leave," Anne whispered.The thumping turned into banging, and the mans grunting grew louder. "Feel my mighty sword.""He has a sword?" Georgette asked.The woman behind the door screamed.Georgette gasped. "He killed her.""Im coming," the man said."Not inside me," the woman said in a curt voice. "I dont want a brat."Julianne dropped the candle and clapped her hand over her mouth. Shed thought a bed was required. As she stared at the door, she tried to figure out how the amorous couple had managed, but she failed." - Author: Vicky Dreiling

Quotes About Whimsical Love

"No, mother; no. She was really keen on Italy. This travel is quite a crisis for her." He found the situation full of whimsical romance: there was something half attractive, half repellent in the thought of this vulgar woman journeying to places he loved and revered. Why should she not be transfigured? The same had happened to the Goths." - Author: E.M. Forster